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a comprehensive portfolio of all of my course major projects

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  • my life has been a series of opportunities created by a world immersed in

    aesthetics and functionality. how I choose to act

    on these opportunities determines who I am and my stance on the world around me. I believe my choices have guided me down the path of design

    and has given me the opportunity to explore my passions and turn them

    into reality...

  • gleem




    caf sol







  • mccord blackwell

  • gleemgleem is a coffee table designed to use air to our advantage.

  • whyI wanted to give people a reason to gather like they do around camp fires, but indoors in the comfort of your own home. The living room has become more of the TV room, I wanted to take back the space from the television and give it back to the user.

    we have suffered from a lack in communication ability. I wanted to make something that faced this issue head on.

  • mccord blackwell

    communication taking from the fire pit, I wanted to move the social aspect back to the people inside of the house. I took the body of a coffee table and morphed a piece of furniture and an appliance into one creating a source of conversation and interest.

    for something as simple as a fire pit, it is an extremely powerful and an age old means of communication.

    where as the television and couch arrangement have diminished interaction.

  • mccord blackwell

    cross sections create such an interesting form. I decided to use them as a guiding force for my coffee table.

    looking to art performed by Mya Lin as well as topographical maps, for inspiration.


  • my materials and fuel choice contributed a great deal to my choice in concept. I chose Corian as my main material. Corian is a Du Pont product that has characteristics that I was looking for.

    Flanola is a type of Bioethenal that produces minute emissions as well is a bio fuel source that is renewable.

    materials & tech

  • rotating the handle opens the burner cup and allows for ignition of the fuel

    once light the flame can be adjusted by modulating the doors of the burner

    snuffing the fire is as simple as closing the doors the entire way

    the tablemy final concept was to move the fire place from the wall to the middle of the room. doing so by placing the fire within the coffee table itself.

  • mccord blackwell

    components list:1. burner 2. corian slats 3. brass sheeting4. cast brass members

    bits & pieces




  • mccord blackwell

  • mccord blackwell

    bollardmaking the urban environment intriguing and interactive.

  • mccord blackwell

    metaphorman discovered the ability to create light early on. fire was the dawn of technology for man. has the discovery done more harm than good? that is the paradox that I wanted to bring to attention.

  • mccord blackwell


  • mccord blackwell

    with my inspiration clearly spelled out, I wanted to develop a piece that played with one of human kinds most dangerous traits, curiosity.


  • the public security device called the bollard provided an ideal product to develop around.

    having a light source encapsulated in a ply able material that could be played with and peeled away from the exposed edge would reveal the light source. this interaction and curiosity seems to be uncommon in the public place.


  • bollards are used to protect large buildings from vehicular traffic.

    the bollard was ideal due to its already monolithic nature. the twist was to give the bollard more than one purpose.

    the bollard

  • mccord blackwell

    the basicsthe bollard became not only a security device, but a social piece with a subtle statement.

    providing people with a seat like area and something to play with the bollard has now become a thing of play and intrigue. stimulating the public in an area that you would not typically expect to have a interactive structure.

  • mccord blackwell

  • mccord blackwell

    blu-goldrethinking the black box of disc players. taking a long time running form and turning on its head.

  • project briefthe objective was to take the mystery out of the products that we use on a daily basis. this day and age we seem to not have an understanding of how things work. as if when you use your ipod it magically takes your commands and turns them into sound. This mystery is due to the lack of understanding of what is inside of the things we use.

    the design project is intended to not to just reveal the internals by enclosing them in clear plastic, but by studying and analyzing the components that make the product function. Take these components and showcase them, glorify them and make them the center of attention.

    I took this challenge and ran with the idea that I want everything on the inside to be glorified and made to be the most important part of the device, second to its intended function.

  • mccord blackwell

    who am I designing for?Cassie and Kurtis have just finished moving into their new home and are having friends over all the time, their home has to be clean and inviting.

    being playful with decor and limited on space, they are looking into alternatives to the plane black box

    When I buy electronics they look like the cardboard box they came in.

    Why cant it fit the room? I would rather not have to hide my electronics due to them being boring and black

    Were tired of the same old thing.

  • mccord blackwell

    user surveyresponses and prioritiesafter taking a brief survey, results showed that concerns and issues stemmed from size and cost of most players that people owned.





    not black!

    accessible interesting

    survey results show key areas of interest

    sizecost ease of use












  • product matrixcost & aesthetic analysis





    when looking at the spectrum of current products it reveals that there is an opportunity available.

  • mccord blackwell

    initial concepts

    clamp designthe clamp design was taken from the pannini grill for inspiration. I liked the idea of clamping around the disc. a spin on the record player.

    with the metronome in mind for the movement of the disc versus the laser head itself. I liked the concept of moving the disc instead of the laser to read the content of the disc.

    metronome design

    looking at freeing up the clutter of the entertainment system, I was thinking that wall mounted would relieve space as well as freshen up the traditional form factor of the disc player.

    wall mount design

    starting with a sarcastic concept of a taco, I then realized that there might be some validity to the concept itself. holding the disc in a state of limbo creates a sense of tension.

    disc holder design

  • narrowing down


    the metronome design showed promise with its effect of showing progress with out the use of a screen

    the clamp design was a new approach to loading the disc. Giving the user an alternative to the long time running reign of the disc tray

    the wall mount design was appealing due to its effectiveness in being a piece of art when not in use and again being an alternative to the traditional

    clampwall mount

  • art


  • mccord blackwell

    simple gestures are the modest commands the are required. right to advance, left to rewind and tap to stop


    left tap right

    key functions

  • positioning the wall mounted design allows for the player to be oriented to in any direction. the design was intended to compliment the TV not to distract from it.

    ready position

    insert disc

    end of the show

    beginning of movie

    progress displayed

    key functionstelling timethe entire system is automated from start to finish.

    drop the disc in and away it goes.

    the disc will scroll from left to right to indicate where you are at in the movie.

    once over the disc will return to the middle and turn of automatically.

  • mccord blackwell







    orthos & partsmajor parts and components

    drive motor

    spin motor

    laser body

  • mccord blackwell

  • lancathe 21st century bike flag.

  • mccord blackwell

    who & why

    with a baby on the way and an active lifestyle Roberto is struggling to find the time to maintain his current activities.

    experience Description Santa Clara County range of activities associated with urban cycling safe and secure riding experience that supports commuting a