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Blues Brothers Margaritas - Barbecue, Burgers & Hot & Blue Nachos Flour tortilla chips heaped high with your choice of pulled pork, pulled chicken, or chili topped with cheddar and

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Text of Blues Brothers Margaritas - Barbecue, Burgers & Hot & Blue Nachos Flour tortilla chips...

  • Red Hot & Blue NachosFlour tortilla chips heaped high with your choice of pulled pork, pulled chicken, or chili topped with cheddar and jack cheeses, tomatoes, white and green onions, jalapeos and sour cream. Served with homemade salsa. 9.49

    Catfish FingersTasty catfish fingers, hand-tossed in our secret breading, fried golden and served with seasoned fries. 7.99

    Shakin Bacon Cheese FriesOur seasoned fries smothered in cheddar & jack cheeses, topped with chopped bacon and green onions then seasoned with our Memphis dry rub. 6.79

    Onion Ring LoafFresh cut onion rings shaped in a loaf lightly battered by hand and fried golden.Half 4.99 Full 6.99

    Red Hot SamplerA half size onion loaf, jalapeo bites, spicy sausage and jack cheese. Served with homemade Spicy Ranch. 10.99

    Sweet Potato FriesFried golden and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. 4.99

    Red Hot Jalapeo BitesBreaded and deep fried jalapeos stuffed with cream cheese. Served with Spicy Ranch for dipping. 8.99

    Our pulled chicken is carefully hand pulled fresh daily and may contain small bones. Please be careful.

    Jeremiah Weed Sweet TeaJeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka mixed with lemonade.

    HurricaneMade from Southern Comfort, Bacardi Select rumand tropical fruit juices.

    Lynchburg LemonadeA tart refreshing libation made with Jack Daniels

    Tennessee Whiskey and Cointreau.

    Bahama MamaA smooth blend of Malibu and Bacardi rums mixedwith tropical fruit juices.

    Blues Brothers Margaritas:Elwoods Especial Margarita Featuring Jose Cuervo Especial Gold Tequila

    Jammin Jakes Patron MargaritaFeaturing Patron Silver Tequila

    Cadillac Margarita Featuring Grand Marnier Tequila



    Jumbo WingsChoose your style: Mojo Mild; Hoochie Coochie Hot; Sufferin Sweet; Chipotle; Sweet Red Chili; Bourbon Molasses; Buffalo; LemonPepper; Tangy Honey; Spicy Hot; Garlic Pepper or our Memphis Dry wings tossed with our signature dry rub seasoning.10 wings 9.49 20 wings 17.99



    Brunswick StewA unique Southern tradition. Loaded with pulled pork, pulled chicken, beef brisket, potatoes, corn, onions and tomatoes, slow-cooked in a zesty blend of spices. Cup 3.99 Bowl 6.49

    Cream of Crab or Maryland Crab - seasonalChefs choice, made fresh in house. Cup 4.99 Bowl 7.99

    Award-winning ChiliHome-style chili loaded with tender beef brisket, kidney beans and tomatoes. Toppedwith cheese, diced onions and a pepperoncini pepper. Served with flour tortilla chips and sour cream. Cup 3.99 Bowl 6.49

    Soup of the Day - seasonalCup 3.99 Bowl 6.49

    GumboA mild gumbo with chicken, sausage and shrimp. Cup 3.99 Bowl 6.99

    sOuPs, stews & sPuds

    Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Cabernet, Chardonnay


    Draft Beer 10oz. or 22oz.Featuring our RH&B Brew, an award-winning amber.Dogfish 60 Minute Pale Ale; Sam Adams Seasonal; Loose Cannon;Bud Light; Budweiser

    Bottled BeerBudweiser; Bud Light; Bud Light Lime; Miller Lite; Coors Light; Michelob Ultra; Rolling Rock; Sam Adams Boston Lager; Amstel Light; Corona Extra;Corona Light; Heineken ;


    Freshly brewed Southern Sweet or Unsweet Iced Tea, Coffee, Milk and Juices. FREE refills on fountain drinks, brewed tea and coffee.


  • ALL-IN Burger Get the best of both worlds with this juicy burger, piled high with pulled pork,onion ring straws, cheddar cheese and Mojo Mild Barbeque Sauce. 9.99

    Hickory Bacon Cheese Burger A juicy burger with our Mojo Mild Barbeque Sauce, cheddar cheese, baconand sauted onions. 9.49

    Classic Blues Burger A classic burger with lettuce and tomato. 8.49Add cheese .75 Add bacon .75

    Hoochie Coochie Cajun Burger A juicy burger seasoned and grilled with Cajun spices, topped with mayo with a hint of our Hoochie Coochie Hot Sauce, cheddar cheese, and onion ring straws. 9.49

    Chipotle Burger A juicy burger seasoned and grilled with spices, chipotle mayo, onion ring straws and bleu cheese crumbles. 9.49

    Cooked to order. Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.

    Our pulled chicken is carefully hand pulled fresh daily and may contain small bones. Please be careful.

    If you like your barbeque sandwich served Memphis-Style, just be sure to ask; topped with creamy cole slaw and our Mojo Mild Barbeque Sauce and served with Grandmas Potato Salad.

    Pulled Pork SandwichHickory-smoked pork shoulder, hand-pulled in large tender chunks. 8.99

    Beef Brisket SandwichSlices of tender, hand-trimmed, hickory-smoked, seasoned beef. 9.99

    Pulled Chicken SandwichSavory smoked, hand-pulled chicken. 8.99

    Carolina Chopped Pork SandwichHickory-smoked, chopped pork shoulder topped with our Hard LuckVinegar Sauce. 8.99

    Ribwich ComboYour choice of any Barbeque sandwich and two of our St. Louis cut ribs servedWet, Dry, Sweet, Double Trouble or with Big Mamas Mustard. 11.49

    Fried Delta Catfish SandwichTasty Delta catfish fillet fried golden and served your choice of one side. 8.99

    Chicken SandwichA grilled chicken breast served with lettuce, tomato and your choice of oneside. 8.99

    Fried Shrimp Po BoyHand-breaded, lightly fried shrimp served on a baked dinner roll with lettuce, tomato and remoulade sauce. 9.49

    Crab Cake SandwichA fresh crab cake served with lettuce, tomato, tartar sauce and your choice ofone side. 12.99

    Dressings: Honey Mustard, Bleu Cheese, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Buttermilk Ranch, Parmesan Peppercorn, Homemade Spicy Ranch, Oil & Vinegar

    Smokehouse SaladPulled chicken and beef brisket over mixed greens with roasted corn, bell peppers, fresh cut cucumbers, red onions, tomatoes, topped with cheddar and jack cheeses and tortilla strips. 9.99

    Caesar SaladCrisp chilled romaine lettuce with shredded Parmesan and croutons, tossed with Caesar dressing. Classic Caesar 7.99 Salmon 11.99 Grilled Chicken 9.99

    Caesar BLT SaladCrisp chilled romaine lettuce with bacon, chopped red onion, tomatoes and Parmesan cheese, tossed with Caesar dressing.

    RH&B Chopped SaladSavory smoked pulled chicken with chopped mixed greens, cucumbers, shredded carrots, tomatoes, roasted corn, beets, black-eyed peas, hard-boiled eggs, bacon, red onions and cheddar and jack cheeses served with your choiceof dressing. 9.99

    Pulled Chicken SaladSavory smoked hand-pulled chicken over chilled mixed greens with red onions, tomatoes, carrots, fresh cut cucumbers and chopped hard-boiled eggs. 9.99

    Southern Fried Chicken SaladFried tender strips of chicken breast over mixed greens tossed with tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, green onions and tortilla strips. Great with honey mustard dressing. 9.49

    Grilled Chicken SaladTender slices of grilled chicken breast over chilled mixed greens tossed with red onions,tomatoes, fresh cut cucumbers and chopped hard-boiled eggs. 9.99

    Southwest SaladCrisp shrimp or chicken crispers in creamy fiery and sweet sauce with tomatoes, corn relish, black beans, cucumbers, red onions and tortilla strips. 9.99




    All burgers are half pound! Served with Grandmas Potato Salad, lettuce, tomato and pickle.

    Starter House Salad 3.99Starter Caesar Salad 3.99

  • FiNGer-LiCKiN GOOd!


    Served with BBQ beans and creamy cole slaw.Add a House or Caesar Salad for 2.99.

    Delta Surf & TurfOur award-winning ribs and your choice of either fried shrimp, fried catfish orcajun catfish. 15.99

    Ribs & Seafood PlatterOur award-winning ribs served with your choice of either a crab cake (when available) or salmon fillet. 20.99

    Delta DoubleYour choice of two hickory-smoked meats: our St. Louis-style ribs, pulled pork, 1/4 chicken, beef brisket, pulled chicken or sausage. 14.49

    Tennessee TripleYour choice of three hickory-smoked meats: our St. Louis-style ribs, pulled pork, 1/4 chicken, beef brisket, pulled chicken or sausage. 15.99

    Five Meat TreatA sampling of our specialty hickory-smoked meats including our ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken,sausage and beef brisket. 16.49

    Our meaty St. Louis cut ribs, hickory-smoked for hours and hours. Add a House or Caesar Salad for 2.99.

    Full Slab 23.99 1/2 Slab 16.99Served with your choice of Served with your choice offour Southern Sides. two Southern Sides.

    Wet RibsSlowly smoked over hickory wood, then slathered with our Mojo Mild Barbeque Sauce andgrilled to perfection.

    Dry RibsA Memphis tradition. Our slow-smoked ribs sprinkled with our secret blend of dry spices and finished on the grill.

    Sweet RibsGlazed with our Sufferin Sweet Barbeque Sauce and grilled. Theyre not just sweet-theyre suh-weet.

    Big Mamas MustardWhen youre cravin mustard - nothing else will do! Slow smoked and grilled ribs with a tangy mustard flavor.

    Bourbon MolassesCrafted from the finest bourbon, paired with a varietal of peppers for an added kick of heat. A robustly bittersweet molasses heightens the characteristics of this sauce.

    Cant decide on ONE flavor? Order half and half!Choose from these delicious flavors:

    MILD MojoMildLemonPepperBigMamasMustard

    MEDIUM SufferinSweetBourbonMolasses MemphisDryRubSweet Red Chili

    HOT HoochieCoochieHotGarlicPepper

    COMbiNAtiONsribsAuthentic slow-cooked barbeque is pink... so when you bite into our smoked pork, ribs or chicken, youll notice a slightly rosy glow!


    Our pulled chicken is carefully hand pulled fresh daily and may contain small bones. Please be careful.

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