Bridging the Gap: Research Administration and Proposal Development

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Bridging the Gap: Research Administration and Proposal Development. Brigette Pfister , MHRD, CRA Trisha Southergill , MPA, CRA Jessica Venable, MA. Meet Your Presenters:. Brigette Pfister , Director of Sponsored Programs for Humanities & Sciences, VCU RA & PD - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Bridging the Gap: Research Administration and Proposal DevelopmentBrigette Pfister, MHRD, CRATrisha Southergill, MPA, CRAJessica Venable, MAMeet Your Presenters:Brigette Pfister, Director of Sponsored Programs for Humanities & Sciences, VCURA & PDTrisha Southergill, Director of Grant Support Services, Clemson UniversityRAJessica Venable, Grant & Research Analyst in the Office of Research, VCUPDTodays AgendaWhat are Research Administration and Proposal Development?Research Development as an Emerging FieldDifferences and Similarities (or, Why We Need a Bridge)Building a Bridge at Your InstitutionQ&AResearch AdministrationCommon Tasks in RA:BudgetingFilling out formsInterpreting policy, law, and regulationsWorking with PIsNegotiating contractsAccountingProject management..and more!

The management and administration of research activity at an institution, from proposal of a project, through funding, to closeoutCommon Issues in Research AdministrationPoor planningLast-minute submissionsDeadlines!Missing approvals and documentationChanging or conflicting rulesInefficient processesDifficult organizational culture..and more!

The things that make us all crazy:Proposal DevelopmentCommon Tasks in PDIdentifying funding opportunitiesAssembling project teamsGrantwritingStrategic decisionmakingProject managementInterpreting policy, law, and regulationsand more!

Also known as Research Development. An emerging field focusing on a spectrum of activities ranging from strategic planning to research administration, depending on institutional needsCommon Issues in Proposal DevelopmentManaging competing interestsMaintaining institutional prioritiesConflicts between policy and practiceDeadlines!Managing expectationsand more!

The things that make us all crazy:Proposal Development as an Emerging Field:Research AdministrationProposal DevelopmentProfessional Association: NCURAEstablished in: 1959Membership: ThousandsPrimary focus: ComplianceProfessional Association: NORDPEstablished in: 2010Membership: 500Primary focus: Scholarship (research excellence)

Strategic PlanningResearch AdministrationProposal DevelopmentReporting and projectionsF&A rate negotiationsCost Share issuesSpace studiesTeambuilding for response to strategic RFPsPromoting institutional prioritiesDeveloping strategic relationshipsInternal and externalTraining and CommunicationResearch AdministrationProposal DevelopmentWhen there is time:PI responsibilitiesCost principles and budgetingComplianceFunding opportunities

All the time:Funding opportunitiesCoordinating agency visitsGrantwriting bootcamp programsMentoring programs and mock reviewsProposal SupportResearch AdministrationProposal DevelopmentChecking format, page limits, etc.Completing formsBudgeting assistanceEnsuring complianceFostering ideasTeambuildingDrafting languageProposal planning and process managementProposal SubmissionResearch AdministrationProposal DevelopmentObtaining approvals and signaturesManaging multiple deadlinesActual submission to the sponsorHelping the PI copeMaintaining open lines of communicationPost-AwardResearch AdministrationProposal DevelopmentAward NegotiationsAccounting and fund managementDocumentation and backupAuditCloseout

Meeting compliance mandatesPlanning for related projects in the futureEnd Goal for Both RA & PD: Competitive Proposals

Why We Need A Bridge:PI

RA PDBuilding Your BridgeWhen you dont have a PD office at your institution:Work with your counterparts in other departments/units to build research teamsBring together junior and senior facultyIntegrating Proposal Development into Your Research Administration WorkflowIf you dont have PD:Get involved with faculty mentoring programs.Think about bringing in outside speakers or workshops.Ask about PD tools like Pivot for funding opportunities and expertise data.Find a PD mentor from another institution.Look at resources available through NORDP.Building Your BridgeWhen you do have a PD office at your institution:Reach out to your PD counterpart. Identify complementary tasks and gaps.Share tools and best practices.Communicate regularly.

Integrating Proposal Development into Your Research Administration WorkflowIf you do have PD:Show a united front to faculty and administration.Co-facilitate meetings and trainings.Get on the same team and keep each other in the loop.Start a network of RA and PD professionals on your campus.Share problems and look for common solutions.Questions?

Brigette Pfister, MHRD, CRA (804) 827-1359

Trisha Southergill, MPA, CRA (864) 656-6208

Jessica Venable, MA(804)