Black History Month. Black History Month Activities 3rd Grade Mrs. Pentolino - Marvelous Mobiles- Students will construct mobiles while identifying famous

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  • Black History Month
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  • Black History Month Activities 3rd Grade Mrs. Pentolino - Marvelous Mobiles- Students will construct mobiles while identifying famous Black Americans and the history and heritage that made them famous. Students will be reading biographies of selected Black Americans. They will then complete a series of activities from a game book. They will keep score and win prizes for completing a series of games based on the knowledge acquired from the biographical information. Mr. Macedo/Mrs. Pentolino Students will be completing a book project during January/February on an African-American biography. These projects will be presented over the last week of February, which is Black History Month. Mrs. Fine - The class will be researching famous African Americans through books and the internet. The students will then each create their own African-American Hero Collector Card. Mrs. McCauley Read a biography of Harriet Tubman. Students will write an informative paragraph about her. We will also read different biographies of African Americans. Students will draw pictures of them and write about the contributions they have made to America. They will also make timelines of the lives of various African Americans. Mr. Kahn - For Black History Month, the students are independently researching African Americans of historical importance. They are designing a time capsule to present the last week of February. 4th Grade Mrs. Wentz - For Black History Month, we are going to do a Reader's Theater entitled Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King: The Montgomery Bus Boycott. My students will also be doing a research paper on a famous African American. We will then put the reports onto the hallway bulletin board. Mrs. Burger - We are doing a writing assignment on a famous African American, and we are using MLK Jr. to help start the information. We also have a bulletin board that is a calendar with information each day about Black History Month. Mrs. Scherer Students will participate in various computer lab activities. Mrs. Willey will be doing plays on Fridays which focus on a variety of African Americans- Mrs. Wells We will read multicultural literature- Focus on Imagery (Stars Story, Tanya's Reunion) Ms. Booze My class will be completing a research project on a famous African American. The students will create a written report about their person. Bayside Elementary School
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  • 5th Grade Mrs. Beemiller - I will be doing a Martin Luther King, Jr. play in reading class. Mrs. Kline They are making a power point presentation on a variety of African Americans. Ms. Martin - My students will be researching various African Americans and creating a group poster to be displayed. Mrs. Baldwin - In honor of black history month students will be researching one person who has contributed to black history. They will have three days to create and complete the poster. Ms. McCowan - My class will make a poster on a chosen Famous African American and will research using the internet. They will present these to the class on or about 20th. Ms. Roberts - We will be working on researching various Famous African Americans. Then the students in small groups will be creating power point presentations. Mrs. Chaney Students will work in the computer lab to research a famous African American. They will present data in a Power-Point presentation. Ms. Small - Reflection journals will be created each student will create a journal using construction paper and lined paper. Special Areas Mrs. Broadwater/Music - For third grade we will be discussing an article about Ray Charles and then creating a poster based on his life and musical works. Fourth grade will improvise melodies and create rondo's based on a song created about Martin Luther King. Fifth grade will be discussing the Harlem Renaissance and the significance that it had on music Mrs. Fisher/Art - Toward the end of the month I discuss Faith Ringgold's quilt paintings with my art classes. Mrs. Feltz/Media - We will have a display of books for the entire month of February. Mr. Edwards and Mr. Zindel/ Physical Education We display a bulletin board for the month of February on African American Athletes. Bayside Elementary School
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  • Centreville Elementary School Pre-K will be focusing on a unit about the continent of Africa studying the culture through literature, activities which include splitting the class into tribes, villages, different foods, and listening to music from the region. Kindergarten will feature Black American authors in their reading and literature. They will use the book "The Lazy Bear" by Brian Wildsmith, "I Can Be Fair" by David Parker, and "The Doorbell Rang" by Pat Hutchins to teach fairness. First grade will work on research reports on notable African Americans, past and present. Part will be completed as homework for the Home/School Connection. They will also be teaching the game Mancala in Math, Aftican Tribal music as well as Jazz (Ellington) during independent work time, African American author study, daily introduction of notable African Americans past and present, freedom quilt squares to be posted along the walls of first grade wing for daily visual as well as a gallery walk. Oral presentations of African American research report projects will also be completed. Second Grade will complete book quilts on famous African Americans. In reading they will focus on biographies of famous African Americans and also focus on famous African Americans in Science. In Music, students will be singing songs and playing instruments related to black history. They will also study the lives and music of famous black musicians by using books and recording. In Media, students will be reading books about famous African Americans such as a biography of Rosa Parks and Jim Thorpe. There is also a book that is a folk tale from Kenya. The books being shared have also been nominated for the Maryland Black-Eyed Susan award. In Art, students will study famous Black artists such as Faith Ringgold (story quilts) and Romaine Bearden (collages). Students will study the artist and their art form and will then create their own original artwork in the artist's style.
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  • African American Discussion Group will have an exhibit of American inventions. The students have researched these contributions and the display will be front hallway. The group was created to build self-esteem and set goals. During lunch meetings, we read literature and respond to higher level questions. It is a female group formed and supported by data one of our lowest performing groups. February 5th National African American Read-In sponsored by the Black Caucus of NCTE and endorsed by IRA. Community members and retired teachers will read books authored by African Americans. Our school is always representative of multicultural posters which include posters of famous African Americans. African American guest speakers will speak about their profession. Morning announcements will feature trivia questions. Fifth grade Enrichment groups will research famous African Americans. The culminating activity will include a power point presentation. Classroom activities: Prek: A Disney cruise to Africa is planned integrating the Houghton Mifflin skills of Animals Everywhere unit. K: Kindergarten will read literature and have Friendship Friday activities. One example is as follows. Read and discuss the Rosa Parks book. A large bus will be made. Each Child will use multicultural paper to make his/her face and put their face on the bus to show we all ride together as friends. Grade 1: Students will research famous African Americans and prepare a biography and poster. Grade 2: Every morning in February one biography of famous or accomplished African Americans is read from a booklet. Grade 3: Short biographies of famous African Americans will be read and followed up with an oral report. Grade 4: Biographies of Benjamin Banneker, Harriett Tubman, Charles Albert Tindley, Eubie Blake, Thurgood Marshall, Frederick Douglass and Matthew Henson are used for students to create timelines, identify contribution to history, complete 5 ws chart and support authors opinion. Each student will research a famous African American and create an informative poster plus Readers Theatre. Plays on famous African Americans (Harriett Tubman, George Washington Carver and Jackie Robinson) will be taught along with Researching and writing informational reports on African Americans. Grade 5: Study biographies of influential African Americans stressing the genre, text features and main ideas. Small group material consists of Readers Theatre scripts about Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King, Jr Rosa Parks and George W.Carver. Speech: The use of pictures and little stories about Martin Luther King, Jr. and Harriet Tubman are utilized to answer questions, formulate sentences, apply concepts, and produce target sounds in context. Media: Presentation of power point shows completed by previous Media classes will be shown. Students will gather books in various genres to set up a library display Music: Songs will be sung and students will listen to African American Composers. Church Hill Elementary School
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  • Grasonville Elementary School PreK and K They will discuss famous African Americans and complete an ABC book about their contributions. 1st Grade They will be doing mini-books and activity sheets about famous African Americans in our history. 2nd Grade They will read stories about famous African Americans, and identify their greatest accomplishments, make mini-books to take home about some famous African Americans, do some BCR response about short articles they read. 3rd Grade They will research a famous African American during Language Arts time and write about that person. Mrs. Clare is reading about famous African Americans during Listening Comprehension. They will read a novel about George Washington Carver. 4th Grade They will be doing lessons about Black Waterman of the Chesapeake Bay, Breaking the Racial Barrier in Sports, and Harriet Tubman: Woman of Bravery. 5th Grade They will be doing writing prompts about famous African American Inventors and Scientists, each student will read a biography about a famous African American and write a report using an organizer, and read articles in class about Martin Luther King Jr, Harriet Tubman, and Rosa Parks and answering BCRs. We will also be using lessons from Mrs. Pauls later on in Social Studies entitled Benjamin Banneker: Trailblazer, Banneker, Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence, Triangular Trade and the Middle Passage, and Harriet Tubman: A Journey to Freedom. Each morning, during announcements, a fifth grade student will be reading about a famous African American. Fifth grade students are hoping to be able to read a book written by a famous African American to PreK, K, and 1st grade. Some of our African American citizens in the county will read to our different grade levels. Videotape will be made of Mrs. Darlings fifth grade students reading to Mrs. Wards kindergarten.
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  • Kennard Elementary School Will be having program Follow The Drinking Gourd which will focus on The Underground Railroad. Will be having annual African American History Program on February 28 th.
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  • Ayers Class Study of famous African-Americans, including George Washington Carver, Contemporary Achievers packet; famous African-Americans as examples of Pillars of Character. Stephanie Sferella 1st grade Read The Crayon Box that Talked and make crayon bulletin board of all races working together. Discuss various African-Americans and their contribution to out culture such as, George Washington Carver, Rosa Parks,Louis Armstrong, Garrett Morgan, Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Jackie Robinson, and Ruby Bridges. The students will choose a black American and draw that person on a stamp. We will make a bulletin board of famous black Americans. 2nd grade Kent Island Elementary Second Grade Computer Lab students will interact with Famous African Americans on the Scholastics Web site. Students will read about and travel the Underground Railroad with Harriet Tubman. They will be able to make travel decisions that will affect the outcome of their journey. Students will listen to music written to help, guide, and inspire others on the Freedom movement. Kent Island Elementary School Malone Kent Island Elementary I Have a Dream Compare/contrast MLK and Harriet Tubman Newnam Pre-K Black History Month Kent Island Elementary Unit/SS Books Time Readers Martin Luther King Minibooks Read-alongs Sequence events timeline Weekly Reader M.L. King Morning Announcements People to study Rosa ParksHarriet Tubman Ben CarsonMartin Luther King G.W. CarverLt. Gov. Steele T. MarshallSojourner Truth Maya Angelou Conzoleezza Rice Black Authors. Jerdine Nolan Harvey Potters Balloon farm Raising Dragons Jerry Pinkney Going Someplace Special Ezra-Jack Keats The Snowy Day Doeler Pre-K Unit on Africa Literature and Illustrations on Ezra Jack Keats
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  • Peggy Wolfe 1st grade Students will study Martin Luther King, Jr. and do a Readers Theater Students will be introduced to famous black authors and their literature. Students will learn about famous black inventors and their contributions to our lives. Linda L. Jefferson Kent Island Elementary Black History Month Kent Island Elementary School Doeler Pre-K Unit on Africa Literature and Illustrations on Ezra Jack Keats Activities: Morning Announcements will feature a famous African-American each day during the month of February Famous African-American authors will be featured on morning announcements A picture display of famous African-Americans will be placed in the hallway Stephanie Thompson Music, Kent Island Elementary To celebrate Black History Month the music department of KIES is selecting a 2nd grade class to learn and perform two songs. The first song, Sing about Martin, is about Martin Luther King Jr. and praises the way he cared for all people and worked for peace. The second song is In This World Together. This song is about how everyone should work together as sisters and brothers to make our world a better place. The second grade class will perform these songs for the kindergarten classes at KIES, traveling from room to room on February 26 between 9:15am and 10:00am. In all, seven kindergarten classes will be visited. Jackson MLK, Jr. - National Geographic 4 lessons 4 worksheets 2 videos.. Young Explorer Rosa Parks also in N. Geographic Read books about Jackie Robinson, read and discuss Garrett Morgan George W. Carver
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  • Mrs. Persina Kent Island Elementary Weekly Readers Read Alouds Mini-booklets TIME Readers-MLK, Jr. People to Study: Rosa Parks Harriet Tubm...