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  • Bridging theImplementation GapTransfer PricingImplementation & Monitoring

    Bridging the gap from a chosen transfer pricing policyto a set of systems and processes that reliably delivertax returns consistent with the policy can present asignificant challenge for businesses. Success requires anintegrated approach across departments involving tax,transfer pricing, finance, internal audit, legal,information technology and commercial operations.

    Deloitte has drawn together a cross-functional team ofexperts to support companies in tackling this issue andhelp to bridge the implementation gap betweenpolicy and practice.

    Tax authorities are increasingly focused on whetherpolices are accurately reflected in the financial accountsand tax returns. Tax professionals need to be equippedto answer questions such as:

    What processes do you have in place to ensure thatthe data to which your policies are applied iscomplete and accurate?

    Who is responsible for performing the monitoringactivities necessary to ensure that your transfer pricingpolicies result in the target margins being reflected inyour tax returns?

    What procedures are in place to ensure the businessunderstands the importance of transfer pricing withrespect to your groups compliance requirements?

    With increasing levels of sophistication and transfer pricing expertiseboth within the tax departments of multi-national groups and taxauthorities, the next big challenge is ensuring that carefully presentedpolicies are fully implemented and regularly monitored.

    Over half of transferpricing adjustmentsarise from inadequateimplementation &monitoring of transferpricing policies.Deloitte survey In many jurisdictions, penalties are likely to be

    automatic when the issue is not whether thepolicy is arms length, but simply that the policyhas not been followed.








    Implementation & Monitoring ofTransfer Pricing


    Audit. Tax. Consulting. Corporate Finance.

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    Defending a particular transfer pricing methodology or the economic analysis behind it is to a large extent a debateover differing views. In contrast, finding that your stated mark-up has not been applied to all costs, or that yourpolicys margin, whilst accurate in the management accounts, has not resulted in the target margin in the statutoryaccounts, is likely to result in an immediate adjustment and potential penalties. Tax authorities are rapidly learningthat enquiries into the implementation of transfer pricing policies often result in adjustments.

    Deloittes transfer pricing implementation team offers a range of solutions to address these issues, from high levelrisk reviews through to full scale transfer pricing transformation and off-shoring projects. Our framework forapproaching this area is set out below.

    From policy to practice a holistic framework

    People Define roles and

    responsibilities Communication channels KPI design/impact

    Processes Workflow design Data collection Price setting process Transaction process Review processes Audit trail

    Systems specification User requirements Data mapping Record keeping

    People Stakeholder management Training

    Processes Forecasting Transaction input Statutory accounts

    to tax filings Transaction process Review processes Audit trail

    Implement system Build and test

    TP documentation Legal contracts Documentation strategy Report preparation

    Process manuals Policy review cycle Roles and responsibilities Process maps

    System manuals Data sources Data retrieval Automated calculations Financial report production

    Review processes Test results against policy Year-end adjustments Exceptions reporting

    Internal Audit Policy reviews Spot checks on processes Spot checks on financial


    Currency checks Policy still appropriate?

    Transfer pricing policy

    Process design

    Fully implemented andauditable businessprocesses that reflect thetransfer pricing policies

    Implementation process



    A holistic approach to designing and implementingan auditable transfer pricing policy

    It can be a daunting task to transform an arms lengthtransfer pricing policy into a set of systems and processesthat reliably produce tax filings reflective of the policy,leaving behind an audit trail detailing the judgement callsthat have been made along the way. But like allproblems, breaking it into smaller pieces can help, andone approach is to consider four elements processes,people, systems and monitoring:

    Processes. Implementing the policy requires processesto be designed, specifying what will be done, bywhom, and when, taking into account data constraintsand the demands placed on staff. Particular care maybe needed in setting appropriate processes for true-ups, and ensuring that an appropriate audit trail is keptfor exceptions and one-off adjustments.

    People. Staff will need support and training to ensurethat they know how to execute the processes asintended, and performance metrics should be reviewedto ensure that management work in favour of, ratherthan against, the policies.

    Systems. Some kind of IT system will generally berequired, from a simple spreadsheet to bespokesoftware or an ERP system add-on. Whatever thecase, systems need to be designed with transparency in mind, to make it easy to extract the informationrequired to demonstrate that the pricing policy has infact been followed.

    Monitoring. An implemented policy is only good as long as it remains appropriate and is appliedconsistently. A periodic review process should bebaked into the system, to examine both internalfactors (Are the policies still being followed? Are theystill appropriate in light of the evolving business?) andexternal factors (Has the tax authority attitude changed?Are there new sources of comparables data?).

  • Bridging the Implementation Gap Transfer Pricing Implementation & Monitoring 3

    The technology to allow for the full or partial automation of transfer pricing is now available and is part of a bestpractice solution for reducing the incidence of implementation and monitoring problems. Our team of tax systemsspecialists are familiar with all the offerings and solutions in this complex area and work together with our transferpricing experts to ensure that the approach to data retrieval, transfer pricing calculations and integration withaccounting and tax compliance software are designed and tailored to your companys needs. There are a number ofsoftware alternatives on the market and we have no formal ties to any of the vendors, which means we can helpyou identify the best one for your needs.

    One of the biggest implementation issues facing transfer pricing teams is the lack of certainty around the quality ofthe data they are using. Deloitte can work with you to ensure that your transfer pricing team has a completeunderstanding of the implementation of your transfer pricing policies, from source data all the way through toentries in your tax returns, financial statements, tax provisions, plans and budgets.

    Record to report process overview




    Main ERP

    Business performance management tools Analysis, calculation,adjustments

    Reportingand Filings

    Source systems Reports and outputsTax compliance and assurance system



    Automation reduces human error and provides more time to focus on effective monitoring.

    SAP Oracle

    PeopleSoft JD Edwards


    TP Documentation

    Comparables database



    Transactional datastore


    Tax returns


    Uncertain taxpositions

    Plans and budgets

    Country taxengine

    Transfer pricingbolt on

    Accounts production

    Enterprise reporting (e.g. Clarity)

    TP desktop

    Transfer pricing process management

    Results data

    Adjustment data

    G/L balance data

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    Bridging the Implementation Gap

    How Deloittes Transfer Pricing Implementationteam can help you

    Deloitte has a multi-disciplinary team to support allaspects of this complex area including:

    1. Transfer pricing expertise

    2. Tax system specialists

    3. Selection and implementation of transfer pricingsoftware solutions

    4. Internal audit capabilities

    Our team can support you with any of the following:

    1. The design, implementation and review of transferpricing processes and controls

    2. Roles & responsibilities

    3. Impact of transfer pricing policies on rewards and behaviour

    4. Transfer pricing procedure manuals

    5. Transfer pricing systems integration

    6. Certification of policy implementation

    7. Procedures for ensuring ongoing compliance

    8. Clear and robust audit trails

    Contact us

    If you have any questions regarding our implementationcapabilities or if you would like to discuss any of theissues highlighted, then please do not hesitate to get intouch with your usual Deloitte contact or any of thefollowing implementation experts:

    Hans Rudolf HabermacherPartner, Deloitte AGTransfer Pricing LeaderDirect: +41 58 279 63

    David McNeilPartner, Deloitte AGDirect: +41 58 279 81

    Sarah DryeSenior Manager, Deloitte AGDirect: +41 58 279 80


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