Bob German Principal Architect Introduction to Cloud Hosted Apps Your apps here!

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Bob German Principal Architect Introduction to Cloud Hosted Apps Your apps here! Slide 2 Bob German SharePoint Principal Architect at BlueMetal Architects Developer and architect on the SharePoint platform since Site Server 3.0 Co-author of SharePoint 2010 Development with Silverlight for Addison-Wesley BlueMetal Architects Boston, New York and Chicago. We strive to build solutions that exactly meet our clients needs SharePoint / Information Management Data Platforms / Analytics Design Mobile Apps Enterprise Apps App Modernization @Bob1German Slide 3 Agenda Brief review of SharePoint Apps Authentication and Client APIs Demo 1: WebForms App Demo 2: MVC App All code is available for download Slide 4 The New App Model Code runs outside of SharePoint Cant affect farm solutions affecting servers Give apps just the permission they need and no more (like a phone app) App web isolates app storage for easy clean-up App Azure, on-Premises, or Anywhere Host Web App Web (optional) Until now, developing for SharePoint was like developing for MS DOS or Windows 3.1 no isolation, weak security. Its time SharePoint development caught up with the rest of the industry! Slide 5 App Isolation App Azure or other provider Host Web App Web (optional) http://myserver/sites/myweb/ http://app12345/sites/myweb/ Different domain names leverage browsers same-origin policy Slide 6 Where does your App run? App WebExternal Web Server Optionally Provisioned by SharePoint on app installation No Server Code period! (though you can leverage installed ASP.NET controls) Code in Javascript on browser Access host web via cross-domain library May contain declarative, web-scoped features (lists, site pages, client script, images, css) Can be on-premises or in the cloud Auto-hosted apps are provisioned by Office 365 on app installation Provider-hosted apps can run on-premises, in Azure, or anywhere (doesnt even need to be.NET) Access host and app webs via OAuth run under: End users permissions App permissions App Host Web App Web Slide 7 User and App Identities Programming ModelCode Runs AsAvailable APIs Farm Solution User (or elevate to App Pool identity) All Sandboxed Solution User (or run in a workflow impersonation step as a specific user) Very limited server API access No network/external access SharePoint Hosted App App or UserJavascript Client OM (JSOM), REST, SOAP web services* Cloud Hosted App App or UserJavascript Client OM (JSOM), Managed Client OM (CSOM), REST, SOAP web services* * SOAP web services are deprecated for SharePoint 2013, but removing them would break a lot of Office integration scenarios Slide 8 App Authentication User accesses SharePoint JSOM or REST APIs using inherent SharePoint security already in place Used by Javascript on web pages in App web or using Cross-domain library Only runs as User no App identity Internal Standard Authorization protocol used in many public web sites (FaceBook, Twitter, Live, Google, etc.) Valet Key to access information Requires external authentication server (e.g. Azure ACS) Office 365 Auto-Hosted Apps automatically set up for OAuth External (OAuth) SharePoint server is configured to trust an external server to authenticate users (Server Server) No external authentication server great for on-premises scenarios Uses SSL Certs for simplicity App code needs access to SSL Private Key External (S2S) Slide 9 Client APIs REST (Representational Entity State Transfer) No client-side API components access from anywhere! (Javascript,.NET, PHP ) OData compliant content access for easy access by ADO.NET Data Services, Excel, etc. CSOM (Client Side Object Model) Client API available for Javascript (JSOM),.NET, Silverlight Batched requests are more efficient JSON, ATOM /_api/Client.svc REST OData CSOM Slide 10 Client APIs Site Content Site Collection Creation User Profiles Search Taxonomy Feeds Publishing Business Connectivity Services Sharing Workflow E-Discovery IRM Analytics JSON, ATOM /_api/Client.svc REST OData CSOM Slide 11 Locations Maps and displays locations in a contacts list ASP.NET WebForms Uses SharePoint 2013 GeoLocation column Remote event receiver geocodes list items Client web part displays map demo Slide 12 .NET Web Development Choices ASP PagesWebFormsMVC Control over HTML Control over URLs Drag and Drop Development Ease of Code Reuse Ease of Testing Replaceable Components Strong Offering Weak / No Offering 2001200320072013 Slide 13 PictureView Organizes pictures across multiple SharePoint picture libraries ASP.NET MVC Multi-page app using Chrome Control for branding Testable controller using dependency injection Web part shows a slide show demo Slide 14 Questions? Code Downloads Locations Demo (WebForms) PictureView Demo (MVC) @Bob1German