Blog Profiles: Creating Original Avatars

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Blog Profiles: Creating Original Avatars. Roosevelt Middle School Michelle Brower, PDRT Liz Feeney-Hunt, Title I/ELA Dept Head Carol Chaloux, TIS. Cisco-Smithsonian American Art Museum-Jefferson Parish Public School System Teacher Institute 2009 Lesson Plan Template: Interdisciplinary Teams - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Blog Profiles: Creating Original AvatarsRoosevelt Middle SchoolMichelle Brower, PDRTLiz Feeney-Hunt, Title I/ELA Dept HeadCarol Chaloux, TIS

  • Cisco-Smithsonian American Art Museum-Jefferson Parish Public School System Teacher Institute 2009Lesson Plan Template: Interdisciplinary TeamsTitle: Blog Profiles: Creating Original AvatarsContent and Substance: To enhance students ability to understand visual literacy in connection with portraits from American Artist.Students will be able to compare/contrast portraits using visual vocabularyStudents will be able to create a podcast to enhance their original profile imageStandards: ELA7-M2 Use tech. information and other avail. Resources to solve problems6-M2 Compare/Contrast elements in multiple genres2-M5 Write for a wide variety of purposes5-M1 Locate/Select info using organizational features of grade appropriate resourcesGrade Level / Subjects: 6-8 All Content AreasArt Images / Resources Required: Artwork: Somewhere in America & Junior WellsTechnology Components: Video Conference entitled Visual Literacy To See Is to Think Podcast, Image Manipulating SoftwareBackground: Students should have a basic knowledge of podcasting and power point or PhotoshopOrganization of Knowledge: Background Knowledge - Viewing of Mult-Cultural PortraitsVideo Conferencing To See Is To ThinkAnalyze two portraits Somewhere in America & Junior WellsCreate their image for their blog profilePodcastProtection from Adverse Consequence: Work in Partners, Time line schedule, RubricClear and Compelling Product Standards: Rubric, Assess to Internet Blog, Handouts, Samples of Acceptable ImagesAffirmation of Performance: Students images will be posted on classroom blog to be shared with schoolChoice: Work with a partner, use of materials to create own image other than technology to be photographed and downloaded.Affiliation: Students will be apart of an educational community to be shared throughout the year with comments and assessments.

  • Ms. Roosevelts Introduction

  • Step one Building background knowledge:Handout Art Analysis Process

  • Video ConferenceVisual Literacy: To See is to Think Standards

    Step two

  • Step threeCompare and contrast

  • Somewhere in America1934 Robert Brackman Born: Odessa, Russia 1898 Died: New London, Connecticut 1980 oil on canvas 30 1/8 x 25 1/8 in. (76.5 x 63.9 cm.) Smithsonian American Art Museum Transfer from the U.S. Department of Labor 1964.1.75 Smithsonian American Art Museum 1st Floor, West Wing Junior Wells1989 Frederick Brown Born: Greensboro, Georgia 1945 oil on linen 36 x 30 in. (91.4 x 76.2 cm.) Smithsonian American Art Museum Museum purchase made possible by William Cost Johnson, George W. Story, Robert J. Oliver and Mrs. Barwig-Wagner 1990.31 Not currently on view eye of the soul

  • Step four:Time to create. You must incorporate or more representations of you.You may use non tech mediums: pencils, pens, crayons clay which we can digitize and upload to your blog, or you may use PowerPoint or any photo editing software.3 (three)

  • Remember Cyber safety:

    Avatars will contain no names/addresses/phone numbers/other identifying details.If you use your face it must be digitally altered to be unrecognizable.



  • Step five You have your Avatar. Now with your best visual grammar explain your avatar. Justify the visual synthesis of your image.

    Write a script for your podcast.

    Final product will include uploading of image and podcast.