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Blue Man Group Study Guide


  • Blue Man Group FAQ

    What is Blue Man Group?

    Blue Man Group is a creative organization dedicated to creating excitement-generating experiences for our

    audience and ourselves. What age group is appropriate for the theatrical shows? One of the great things about seeing Blue Man Group is that it appeals to all ages. Kids will enjoy the lights, color and spectacle. Adults enjoy the humor, social commentary and depth of the character. Even the hardened theatre critic finds a deeper message behind the fun and mess. While the show appeals to a wide audience, it may not be appropriate for very small children. How long does it take a Blue Man to prepare before the show? What is the make-up the Blue Men put on their faces? It takes a Blue Man approximately one hour to get in costume for the show. The Blue Men wear grease paint on their heads. It never dries. This effect allows the Blue Men to maintain that wet gooey look throughout the show. I have heard that the theatre show can get a little messy. What is the appropriate dress for a Blue Man Group show? The blue men do use a variety of materials on stage and at times those materials get into the audience close to the stage. While it does not happen all the time, we do strongly suggest that you do not wear clothing that you consider nice or valuable. We encourage casual attire for the show. Jeans and sneakers are ideal. I have tickets in what is referred to as the "Poncho Section." Do I have to bring my own poncho? Blue Man Group refers to the area closest to the stage as the "Poncho Section." Blue Man Group provides each person in this section with a poncho just in case some of the materials used on stage go into the audience. Are the shows different in each city? The theatrical shows vary in each city based on the size of the theatre and the cultural aspects of each community we'd like to explore. The Complex Rock Tour and Megastar World Tour are entirely different Blue Man productions, created as rock concert experiences.

  • How is the tour different than the Las Vegas show?

    The tour is the newest, most up to date Blue Man Group production. It features newer material that is not in the current Vegas production. The tour finale is totally different, as is much of the technology in the production. Blue Man Group on tour also features a new physical design that centers around a proscenium-sized LED curtain and high-resolution screen to create an entirely new visual experience for Broadway houses across the nation. While the Boston, Chicago and New York productions have all recently been updated to incorporate *some* of the new tour elements, Vegas has not. And while the amount of audience interaction is generally the same in any Blue Man production, the experience of the touring show is different. The audiences are extremely enthusiastic about having the show come to their home town, and people who have seen another production are often our biggest advocates. Because of the audience participation elements, the show is different every single night. Each member of the audience whether they go up on stage or not experiences the show in a different way. The reality is that millions of people have seen some production of Blue Man Group over the years. Most of those people turn into fans that willingly see the show over and over again. In fact, on any given night, 25% of the audience will be made up of repeat customers who have seen another production of Blue Man Group before.