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This is our full colour catalogue of the books being displayed during the showcase.

Text of Books Exhibited at the RBMS BookSeller's Showcase

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    2012 RBMS Preconference: Futures! The Booksellers ShowcaseWednesday, June 20th, 8:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.53rd Annual RBMS PreconferenceSan Diego, CaliforniaJune 19-22, 2012

    Boston, MA. and Mount Desert Island, ME.31 Newbury Street Boston, Mass. 02116 U.S.A.

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    (617) 536-4433 Fax (617) 267-1118A Presentation Copy to Mark Twain

    Inscribed by Thomas Bailey Aldrich to the American MasterPrudence Palfrey; A Novel - First Edition - 1874

    1 Aldrich, Thomas Bailey. PRUDENCE PALFREY; A NOVEL (Boston: James R. Osgood & Co., 1874) First Edition and a copy with superb provenance, A PRE-SENTATION COPY FROM ALDRICH TO MARK TWAIN, INSCRIBED ON THE FRONT BLANK: MARK, FROM HIS FRIEND T.B.A. And with the additional ownership provenance of the Estelle Doheny collection with her bookplate pres-ent. 8vo, publishers original green cloth, the lettering in gilt as issued, in a nice cloth folding protective box. 311 pp. A very pleasing copy of a unique item, neatly restored at some time in the distant past. A UNIQUE ITEM. THE FIRST EDITION OF THIS NOVEL BY ONE OF AMER-ICAS MOST FAMOUS WRITERS OF THE 19TH CENTURY, INSCRIBED BY AL-DRICH TO MARK TWAIN, HIS FRIEND. Twain first met Aldrich, after corresponding for some months, in November 1871. From that day forward the two enjoyed a lifelong friendship. Twain once said he could not admire Aldrichs The Story of a Bad Boy (published 1869) but it is clearly a model for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and Twain credited it as his inspiration for that novel. In his autobiography Twain praised Aldrichs brilliant conversation, remarking that he had no peer for pithy and witty and humorous sayings. Twains autobiography is famous for the LACK of praise he heaped upon his contemporaries, it is thus clear that his affection for Aldrich was genuine. Twain was in attendance at Aldrichs memorial service in 1908. At the top of his career Aldrich outranked both Twain and Walt Whitman in popular-ity, his light verse and witty stories delighted the literary public who considered him an equal to Longfellow, Lowell and Holmes in the canon of American Literature, an honor Twain would have to wait many more years to achieve. Beginning with the collection of stories entitled Marjorie Daw and Other People (1873), Aldrich wrote works of realism and quiet humor. His novels Prudence Palfrey (1874), The Queen of Sheba (1877), and The Stillwater Tragedy (1880) had more dra-matic action. The first portrayed Portsmouth with the affectionate touch shown in the shorter humorous tale, A Rivermouth Romance (1877). BAL 278$8950.

    The Story of Little Black SamboHelen Bannermans Classic Childrens Story

    2 Bannerman, Helen. THE STORY OF LITTLE BLACK SAMBO (London: Chat-to and Windus, 1928) Very early issue. Illustrated in colour throughout with all chromolithographs on separate leaves and text on separate pages. 12mo, bound in the publishers original blue boards printed in black, with a pictorial paste-down on the upper cover. 113 pp. A fine copy but for loss to a small section of the blue panel at the foot of the spine with loss of T and H in the word THE. AN EARLY PRINTING AND A RARELY SEEN ISSUE OF THIS CLASSIC. Bannerman wrote her stories to entertain her own children. LITTLE BLACK SAMBO was their favorite. The author never intended the book for publication, but through the encouragement of her children and friends the manuscript was shown to E.V. Lucas who agreed to publish it as the fourth title in his series of The Dumpy Books for Children (Schiller, p. 381) Together with Beatrix Potter, Helen Bannerman established the genre of childrens books that gave pictures and text equal importance. Very few copies of the original print-ing have survived, and of the copies known, most have been badly worn because the small book was unable to withstand the constant handling of children. Should a census even-tually be attempted, there would probably be fewer copies located than of the notoriously rare and suppressed 1865 Alice (Schiller, p. 386)$450.

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    From the Fust and Schoeffer Bible of 1462The First Dated Bible and Only the Fourth Printed Bible

    A Fine Leaf From Numbers3 Bible, Leaves of the Bible, Fst and Schoeffer; Early Printing. A LEAF FROM THE FIRST DATED BIBLE. FROM THE PENTATEUCH, THE FIVE BOOKS OF MOSES, Numbers XXIII, XXIIII, XXV, XXVI. (Mainz: Fust and Schoeffer, 1462) A fine leaf from the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Bible, the books of Moses and the first dated Bible, the Fourth printed Bible (preceded only by: Gutenberg, the 36-line Bible and Mentelin). Using a new type face; type set on a smaller body with more lines to the page. Printed double column, 48 lines per page. With manuscript titles in red and blue, large red and blue chapter numbers and three beautiful large extended initials in red and brown or red and blue, each with fine pen work extending well over 20 lines Folio single leaf. A beautiful leaf, very well preserved. A RARE AND IMPORTANT LEAF FROM THE 1462 BIBLE. For all intents and purposes, the earliest obtainable printed Bible leaves after those of the Gutenberg Bible and these, at a fraction of the cost. This leaf contains some of chapter 23, all of chapters 24 and 25 and some of chapter 26 of NUMBERS. Within these chapters; Balaam still continues to prophesy good things in favour of Israel. The people fall into fornication and idolatry; for which twenty-four thousand are slain. The zeal of Phinees. The people are again numbered by their tribes and families.$4500.

    The Birth of Modern Anesthetic Usage in SurgeryThe Very Rare and Important First Edition Offprint

    Insensibility During Surgical Operations - 1846An Extraordinary Landmark in Medicine and Science

    4 Bigelow, Henry Jacob, M.D. INSENSIBILITY DURING SURGICAL OPERATIONS PRODUCED BY INHALATION. [offprint of] The Boston Medical and Surgical Jour-nal, Vol. XXXV. Wednesday, November 18, 1846. No. 16. (Boston: Offprint from the: Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, 1846) First Separate Printing, the Scarce Off-print of the first printed account of the use of an inhaled anesthesia in surgery. 8vo, original printed self-wrappers, threaded as issued. Now housed and protected in a very handsome gilt decorated morocco backed solander case with chemise. (309)-316 as paginated in the rare offprint. A very well preserved copy, handsome and clean, the edges of the paper with just a bit of age wear or mellowing. HIGHLY IMPORTANT ACCOUNT OF WHAT CAN BE ARGUED AS ONE OF THE GREATEST ADVANCES TO THE QUALITY OF HUMAN LIFE. Prior to the modern use of anesthesia, surgery was one of the harshest and most painful experiences people could be forced to endure. Even minor surgeries were complicated by the threat of shock or death as patients were tied down or otherwise restrained, given something to bite down on or at best, put into a partial state of stupor with large quantities of alcohol. Bigelow, a highly respected surgeon associated with Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston had became aware of a Boston dentist, W.T.G. Morton, who was experimenting on animals with sulfuric ether and of Professor Charles Jackson who had documented his own inhaling of ether with no lasting harmful effects. Morton had subsequently used ether on a patient for the first time during a tooth extraction on September 30, 1846. Through Big-elows influence Morton was allowed to administer ether to a patient at Mass General who was having a tumor removed from his neck. The surgery, and the anesthetic, were deemed to be highly successful. Bigelow read a preliminary communication concerning the results to the American Acad-emy of Sciences on November 3rd, 1846. The first printed account appeared 15 days later in the Boston Medical Journal. We offer here the rare offprint of that immensely important article. With safe and humane anesthesia now possible, surgery truly entered the modern age. Although more recently developed inhaled anesthetics have largely replaced the use of ether, the basic concept, usage and results are nearly identical today as they were a century and a half ago when the discovery was made and this offprint was issued. RARE: We note only three copies in institutiional collections. No copy but that of Norman have been offered at auction in over 25 years to our knowledge. Grolier Medicine 64 A; Heirs of Hippocrates 1859; Osler 1355; Wellcome II, p. 166; Norman 232 (936).$7500.

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    A Rare Offering in ChurchillianaSir Winston Churchills Journeys Undertaken

    The Map of The Prime Ministers World War II Travels5 [Churchill, Sir Winston]. DUNKIRK TO BERLIN; A MAP OF THE HISTORIC WAR-TIME JOURNEYS UNDERTAKEN BY THE RIGHT HON. SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL, IN DEFENSE OF THE BRITISH COMMONWEALTH AND EMPIRE (Great Britain: George Philip & Son Ltd in Association with Time and Tide, April, 1956) First edi-tion. Issued to World Books members to commemorate the completion of publication of the Reprint Society Edition of the Churchill War Memoirs. A very large colour map printed on heavy folding stock, beautifully decorated and featuring views of warships and aircraft and with a