Brexit and the Balance of Power

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<ul><li><p>7/25/2019 Brexit and the Balance of Power</p><p> 1/3</p><p>Brexit and the Balance of Power</p><p>Britain joined what became the European Union in 1973. This year, on June 23, it wi hod a</p><p>re!erendum on whether to ea"e. #houd it$</p><p>%urrent pos show a cosey di"ided eectorate. &amp;rime 'inister (a"id %ameron caims</p><p>that the concessions he has won !rom Britain)s EU partners shoud ay to rest popuar</p><p>concerns about a oss o! so"erei*nty to Brusses and an in!u+ o! !orei*n worers !rom</p><p>Eastern Europe. But %ameron)s %onser"ati"e &amp;arty and his own cabinet are deepy di"ided,</p><p>whie -ondon)s popuist mayor, Boris Johnson, has joined the supporters o! British e+it.The uestion o! thecosts and bene!its o! British membershipin the EU di"ides the</p><p>British press as we. 'any mass/circuation pubications support 0Bre+it, whereas the</p><p>!inancia press supports continued membership. TheEconomist, !or e+ampe, points out that</p><p>some 4 o! British e+ports *o to other EU countries, and that the atmosphere !or ne*otiatin*</p><p>a post/Bre+it trade dea woud iey be !rosty.</p><p>'oreo"er, the EU has made cear to non/members such as 5orway and #wit6erand</p><p>that they can ha"e !u access to the sin*e maret ony i! they accept most o! its rues,</p><p>incudin* the !ree mo"ement o! peope, and contribute to the EU bud*et. n other words, a</p><p>Britain outside the Union woud *ain itte in terms o! 0so"erei*nty8 on the contrary, it woud</p><p>ose its "ote and in!uence o"er the terms o! its participation in the sin*e maret. 'eanwhie,</p><p>ri"a !inancia centers such as &amp;aris and ran!urt woud sei6e the chance to estabish rues</p><p>that woud hep them win bac business !rom -ondon.</p><p>:nother compication is poitica; the rise o! nationaism in #cotand and the e!!ect o!</p><p>Bre+it on the sur"i"a o! the United </p></li><li><p>7/25/2019 Brexit and the Balance of Power</p><p> 2/3</p><p>:t the same time, in thewordso! (ou*as :e+ander, the !ormer -abour shadow</p><p>!orei*n secretary, 0since the end o! &gt;ord &gt;ar , :merica has been the system operator o!</p><p>internationa order buit on a stron*, stabe Transatantic :iance supported by the twin piars</p><p>o! 5:TA and the EU. ! Britain ea"es the EU, :merica)s cosest ay woud bemar*inai6ed.and the whoe European project at ris o! unra"ein* at precisey the time new</p><p>economic and security threats con!ront the &gt;est. t is no wonder that Cadimir &amp;utin)s</p></li><li><p>7/25/2019 Brexit and the Balance of Power</p><p> 3/3</p><p>weaenin* both Europe and Britain, woud mae a disordery internationa system more</p><p>iey, shoud tip the baance in !a"or o! maintainin* thestatus quo.</p></li></ul>