Bones of the Appendicular Skeleton: Upper extremity Chapter 7 & 8

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Text of Bones of the Appendicular Skeleton: Upper extremity Chapter 7 & 8

  • Bones of the Appendicular Skeleton: Upper extremityChapter 7 & 8

  • Shoulder Girdle & Shoulder JointShoulder Girdle Clavicles (2) Scapulas (2)Joints:Sternoclavicular joint (synovial: ball and socket)Acromioclavicular joint (synovial: gliding)Shoulder JointGlenohumeral jointAcromioclavicular joint

  • ClavicleKnow:Acromial endSternal end

    Brace scapulaAttachment for muscles of upper limbs, chest, and back

  • ScapulaParts to know: Acromion process, coracoid process, glenoid cavity, subscapular fossa, spine, supraspinous fossa, infraspinous fossa, lateral border, medial border

  • Upper extremityBones: HumerusRadiusUlnaElbow JointRadio-Ulnar JointWrist Joint

  • HumerusParts of bone:HeadGreater tubercleLesser tubercleIntertubculer grooveDeltoid tuberosityCoronoid fossaOlecranon fossaCapitulumTrochleaMedial/Lateral epicondyle

  • Radius

    Thumb side of forearmParts to knowHeadRadial tuberosityStyloid process

  • UlnaLonger than radiusParts to know:Trochlear notch (semilunar)Olecranon processCoronoid processHead of ulnaStyloid process

  • Teacher: Website, go through bones.

  • SW fill out study guide.

  • SW go on website and review axial skeleton.SW REVIEW BONES on LAMINATED PICS