Black and White Photography

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<ol><li> 1. 1<br />Black &amp; White Photography<br />An Overview<br />Stephen Terlizzi<br />May 2010<br />1<br /></li><li> 2. 2<br /> Everything looks worse in Black and White <br /></li><li> 3. 3<br /> Everything looks worse in Black and White <br />Sorry Mr. Simon, but no.<br /></li><li> 4. 4<br /></li><li> 5. </li><li> 6. 6<br />Converting to B&amp;W can:<br /></li><li> 7. Color<br /></li><li> 8. B&amp;W #1<br /></li><li> 9. B&amp;W #2<br /></li><li> 10. 10<br />Converting to B&amp;W requires:<br /></li><li> 11. Exposing to the Right<br /></li><li> 12. Exposing to the Right<br />More Data<br />Less Data<br /></li><li> 13. Exposing to the Right<br />Remember, not to clip the highlights.<br />More Data<br />Less Data<br /></li><li> 14. 14<br />Ways to Convert to B&amp;W:<br /></li><li> 15. Lets make this Black and White!<br /></li><li> 16. 16<br />Making Your B&amp;W Perfect:<br /></li><li> 17. 17<br />Back to our Black and White!<br /></li><li> 18. 18<br />Black and White Photography<br /><ul><li> Challenging and Fun </li><li> 19. Have a Vision for the Photo </li><li> 20. Shoot in Color and RAW </li><li> 21. Expose to the Right </li><li> 22. Use Non-destructive Layers </li><li> 23. Fine-tune the Black &amp; White</li> </ul></li></ol>