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<ul><li><p>Black History Month: Celebrate the Book with Penrose Library! Below is a selection of books dealing with African-American history. More books can be found in the PEAK catalog. Books with an asterisk after the call number are located in the Music Library. </p><p>Author/Editor Name Title Call Number Aaron, Henry I Had a Hammer: the Hank Aaron Story GV865.A25.A3 1991 </p><p>Amaki, Amalia K. Century of African American Art N6538.N5.C45 2004 </p><p>Armstrong, Louis Louis Armstrong: a Self Portrait ML419.A75.A7* </p><p>Arthur, John Race, Equality, and the Burdens of History E185.615.A79 2007 </p><p>Ashe, Arthur Days of Grace GV994.A7.A3 1993 </p><p>Astor, Gerald </p><p>Right to Fight: a History of African Americans in the </p><p>Military UB418.A47.A84 1998 </p><p>Baker, James T. Nat Turner: Cry Freedom in America F232.S7.B34 1998 </p><p>Ball, Howard </p><p>Defiant Life: Thurgood Marshall and the Persistence of </p><p>Racism in America KF8745.M34.B35 1998 </p><p>Beaulieu, Elizabeth Ann Toni Morrison Encyclopedia PS3563.O8749.Z913 2003 </p><p>Berry, Chuck Chuck Berry: the Autobiography ML420.B365.A3 1987* </p><p>Blum, Edward J. W.E.B. DuBois: American Prophet E185.97.D73.B58 2007 </p><p>Breitman, George Malcolm X Speaks E185.61.L58 1966a </p><p>Brown, David and </p><p>Webb, Clive </p><p>Race in the American South: From Slavery to Civil </p><p>Rights E185.92.B76 2007 </p><p>Carr, Ian Miles Davis: a Biography ML419.D39.C35 1982* </p><p>Carroll, Rebecca </p><p>Uncle Tom or New Negro? African Americans Reflect on </p><p>Booker T. Washington and Up From Slavery 100 Years </p><p>Later E185.97.W4.U53 2006 </p><p>Carson, Clayborne and </p><p>Shepard, Kris </p><p>Call to Conscience: the Landmark Speeches of Dr. </p><p>Martin Luther King, JR. E185.97.K5.A5 2002 </p><p>Chamberlain, Wilt and </p><p>Shaw, David </p><p>Wilt: Just Like Any Other 7-Foot Black Millionaire Who </p><p>Lives Next Door GV884.C5.A38 </p><p>Cleaver, Kathleen and Liberation, Imagination, and the Black Panther Party E185.615.L4777 2001 </p></li><li><p>Katsiaficas, George </p><p>Cole, Mary Nat King Cole: an Intimate Biography ML420.C63.C6* </p><p>Colton, Elizabeth O. </p><p>Jackson Phenomenon: The Man, The Power, The </p><p>Message E840.8.J35.C65 1989 </p><p>Curtis, Susan First Black Actors on the Great White Way PN 2270.A35.C87 1998 </p><p>Davis, Angela Y. </p><p>Blues Legacies and Black Feminism: Gertrude "Ma" </p><p>Rainey, Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday ML3521.D355 1999* </p><p>DeYoung, Karen Soldier: the Life of Colin Powell E840.P64.D49 2006 </p><p>Dorinson, Joseph and </p><p>Pencak, William Paul Robeson: Essays on His Life and Legacy E185.97.R63.P375 2002 </p><p>Farrington, Lisa E. </p><p>Creating Their Own Image: the History of African-</p><p>American Women Artists N6538.N5.F27 2005 </p><p>Fehrenbacher, Don E. </p><p>Dred Scott Case: Its Significance in American Law and </p><p>Politics KF4545.S5.F43 </p><p>Fishgall, Gary Gonna Do Great Things: the Life of Sammy Davis, Jr. PN2287.D322.F57 2003 </p><p>Foner, Philip S. Frederick Douglass: Selected Speeches and Writings E449.D7345 1999 </p><p>Franklin, Aretha Aretha: From These Roots ML420.F778.A3 1999* </p><p>Goggin, Jacqueline </p><p>Anne Carter G. Woodson: a Life in Black History E175.5.W65.G64 1993 </p><p>Greene, Bob Hang Time: Days and Dreams with Michael Jordan GV884.J67.G74 1992 </p><p>Haley, Alex Roots: the Saga of an American Family E185.97.H24.A33 2000 </p><p>Harris, Jennifer and </p><p>Watson, Elwood Oprah Phenomenon PN1992.4.W56.O67 </p><p>Hauser, Thomas Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times GV1132.A44.H38 1991 </p><p>Hilliard, David and </p><p>Weise, Donald Huey P. Newton Reader E 185.97.N48.A28 2002 </p><p>Inscoe, John C. </p><p>Appalachians and Race: the Mountain South From </p><p>Slavery to Segregation E185.912.A67 2001 </p></li><li><p>Jacques-Carvey, Amy Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey E185.97.G3.A25 1992 </p><p>Johnson, F. Roy Nat Turner Story F232.S7.J62 </p><p>Jones, James Earl and </p><p>Niven, Penelope James Earl Jones: Voices and Silences PN2287.J589.A3 1993 </p><p>Jules-Rosette, Bennetta Josephine Baker in Art and Life: the Icon and the Image GV1785.B3.J85 2007 </p><p>Kaplan, Carla Zora Neale Hurston: A Life in Letters PS3515.U789.Z48 2001 </p><p>Kersten, Andrew E. A. Phillip Randolph: A Life in the Vanguard E185.97.R27.K47 2007 </p><p>King, Martin Luther Jr. Why We Can't Wait E185.61.K54 2000 </p><p>Lamb, Chris </p><p>BlackOut: the Untold Story of Jackie Robinson's First </p><p>Spring Training GV865.R6.L36 2004 </p><p>Lampe, Gregory P. Frederick Douglass: Freedom's Voice, 1818-1845 E449.D75.L36 1998 </p><p>Larson, Kate Clifford </p><p>Bound for the Promised Land: Harriet Tubman, Portrait </p><p>of an American Hero E444.T82.L37 2004 </p><p>Lewis, David L. King: A Biography E185.97.K5.L45 1978 </p><p>Logan, Rayford W. What the Negro Wants E185.61.W57 2001 </p><p>Louis, Joe My Life: Joe Louis GV1132.L6.A29 1997 </p><p>Lydon, Michael Ray Charles: Man and Music ML420.C46.L93 2004* </p><p>Mabry, Marcus </p><p>Twice as Good: Condoleezza Rice and Her Path to </p><p>Power E840.8.R48.M33 2007 </p><p>Marable, Manning W.E.B. Du Bois: Black Radical Democrat E185.97.D73.M37 2005 </p><p>Meriweather, James H. </p><p>Proudly we can be Africans: Black Americans and </p><p>Africa, 1935-1961 E185.61.M56 2002 </p><p>Mitchell, Michele </p><p>Righteous Propagation: African Americans and the </p><p>Politics of Racial Identity After Reconstruction E185.61.M674 2004 </p><p>Murray, Charles Shaar </p><p>Crosstown Traffic: Jimmy Hendrix and the Post-War </p><p>Rock-n-roll Revolution ML410.H476.M9 1989* </p><p>Nesbett, Peter T. and </p><p>DuBois, Michelle Over the Line: the Art and Life of Jacob Lawrence ND237.O94 2000 </p></li><li><p>Nicholson, Stuart Ella Fitzgerald: a Biography of the First Lady of Jazz ML420.F52.N5 1994* </p><p>Nossiter, Adam </p><p>Of Long Memory: Mississippi and the Murder of Medgar </p><p>Evers F350.N4.N67 1994 </p><p>Oates, Stephen B. </p><p>To Purge This Land With Blood: A Biography of John </p><p>Brown E451.O17 1984 </p><p>Owen, David </p><p>Chosen One: Tiger Woods and the Dilemma of </p><p>Greatness GV964.W66.O94 2001 </p><p>Painter, Nell Irvin Sojourner Truth: A Life, A Symbol E185.97.T8.P35 1996 </p><p>Powell, Richard J. Black Art: a Cultural History N6538.N5.P64 </p><p>Pursell, Carroll </p><p>Hammer in Their Hands: a Documentary History of </p><p>Technology and the African-American Experience T21.H38 2005 </p><p>Reynolds, David S. John Brown, Abolitionist E451.R49 2005 </p><p>Ritterhouse, Jennifer </p><p>Growing Up Jim Crow: How Black and White Southern </p><p>Children Learned Race E185.61.R59 2006 </p><p>Robinson, Sharon </p><p>Stealing Home: an Intimate Family Portrait by the </p><p>Daughter of Jackie Robinson GV9865.R6.R595 1997 </p><p>Rogers, Mary Beth Barbara Jordan: American Hero E840.8.J6.R63 1998 </p><p>Roundtree, Clarke </p><p>Brown v. Board of Education at Fifty: a Rhetorical </p><p>Perspective KF4155.B7583 2004 </p><p>Sernett, Milton C. Harriet Tubman: Myth, Memory, and History E444.T82.S45 2007 </p><p>Stetson, Erlene and </p><p>David, Linda Glorying in Tribulation: the LifeWork of Sojourner Truth E185.97.T8S74 1994 </p><p>Tracey, Steven C. Historical Guide to Langston Hughes PS3515.U274.Z663 2004 </p><p>Turner, Richard Brent Islam in the African-American Experience BP67.U6.T87 1997 </p><p>Washington, Booker T. Up From Slavery E185.97.W4.A3 1996 </p><p>West, Michael Rudolph </p><p>Education of Booker T. Washington: American </p><p>Democracy and the Idea of Race Relations E185.97.W4.W47 2006 </p><p>White, Evelyn C. Alice Walker: A Life PS 3573.A425.Z93 2004 </p></li></ul>


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