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Mosaic live is an event management Dubai company that deals in organizing different corporate events and brand activation.


<p>Brand Activation to Augment Sales</p> <p>Mosaic live is an event management Dubai company that deals in organizing different corporate events and brand activation. They work in proper procedure following each step that includes conceptualize, plan, execute and manage various kinds of events such as corporate meetings, incentive programs, networking event, service launch, team building programs, press meets and many more. </p> <p>With the advancement in technology, brand activation of any company is not that easy job for anyone. On the flick side, marketing is turning more complex and difficult as the methods and amount has detonated. There are many ideas that are considered while marketing or branding a company in the market.</p> <p>Defining brand in audience</p> <p>Initiate the process by marketing your company before you create your brand. Plan a mission and values you want to profess in the audience and based on that create an idea of brand activation and the target addresses. For example, you own a children toy company; your products are for kids and marketing them will be best and safe on Saturday morning cartoon shows. These advertising opportunities will espouse companys values and build a brand image to sell products. Brand Building</p> <p>Brand value can be enhanced by several key steps. Produce a slick logo and catchy tagline and ensure that appearance of product, logo and tagline is as far as possible. Try to include consumers by different ways and associate a bond. Produce quality product to rejuvenate brand values that comes in life. Although, tagline can reach to an extent, but reliability of service or product is a deal breaker.</p> <p>Advertisement</p> <p>Split your marketing budget in different strategies and focus on core mediums that maximum consumers utilize. If you are selling software then focus on young generation to target websites and trade magazines that gear for the same profession. More exclusive niche your client occupies, easier will be the decision to focus upon. For broad consumer, visibility plays the general rule for better results. </p> <p>Social Media</p> <p>The massive growth of social media networks has become dominant force for brand activation. Only difference between traditional media and social media is self-perpetuating. In social media, users generate and share information between each other and allow maximum visibility and freedom to grow. There is remarkable interactivity by which you can address consumer issues or respond back in real time. This is the most practical way to cultivate brand rapidly.</p> <p>Mosaic live follow three steps in brand activation. In first step, they include promotion and road shows that comprise media campaigns, trade promotions and sampling programs. In second step, they focus on strategic branding that involves product rebranding and branding environments. In the last and final step, they focus on exhibition and malls by mall displays, dcor, exhibition, stand design, automobile displays and kiosks in the malls or tourist places. There are many ways for brand activation but the key part is consistency and established credibility that endow maximum visibility and augment sales of any brand.</p>