Boys Are from Mars, Girls Are From Venus

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Boys Are from Mars, Girls Are From Venus. Sue Bohlin Probe Ministries Not All Kids Are the Same. Active,athletic. Sensitive, creative. Tomboy, jockette. Girly-girl. Sense of self: achievement Have to have something to do Self-reliant - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Boys Are from Mars, Girls Are From VenusSue BohlinProbe

  • Not All Kids Are the SameActive,athleticSensitive, creativeGirly-girlTomboy, jockette

  • BoysGirlsSense of self: achievementHave to have something to doSelf-reliantAsk for help = weaknessSense of self: relationshipsRelationally-orientedConnected to othersAsk for help = compliment

  • BoysGirls


  • BoysGirlsAnalytical


  • BoysGirlsLinear: focus on one thing at a time

    Compartmentalized (like a chest of drawers)Multi-taskers: juggle many little things at onceConnected (like a ball of yarn)

  • BoysGirlsAction-oriented

    Hostility: physical


    Hostility: verbal

  • BoysGirls

    Need a goal

    Enjoy the process

  • BoysGirlsBond shoulder to shoulder

    Bond face to face

  • GirlsEmpathy nurturers:Relating to and understanding others feelingsCompassionSoftnessTendernessComfort

  • Boys Aggression nurturers:Physically aggressive touch and wordsChallengingCompetitionYoure OK, get up

  • BoysGirlsShow stress by increased aggressivenessOften need help putting words around their stressful feelingsShow stress by increased passivityHandle stress better by verbalizing it

  • BoysGirlsPrimarily needs respect Trust, acceptance, appreciation, admiration, approval, encouragementNeeds to be needed. Primarily needs cherishing Tender care, understanding, respect, devotion, validation, reassuranceNeeds to be protected.