Brian’s Song Part 1 STUDY GUIDE. Question 1 -Gale: quiet, shy, withdrawn, serious -Brian: loud, talkative, outgoing, funny.

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  • Brians Song Part 1STUDY GUIDE

  • Question 1-Gale: quiet, shy, withdrawn, serious

    -Brian: loud, talkative, outgoing, funny

  • Question 2-Brian tells Gale Coach Halas is deaf in one ear

    -Gale smears potatoes and gravy on Brians chair

  • Question 3Brian and Gale are competing for the same football position. Gale receives it early on, but Brian desperately wants to take it for himself (fairly!).

  • Question 4-Serious/insecure side: practicing hard to improve

    -Kind side: helping Gale recover from his injury

  • Question 5-Practices alone at night after everyone has gone inside; practices daily during offseason

    -Worked hard when he was the second best player in high school to break records (which he finally did in college)

    -Wants Gale to recover and be a healthy competitor

  • Question 6-He writes Gale a speech for Rookie of the Year.

    -He steps in when Gale is flustered by reporters.

    -He builds Gale a machine and does physical therapy with him (after his injury).

  • Question 7-Gale changes as he relaxes and becomes more comfortable with Brian; develops a better sense of humor

    -cracks a joke at dinner with the wives

    -laughs while doing physical therapy

  • Question 8-Taking over Gales position does not mean anything to Brian unless he beats Gale while he is healthy; otherwise he just got lucky.


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