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    CopernicusBooks of Wonder and Discovery

    Explore and understand science and the natural world.

  • Biomedicine 2


    C. Barlow, New York, NY, USA

    Green Space, Green TimeThe Way of Science

    Over the last few centuries, science has usurpeddomains of knowledge that were once the province ofreligion. At the same time, however, both science andreligion have enforced strict boundaries throughout.Science can describe the world to us, but it cannottell us about meaning or values. This is a compellingcase for breaching this barrier - in effect, for areunification of science and religion.

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    1997. XXVII, 329 p. 23 illus. Hardcover978-0-387-94794-5


    A.G. Cairns-Smith, Glasgow, UK

    Secrets of the MindA Tale of Discovery and Mistaken Identity

    Written in a provocative, witty, and highly accessiblestyle, this is not only a splendid general introductionto the central questions of consciousness and brainscience, but also an answer to some of them. Theauthor -- noted Glaswegian chemist A.G. Cairns-Smith -- believes our feelings and sensations are notsimply alternative descriptions of neural events buthave themselves evolved and have physical effectsin the brain as well as physical causes. Secrets of theMind portrays a vision of the world as it may come tobe seen by a future science. Sand, sea water, air, andthe atoms from which such materials are made arenow well understood by science, but the same can notbe said of our personal feelings, our sensations andemotions. Science tells us that these too must be formsof quantum energy if they evolved, yet is only nowbeginning to explain how.

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    1999. XIII, 230 p. Hardcover978-0-387-98692-0


    N. Humphrey, Bedford, NY, USA

    A History of the MindEvolution and the Birth of Consciousness

    This book is a tour-de-force on how humanconsciousness may have evolved. From the "phantompain" experienced by people who have lost their limbsto the uncanny faculty of "blindsight," Humphreyargues that raw sensations are central to all consciousstates and that consciousness must have evolved, justlike all other mental faculties, over time from ourancestors' bodily responses to pain and pleasure. '

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    1992. 238 p. Softcover978-0-387-98719-4


    J.A. Perper, S.J. Cina

    When Doctors KillWho, Why, and How

    Some readers may be shocked by the title of this book,and some may wonder if it is necessary to raise theuncomfortable issue of killing by doctors. Killing isclearly antithetical to the Art and Science of Medicine,which is geared toward easing pain and saving livesrather than smothering them. Nevertheless, doctorsare people too. Physicians have the same geneticlibrary of enabling qualities and defects as the restof us, but their vocation places them in a positionwhere both good practice and bad practice canbe exercised. The book begins by presenting thebackground against which medicine came into beingand the forces that molded the social, psychologicaland professional profile of healers. It continueswith profiles of infamous serial killer physiciansthroughout the world; some "practiced" over ahundred years ago, others in recent decades. Thereis a discussion of mass murdering physicians whochose dictatorship or terrorism over healing. Not-so-mad, but highly sadistic physician/ scientists will alsobe under their microscope. There is a discussion of

    high-profile cases, and the authors raise the specterof the first genetic homicide - murder by means ofchromosomal manipulation. They also the authorsalso share their thoughts on some of the ethical issuesfacing physicians today and examine the gray areasbetween Medicine and Law. The book concludes witha look at current fashions and trends in medicine.Complementary medicine and alternative therapiesmay have brought relief to many patients, but theyhave also resulted in disability, suffering, and death.Through the review of a few high profile, drug-relatedfatalities, the celebrity-physician relationship will beexplored. Finally, the authors examine how the doctoris portrayed in fiction and why medical professionalsare featured so prominently on television. Dr. Perperand Dr. Cina have a combined medical experiencespanning 60 years. As forensic pathologists, theywitness death daily and have investigated hundredsof murders. They accept that most doctors are aforce for good, but their book contains accounts ofhorrible atrocities and features descriptions of graphicmurders committed by healers. By shining a cold lighton the risks patients face today given the wide array oftreatment options, the authors aim to accurately relaythe circumstances of when, how, and why doctors kill.

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    2010. XVI, 253 p. Softcover978-1-4419-1368-5


    A. Scott, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA

    Stairway to the MindThe Controversial New Science of Consciousness

    Human consciousness has perplexed philosophers,artists and scientists for centuries. Some hold it tobe purely physical, while others believe it transcendsthe material world. Now comes a book that offers anew perspective - based entirely on evidence fromthe natural sciences - whereby materialism anddualism co-exist. The author - a distinguished pioneerof nonlinear dynamics - bases his argument on ahierarchical view of mental organization; a stairway.Atoms give rise to molecules, neurons form the brainand individual consciousness leads to shared culture.All steps are needed to complete the picture andeach level derives from the previous one. The bookshows specialists how each of their fields adds to theoverall picture, while providing general readers withan introduction to this investigation.

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    1995. 229 p. Hardcover978-0-387-94381-7


  • Chemistry 3


    R.W. Hartel, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, USA; A.Hartel, Northland College, Ashland, WI, USA

    Food BitesThe Science of the Foods We Eat

    Food Bites is an easy-to-read, often humorous bookon the scientific basis of the foods we eat, and answersthose pesky, niggling questions such as: Is the qualityof beer really affected by the type of water used?and Processed foods: good or bad? Readers will becaptivated by this superbly written book, especiallyso as their guides are Professor Richard Hartel,professor of Food Engineering at UW-Madison,along with his daughter, AnnaKate Hartel. ProfessorHartel has for the last four years penned a witty andilluminating column on all aspects of food science forthe Capital Times of Madison, and his weekly wisdomhas now been collected into a single publication.With a huge and growing interest in the science offood, this treasure trove of knowledge and practicalinformation, in 60 bite-sized chunks, is sure to be abestseller.

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    2008. IX, 190 p. Hardcover978-0-387-75844-2


    Computer Science

    P.J. Denning, Arlington, VA, USA; R.M. Metcalfe, Boston, MA,USA

    Beyond CalculationThe Next Fifty Years of Computing

    In March 1997, the Association for ComputingMachinery celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the

    electronic computer. Computers are everywhere: inour cars, our homes, our supermarkets, at the office,and at the local hospital. But as the contributors tothis volume make clear, the scientific, social andeconomic impact of computers is only now beginningto be felt. These sixteen invited essays on the future ofcomputing take on a dazzling variety of topics, withopinions from such experts as Gordon Bell, SherryTurkle, Edsger W. Dijkstra, Paul Abraham, DonaldNorman, Franz Alt, and David Gelernter. Thisbrilliantly eclectic collection will fascinate everybodywith an interest in computers and where they areleading us.

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    1997. XIX, 313 p. 5 illus. Softcover978-0-387-98588-6


    A.K. Dewdney, University of Western Ontario, London, Ont.,Canada

    the Planiversecomputer contact with a two-dimensional world

    A classic book about life in a two-dimensionaluniverse, written by a well-known author. Nowbrought back into print in this revised and updatededition, the book is written within the great traditionof Abbott's Flatland, and Hinton's famous Sphereland.Accessible, imaginative, and clever, it will appeal to awide array of readers, from serious mathematiciansand computer scientists, to science fiction fans.

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    2000. XXXI, 247 p. 22 illus. Softcover978-0-387-98916-7


    D. Shasha, New York, NY, USA; C. Lazere, Mamaroneck, NY,USA

    Out of their MindsThe Lives and Discoveries of 15 Great ComputerScientists

    This best-selling book is now available in aninexpensive softcover format.Imagine living duringthe Renaissance and being able to interview thateras greatest scientists about their inspirations,discoveries, and personal interests. The latter halfof our century has seen its own Renaissance -informations technology has changed irrevoc