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Book of the end great trials and tribulations

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  • 1. ContentsHEAD OFFICEP.O. Box: 22743, Riyadh 11416 K.S.A,Tel: 00966-01-4033962/4043432 Fax: 4021659E-mail: [email protected], [email protected] Websfte: www.clar-us-salam.00m SOME EARLY EVENTSK.S.A. Darussalam Showrooms:HONG KONGRiyadh PeacetechSOME OF THE EVENTS THAT THE PROPHET A SAID WOULDOlaya branch: Tel 00966-1-4614483 Fax: 4844945 AZ 4/F Tam She Mansion OCCUR AFTER HIS LIFETIME 22Malaz branch: Tel 00966-1-4735220 Fax: 4735221 83-87 Nathan Road Tsimbetsul Jeddah Kowloon, Hong Kong The Prophet A intimated that after him Abu Bakris would takeTel: 00966-2-6879254 Fax: 6338270Tel: 00852 2369 2722 Fax: 0085223692944 MadinahMobile: 00852 97123624 charge over the Muslim Nation 22Tel: 00966-503417155 Fax: 04-8151121MALAYSIAThe Prophet A Intimated To Us That The Muslims Would Al-Khobar Darussalam International Publication Ltd.Tel: 00966-3-8692900 Fax: 8891551No.109A, Jalan SS 21/1A, Damansara Utama,Conquer Egypt 22 Khamls Mushayt 47400, PetalIng Jaya, Belan9on Darin Etreeri, MalaysiaTel: 00966-50010328Tel: 00603 7710 9750 Fax: 603 7710 0749The Prophet It Foretold The End Of The Persian And RomanU.A.EE-mail: [email protected] &Empires 23 Darussalam, Sharjah U.A.Edarussalam malaysia(gyahoo.comTel: 00971-6-5632623 Fax: 5832824 FRANCEThe Messenger of Allah * Prophesized Umars Murder [email protected] . Editions & Ltbrairie EssabmPAKISTAN 135, Bd de Menitmonlant- 75011 PadsThe Prophet A Foretold The Trials That Uthmaan 4 Was To Darussalam, 36 B Lower Mall, LahoreTN: 0033-01- 43 38 19 56/ 44 83Undergo 24Tel: 0092-42-724 0024 Fax: 7354072 Fax 0033-01 - 43874431 Emelt Ralanan Market, Ghazni Street AUSTRALIA The Prophet A Foretold Ammaar Ibn Yaasirs Killing 24Urdu Bazar Lahore ICIS: Ground Floor 165-171, Haldon St.Tel: 0092-42-7120054 Fax: 7320703Lakemba NSW 2195, AustraliaThe Prophet A Specified That The Period Of The Caliphate Was Karachi, Tel: 0092-21-4393936 Fax: 4393937 Tel: 00612 9758 4040 Fax: 9758 4030To Last For Thirty Years After His Death And Then The Era OfU.S.A SINGAPORE Kingdoms Would Begin 25 Darussalam, Houston Muslim Converts Association of SingaporeP.O Box: 79194 Tx 7727932 Onan Road The GalaxyThe Prophet Gave Tidings Of Al-Hasan 4, Making PeaceTel: 001-713-722 0419 Fax: 001-713-722 0431Singapore- 424484E-mail: sales(gdar-us-salarn.comBetween Two Huge Groups Of Muslims 25 Tel: 0065-440 6924, 348 8344 Fax: 440 6724 Darussalam, New York 481 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn The Messenger Of Allah * Informed Umm Haraam Bint MilhaanNew York-11217, Tel: 001-718-625 5925 SRI LANKAFax: 718-825 1511 Darul Kitab 6, Rimed Road, Colombo-4 to That She Would Die In A Naval War 25E-mail: [email protected] Tel: 0094-1-589 038 Fax: 0094-74 722433UKThe Prophet A Indicated That The Muslim Army Would ReachINDIA Darussalam International Publications Ltd. Islamic DimensionsIndia And Sindh 26Layton Business Centre56/58 Tandel Street (North)Unit-17, Etloe Road, Layton, London, El 0 7BTDongri, Mumbai 4000 009,IndleThe ProphetA Said That The Muslims Would Fight The Turks 27Tel: 0044 20 8539 4885 Fax:0044020 8539 4889Tel: 0091-22-3736875, Fax 3730689Moab: 0044-7947 30 8 706The Prophet A Intimated That Some Children Would Take Dantssalam IMemMional Publications Limlbad [email protected] Of Authority Over The Muslims, 28 146 Park Road, SOUTH AFRICA London NW8 7RG Tel: 0044.207 725 2248The Prophet A Informed Us Of Twelve Khaleefahs From The Danzsafam Islamic Dawah Movement (IDM)398400 Coven* Road, Small Heath 48009 Clualbert 4078 Durban,South AfricaQuraish Who Rule Over The Muslim Nation 29Birmingham, B10 OUFTel: 002731-304-6883Ts: 0121 77204792 Fax 0121 7724345The Khaleefahs Of The Quraish Referred To In The Hadeeth30 Fax: 0027-31-305-1292E-mal: [email protected]: www.ciarussalamukoomE-mail: [email protected]

2. 6 Book of The End : Great Trials and Tribulations Contents7Narrations Mentioning Signs Related To The Year 200 30 It Is Forbidden To Hope For Death 40The Best Generation Is the Generation of the Messenger ft ThenThose Who Came Next, Then Those Who Came Next, 31 Knowledge Will Be Raised With The Death Of The Scholars 41The Messenger ft, Did Not Specify When This World Will ComeThe Prophet A Intimated To Us That A Group From This NationTo An End And It Is Not Authentically Related 31 Will Remain Upon The Truth Until The Day Of Judgment 41The Narration That Speaks About A Fire In The Land Of Hijaaz A Narration Which Indicates That Every 100 Years, Allah At WillWhich Will Illuminate Camels in Busrah, in the Land of Sham 32 Send For This Nation He (Or Those) Who Will Revive The Affairs 32Of The Religion41 The Appearance Of A Fire In Madeenah That Continued Some Of The Signs Of The Hour That The Prophet Mentioned 42 ABOUT THE HOURKnoWledge Will Be Raised (Or Taken Away) From People At The End Of Time 42Narrations From The Prophet 0, That Speak About The UnseenFuture 32EVILS THAT WILL OCCUR AT THE END OF TIMES, OF WHICH SOME ARE TAKING PLACE IN OUR AGE 44The Prophet A Gave News About Events From The Past AndThe Future, 33The Prophet 0 Spoke Of Evils That Were To Occur After His Time 44There Is No Basis For Israelite Narrations That Specify How LongThe World Will Remain 34The Poor Will Enter Paradise Before The Rich 47The Nearness Of The Hour 35THE MAHDEE 50On The Day Of Resurrection, The Muslim Will Be Resurrected Who Will Come At The End Of Times; He Is One Of The Rightly-With Those Whom He Loves 36Guided Khaleefahs And Imams 50Whoever Dies, Then His Hour Has Arrived 36 DIFFERENT TRIALS THAT HAVE OCCURRED AND THAT WILL INCREASE IN INTENSITY AT THE END OF TIMES 56The Keys To The Unseen Are Five: None Knows Them SaveAllah ft 36 If there are many wrongdoers, all will be destroyed, even if there are righteous people among them 56The Messenger Of AllahA Did Not Know The Time Of TheHour 37 Trials That Will Occur Among Muslims 56 Every Era That Comes Is Better Than The One That Follows It 57THE TRIALS, EVENTS, SIGNS Trials That Muslims Should Try To Stay Far Away From 57THE TRIALS IN GENERAL 38 The Raising Of Trustworthiness From The Hearts 57The Prophet A Informed Us About The Rotation Of Good And The Prophet 0, Informed Us That The Trial Will Appear FromEvil 38 The East 58Islam Will Return Strange And New As It Had Begun 38 Trials Will Increase Until The Living Will Envy The Dead 58Division Within The Nations 38 The Prophet ft Informed Us That, Before The Coming Of TheThis Nation Will Not Gather Upon Misguidance 39 Hour 58Permission To Withdraw From People When Trials BecomeHuge Quantity Of Wealth That Will Be Revealed In Arab Lands,Severe And When Desires Become Deeply Ingrained 40 And The Discord And Death That Will Result 58 The Many Dajjals That Appear Before The Hour, And The Hour 3. Contents 98 Book of The End : Great Trials and Tribulations Before The Occurrence Of Six Matters 74Will Arrive At A Time When People Will Be Heedless Of It 59Ten Signs Before The Coming Of The Hour 74Two Categories Of People That Will Inhabit The Hellfire, And WeThe Fire That Will Come Out From The Floor (Or Depth) OfSeek Refuge In Allah, The Lord Of All That Exists 61 Adan 75Excuses For Not Ordering Others To Good And Forbidding ThemThe Fierce battle That Will Take Place With The Romans, WhichFrom Evil 61 Will End With The Conquering Of Constantinople 75People Will Leave The Religion In Throngs 62DESTRUCTIVE TRIALS 63ABOUT DAJJAALNews From The Messenger A Of Destructive Trials That WillThe Hour Will Not Arrive Until The Maseeh (Eesa Ibn Maryam)Make The One Who Adheres To His Religion Like One Who Is * Kills The Dajjaal 77Grasping Embers 63 Laailaha Hialeah Wallahuakbar (None Has The Right To BeNews From The Prophet * Of The Nations Gathering Against Worshipped But Allah And Allah Is The Greatest) 78The Muslims, Seeking To Weaken Them, Even Though The The 0 inquering Of Some Islands And Of The Lands Of RomeMuslims Will Be Large In Numbers 63And R Tsia; 79The MessengerIntimated That A Destructive Fitnah Will When The Hour Arrives, The Romans Will Be Greatest InOccur And Safety From It Achieved By Staying Far Away From 79 Numbers It And From Ways That Lead To It 63 An Indication That Al-Madeenah Al-Munawwarah Will Be FacedTribulations Have A Harmful Effect On Ones Character, With Weakness When Jerusalem Will Be Inhabited 81Whereby A Man Will Not Even Be Safe From The Companion HeSits With 64 Al-Madeenah Al-Munawwarah Is Protected From Plague And From The Dajjaal Entering It 81Different Kinds Of Trials Mentioned By The Prophet *; The WayTo Escape From Them Is To Withdraw From Society 65 The Prophet * Pointed Out That Al-Madeenah Al-Munawwarrah Will Become Developed 82The Messenger Of Allah * Advised That One Should BearHardships During Tribulations And That One Should Keep AwayBefore The Hour There Will Be Liars Claiming Prophethood ForFrom Participating In Evil 66Themselves 83The Messenger Of Allah Informed Us That Some Muslims WillAbout Callers To The Hellfire 84Return To Idol-Worship 67 MORE AHAADEETH ABOUT THE DAJJAALThe Fitnah Of The Saddlebag 68A Trial In Which The Impact Of The Tongue Is More Harsh Than Some Narrations Concerning Ibn Sayyaad 86The Impact Of The Sword 69The Messenger of Allahs Warning About The Dajjaal, And SomeThe Prophet A Intimated That The Muslims Would Conquer Of The Dajjaals Attributes 87Constantinople Before Rome 71The Fire Of The Dajjaal Is Paradise And His Paradise Is Fire 88Some News, The Source Of Which Is Imputed To The Messenger The Messenger * Warned His Nation Not To Be Deceived ByOf Allah A, About Destruction In Certain Countries; 71What The Dajjaal Has With Him In Terms Of Apparent Strength 88Many Signs And Aayaat 72Ibn Sayyaad Is Not The Greater Dajjaal 89Signs Indicating The Proximity Of The Hour 73 Faatimah Bint Qaiss Hadeeth About The Dajjaal; And WhatThe Prophet * Ordered Muslims To Hasten To Do Good Deeds 4. 10Book of The End : Great Trials and Tribulations Contents 11

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