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Blanket. Reconfigurable architecture and (IP) runtime reconfiguration support in D ynamic R econfigurability in E mbedded S ystem D esign. Blanket Team Outline. Rationale Objectives Project Description Subprojects: YaRA, HARPE, ReCPU, SCAR, IPs Blanket in DRESD - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • *OutlineRationale


    Project Description

    Subprojects:YaRA, HARPE, ReCPU, SCAR, IPs

    Blanket in DRESD

    General information

  • RationaleFlexibility: many emerging products in communication, computing and consumer electronics demand that their functionality remains flexible also after the system has been manufactured.Support of new standards, e.g. in media processingAddition of new features

    Cost reduction and reusability: While a ready-made FPGA can be bought for $500, an application-specific IC, or ASIC, can cost anywhere from $4 million to $50 million. If you make a mistake on an FPGA, hey, you just reprogram it. Dean Collins, deputy director of DARPA's Microsystems Technology Office and program manager for the Trust in IC initiative.

    Performance and runtime customization: reconfigurable computing is intended to fill the gap between hardware and software, achieving potentially much higher performance than software, while maintaining a higher level of flexibility than hardware. Therefore it is possible to apply reconfigurable solutions to systems such as:biomedical implants i.e., an artificial art controltelecommunications i.e., adaptive intelligent routersMoreover: intelligent nanorobot control, artificial audio and vision, intelligent transducers at bio-electronic interfaces,


  • *ObjectivesExploit dynamic reconfigurability for different target reconfigurable architectures

    Design innovative applicative solutions, with the corresponding architecture, towards real world needsExplore novel architectural paradigms e.g, DNA computing, bio-inspired system

    Increase the reconfiguration performance via novel techniques, i.e. runtime reconfigurable cores relocation

  • Project DescriptionBlanket is a project related to the definition of novel reconfigurable architectures

    Blanket can be seen as organized in mainly three different parts: Generic reconfigurable architectureYaRA (SoC, MultiFPGA)HARPE (Multicore)Application specific reconfigurable architectureReCPU (Regular Expression CPU)SCAR (a sort of reconfigurable ASIP)IP design to enhance the reconfiguration capabilities or to effectively use the reconfiguration at runtimeDRC, BiRF, C*,...

  • YaRAYaRA: Yet another Reconfigurable Architecture

    The basic reconfigurable architecture defineda Static area: a basic Harvard architecturea Reconfigurable area: a device area composed of several reconfigurable regionsYaRA v1: 1D, Whishbone BUS-basedYaRA v2: 2D,CoreConnect-based

  • HARPEHARPE: a HARvard-based Processing Element tailored for partial dynamic reconfigurable architecturesmarBram: a framework for the creation of memory configuration bitstreamsPropose a stand-alone processing element (PE)Harvard ArchitectureSoft-ProcessorSuits reconfigurable architecturesEasily ConfigurableUser-LogicSoftware (not supported by Xilinx tools)Bitstream File

  • ReCPUReCPU: a new parallel and pipelined architecture for regular expression matchingRegular Expressions (RE) as a programming languageA RE is a sequence of instructions to be executed by the ReCPU processor

  • SCARSCAR: Soft Core Adaptable aRchitectureNaHA: Nios adaptable Harvard-based ArchitectureWhats next: Leon, MicroBlaze...

    Propose an adaptable Harvard-based architecture able to meet at the best the specific needs of an application that has to be executed on a reconfigurable device

  • IPsDRC: DRESD/Dynamic Reconfiguration ControllerAdaptable self-reconfiguration controllers

    BiRF: Bitstream Relocation FilterIP-Core used to implement runtime bitstream relocationRelocation solution suitable for different target architecture (BiRF, BiRF2, )

    C*: all the runtime reconfiguration support in a unique pipelined reconfiguration controller

  • Blanket in DRESDBlanket and CarontemarBram: a framework for the creation of memory configuration bitstreamsLimboWARE: postpone the decision of whether executing a task in HW or in SW moving it at run-timeVIRGIL: codesing frameworkDRCGen: automatic tool to define the best DRC according to the working scenario

    Blanket and CITiESPEReIRA: active reconfigurable functional unitYaRA (v3): a NoC based reconfigurable architecture

    Blanket and HERAYaRA (v2+): a 2D tile based reconfigurable architecture to implement online evolution

    Blanket and OSyRISOS and architecture

    Blanket and PolarisC* and BiRF: IPs for runtime relocation

  • *General


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