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  • 9/22/2015




    from the inside out

    Presented by: Phoebe Pierson Carleton

    Marketing Communications (MarCom) is a fundamental and complex part of a companys marketing efforts. Loosely defined, MarCom can be described as all the messages and media you deploy to communicate with the market incudes advertising, direct marketing, branding, packaging, your online presences, printed materials, PR activities, sales presentations, sponsorships, trade shows

    MarCom refers to the many methods a brand uses to establish RELATIONSHIPS with its stakeholders.

    What is Marketing Communications?

    But WHY is MarCom important for Non Profits??

    But why is MarCom necessary for Non Profit Orgs?

  • 9/22/2015


    Consistency Keys

    The BFF Test

    Consistency is at the heart of good brand identities. It

    Increases emotional COMFORT with a brand. This encourages TRUST.

    Makes messaging QUICKER and CLEARER.

    Creates immediate RECOGNITION (so important, with mere seconds to get a message across).

    Build RELATIONSHIPS (by creating more comfort and trust.)

    Drives customer LOYALTY.

    Enables a brand to DIFFERENTIATE from competitors.

    FRAMES how others discuss your brand (with much less control over the buzz surrounding your brand, this is extra important in todays digital world!)

    Psychology of Consistency

  • 9/22/2015


    Eroding consistency 101

    Outsource logo design to cheapest bidder who happens to be overseas

    Use different words to describe yourself across platforms

    Let the EDs younger brothers, who happens to be studying iT, build the


    Send print design to your sister-in-law who works for a printer and took

    one design class

    Have one designer working on digital elements and someone totally

    different working on print design

    Describe your mission differently from website to brochure to social.

    Let your super good designer make all the branding decisions without

    input from communications/marketing. (Surprised?)

    Eroding Consistency 101

    Whats the first brand that comes to mind when you see

    Name that brand Name That Brand

    According to one surprising neuroscience study, people love _________ more than their friends and family.

    Brands Pizza Great websites Good vendors

    If your brand can connect on an EMOTIONAL LEVEL with an audience, you can MOTIVATE ACTION.

    Why Brand Identity Matters

  • 9/22/2015


    Plugging in the Pieces


    Lets wake up our brains with a quick brainstorming session

    Whats in a Story?

  • 9/22/2015


    Brands are struggling to find ways to CONNECT EMOTIONALLY with their audiences. Lets consider these two orgs


    Tugging heart strings is much easier for many associations! Most of you have the elements of a good story at your fingertips: CHARACTERS (clients), CHALLENGES (client challenges), RESOLUTION (programs/solutions)

    Pssst! Heres a Secret for You

    Best Friend Brands

    Well dig into the 3 pieces of the brand storytelling puzzle

    The Brand Storytelling Puzzle

  • 9/22/2015



    Who are your AUDIENCES?

    Now, lets pick a KEY STAKEHOLDER and dig deeper.


    Who am I trying to reach?

    What are their needs?

    What are their interests?

    What do I have/know that is important to them?

    How do they consume info?

    What can I develop that will be of use to them?

    How can I leverage my expertise to alleviate these concerns?

    How often do they want to hear from me?

    The Audience-Centric Golden Rule

  • 9/22/2015


    Not all audiences, or all members of a given audience, are alike.

    Engagement Diamond

    So now we know who they are, but where, and when, do you reach them?

    Theyre everywhere. All the time!

    Audience Mobility

  • 9/22/2015


    The challenge is make sure that your message MATCHES your business GOALS and ENGAGES your audiences.

    1. Are you being RELATABLE?

    2. Does your message have a CLEAR and CONSISTENTposition?

    3. Is your communication EVOCATIVE?

    4. Is your content RELEVANT?


    You Get the Idea

  • 9/22/2015


    Do you know what this means?

    How about this?

    Words Matter


    My Point?

    Voice is the WORDS you choose as well as their ORDER, RHYTHM and PACE.

    Voice Is an expression of the people

    behind the brand Establishes your persona Sets you apart Can build trust and persuade.

    Consider I want a cookie NOW!

    Im gonna eat ALL the cookies!



  • 9/22/2015


    Language/Perspective Choice

    Lets zoom in on just LANGUAGE, for example. The DBSA has focused on language that is:

    Peer-centered Strength-based Self-directed Wellness-focused

    1. Crazy long sentences that just go on and on, maybe well punctuated but none-the-less long, because the writer just wants to get everything in there; maybe the writer thinks no one will read the second sentence so Okay. Enough!

    1. Way too many acronyms: aka IKWCTOABIARIP (read: I know we covered this one already but its a really important point!)

    3. Cliches that go too far. Like a perfect storm of words, not like the quietbefore the storm, rather, like youre looking for any port in a storm!

    4. TOO MANY CAPITALS! (OnLine It Seems Like Youre YELLING!)

    5. Too many lists that include too many things: verbs and nouns, adjectives,clever puns, personal pronouns, prepositional phrases, adverbs, more acronyms that no one wants, first person words, second person words.

    5 Deadly Sins

    1. When youre struggling with it, just take a break and come back later (and fresher)

    1. Read your work out loud. The places you stumble are the places to revisit.

    2. Always have a second person proofread the work for clarity and grammar.

    3. Give extra consideration to your call to action. If you want your audience to take action, make sure that is very, very clear.

    4. Select right person and have that person own consistency

    5 Useful Tips

  • 9/22/2015


    Whose Voice?

    Tone of Voice and Core Beliefs






  • 9/22/2015


    Why Visuals Matter


    Read This

    Increases engagement

    Explains and summarizes complex information

    Speeds up comprehension

    Tugs the heartstrings

    Motivates actions.

    Visual Storytelling

  • 9/22/2015


    LogoColor palette



    Visual Elements of a Brand

    Visual Consistency

    Brand Guidelines

  • 9/22/2015


    Brand Guidelines Dos and Donts!

    Why a Style Guide?

    Make it easier for stakeholders to WHISPER DOWN THE LANE and react emotionally to your brand

    Show, dont tell!


  • 9/22/2015


    Yes, You Can!

    Limited resources means you need to PRIORITIZE.

    Guess which medium has the highest ROI: Email, Social, or Direct Mail?

    EMAIL ROI: Studies put it between 28% and 44%

    SOCIAL ROI: Roughly 20%

    DIRECT MAIL ROI: Approximately 7%

    Prioritize Resources

    Stay in Touch

    I invite you to reach out to me anytime.

    Phoebe Pierson Carletonppierson@pwrnewmedia.com312.924.4224

    www.pwrnewmedia.comTwitter & Facebook