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Document depicting various drills to improve your pool game. Hyperlinks provided below each diagram showing how the shot is made.

Text of Billiard Drills

Sorto String Drill (Link): Shoot all balls in corner.

6 balls on the rails (Link). Run them in sequence into the corner pocket. No banks.

PAT1-6a: Large Area Position Drill (Link)

PAT 1: Endless Position Drill: (Link)

PAT 2-5a, Small Area Position Drill Level 3 (Link).

The Circle Drill (Link): The idea is to pocket all 12 balls without hitting a rail or caroming and I think without leaving the circle. It teaches draw/stun control. Add all 15 when advanced (Jeff update).

One Rail Position Drill: (Link)

Cueball Control Exercise Drill (Link): Pocket all 9balls without making contact with another ball.

PAT 2-10: Drill #10, Level 2 (Link). Nine Ball run out situation, intermediate to advanced level drill.

PAT 2-7a Frozen Rail Drill: (Link) Set up the balls 1-6 as shown, frozen to the rail at the diamonds. Shoot each ball into the nearest corner pocket.

The Double Drifter by BlackJack Dave Sapolis (Link). Run the balls in their respective pockets (balls 1-5 to pocket

C, and 2-10 to pocket F) without touching another ball. This drill teaches speed and draw control, and use of one rail.

Inside Outside English Drill(Link): Do this drill using Inside English(follow also) and setting up position using two rails. Next try the drill using Outside English.

Stun/Draw Drill: (Link)

Eight and Six: (Link). The rules: Shoot the 8, then the 1, then the 8, then 2, 8, 3, 8, 4, 8, 5, 8, 6, 8. Foul if you bump into a ball. Good drill for getting shape on balls at opposite ends of the table.

The Ultimate Pool Drill (Link)Advanced level. Hit balls in numerical order.

Alternating One Rail Position Drill (Link): Shoot the balls in numerical order, in their respective pockets (1,3,5to Pocket F, and 2,4,6, to Pocket C. The secret is to try to keep the cueball in the center of the table after each shot.

The Short Game Drill (Link): Shoot balls in numerical order. Balls 1,3,5 in D, and 2,4,6 in A,

alternatively. Long Game Drill (Link)


PAT 9 (Link)

PAT 3 (Link): Nine Ball runout situation.

PAT 3 Angle Drill (Link): Take ball in hand after each shot and position cueball on the rail and diamond.

PAT 1-7b Frozen Rail Drill (Link)

Small Angle/Stun Shot Drill: Set the numbered balls up as shown, with the cue ball in position 1, just off straight from the 9 ball. Begin by potting the 9 ball in the corner and stunning the cue ball up the table into position 2, making sure you leave a small angle similar to the first. Pot the 8 ball in the opposite corner and stun up for position 3, again, remember to leave an angle. Repeat this process for all 9 balls. If you run out of natural position, try using the cushion to recover. Do not use english (side-spin)

Stun Shot Endless Drill: Set two object balls on the foot spot and the head spot. From position 1, pot the object ball in the corner pocket, whilst stunning the cue ball over to position 2, without using the rail. (Replace the ball). You should aim to play exactly the same shot from position 2, with the other ball, which is then replaced. If you do not get perfect position, play 1 or more recovery shots using rails if necessaryto stay within the ideal pattern. Try not to use english to recover the shot if there is a plain ball shot available, even if cueball has to travel a little further. Beginner - Run of 10 Medium - Run of 30 Advanced - Run of 80+

Drill: Using the grid pattern shown, try and pot the balls in any order, without touching a rail, or touching another object ball. Start the cue ball wherever you want. Hint,try removing the insideballs as quickly as you can, this allows you more room to manoeuvre the cue-ball around.

Finesse Hit

Targets (Reference to Finesse Hit Drill)Beginner - 9 balls Medium - 1 set of 15 balls Advanced - 2 sets of 15 balls

Pro Billiard Training Position 5 (Link): Object balls are frozen on the rails.

PAT 1-10 9-Ball Situation Drill Level one on PAT test book.