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BY: Jenny Arreola

Brazil Country

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International fashionBusiness classPowerpoint for Brazil textiles,retailers, designers in the apparel industry.

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BY: Jenny Arreola

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Developing Country

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• PresidentDilma Rousseff• Vice PresidentMichel Temer

Active Member of :• United Nations (U.N)• The World Trade Organization

(WTO)• Common Market of the South

called MERCOSUR• UNASUR• Union of South American



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Textile Supply chain

The Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association

• Founded on the early 1960's• ABIT sponsors companies of

every segment in the textile industry: including cotton growing, synthetic raw materials, textile fibers spinning, weaving, knitwear,

dyeing printing and clothing. Indego Denim ManufacturerWorld’s Largest producer

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Werner Textile Plant

• Silk Production• Founded in 1904• Produces 300,000

meters of fabric a month.

• A Few Examples:– Chanel– Taffeta– Gazar– Pure silk

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Designer• Carlos Miele is from San Paolo,

Brazil. • he helps underprivileged

people in his home town.• He trains local women in the

handicraft methods that he uses to make his clothes.

• His clothes are structured and busy with bold colors. He uses plenty of patchwork.

• Christina Aguilera, Penelope Cruz, Alicia Keys and Naomi Campbell wear his clothes.

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• Founded in 1912 by Anthony Jacob Renner.

• 161 stores• 27 of stores located in

Midwest,North and Northeast of the country.

• Second largest Brazilian department clothing store.

• Their headquarters is in Porto Alegre.

• First Brazilian corporation with 100 shares traded in stock exchange.

• 1.8 billion in revenue in year 2010RETAILERS

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– Flagship store is located in

– Sao Paulo, Brazil.It is a subsidiary


•Founded in 1948•Focused on clothing and accessories.•281 stores•1.2 billion in revenue (2010)

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Economy• Primary markets for Exporting:

U.S., Western Europe, Japan

Country Population Employment Life Expectancy Literacy % G.D.P G.D.P.P.C

Brazil 190 million 101.7 million 73.1 yrs. 90.3% 2.172 trillion


• Brazil is the 5th largest world that produces textile and apparel.•Also it is the 2nd largest DENIM producer.•And 3rd largest knitted fabric producer.

• 6% of exports is Agriculture