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  • Biomedical EngineersBy Carolyn KolbAndJackie DiMaria

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    Page 3DefinitionPage 4Working tasksPage 5Famous EngineerPage 6Famous EngineerPage 7Projects Being donePage 8ProfessorPage 9Jobs you can get with degreePage 10SalaryPage 11Work Condition

  • Definition of Biomedical EngineeringBiomedical Engineering- They study how living things work. They do research and perform experiments to reconstruct robotic surgical instruments.

  • What a biomedical engineer does1) Design and test new materials, devices, and equipment;including programming electronics and trouble-shooting problems2) Research to solve clinical problems. They do hands-on and practical experiments that help people with disabilities live safely and independently3) Discussing and solving problems with manufacturing, quality, purchasing, and marketing department

  • Famous Biomedical EngineersYuan Cheng Fung: founder of the biomedical engineering department at UC, SD. He graduated from Cal Tech. He is famous for remolding tissue

  • She earned her BS and MS in mechanical, biomedical, and ceramic engineering from Washington University. She as a professor at Houston U and is a Nasa Astronaut

    Bonnie Dunbar

  • Projects being done at RutgersClinical methods development using ultra fast lasers for assessing cancer tissue viability.Clustering techniques for evaluating genomic and proteomic data

  • Professor at Rutgers UniversityStanley M. Dunn is a biomedical engineer and a professor. He finished working on three papers from 1999-2001. Stanley is currently working on two projects that are dealing with creating new methods in biomedical engineering.

  • Jobs that you can get with a degreeYou can be a.Biomedical scientist: deals with laboratory tests on human samplesClinical biochemist: develops methods of analysis and data interpretations of patient samples

  • *Work Hours: 9a.m.- 5p.m.*8 hour work day*Longer hours may be necessary at certain stages of a project*they work in either an office, laboratory, workshop, manufacturing plant, clinical, or other medical settings.*There is an approximate ratio of 60:40 male female

  • In 2002 Bio Medial Engineers, made around $60,410. 50% earned between $58,320 and $88,830. The lowest 10% earned less than $48,450. The highest 10% earned around $107,520.