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DIVISION 1 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS 1. SUMMARY OF WORK A. The Work to be done under this Project consists of furnishing all labor, materials, tools, equipment and facilities, including supervision, for the proper completion of the work as specified herein in strict accordance with accepted codes and standards. Provide sufficient workmen and competent supervisors familiar with the requirements and installations of the specified items in the execution of this portion of the Work. B. The Owner reserves the right to alter and/or omit any part of the plans with the approval of the Architect.

C. The Contractor shall guarantee the building, except for works with specific guarantee for aperiod of one (1) year after acceptance by the Owner. He shall repair, replace and change description at his expense any and all defects, which may arise during the term due to defective workmanship and/or inferior quality of materials. 2. WORK BY OTHERS A. Verify with the Architect all items of work, which will be done by others. B. Coordinate with other trades and investigate all possible interference and conditions affecting the work. C. Protect all structures including works of other trades from damage and injury. 3. MODIFICATION A. Owner-Initiated Change Order Proposal Requests: The Owner may at any time, without invalidating the Contract and without notice to the sureties, order extra work or make changes by altering, adding to or deducting from the Work, as covered by the Drawings and Specifications of this Contract and the general scope thereof. Such changes shall be ordered by the Owner in writing, and no change or omission from the Drawings and Specifications shall be considered to have been authorized without written instructions by the Owner. 1. 2. Proposal requests are for information only. They are not instructions to stop work nor to execute the proposed change. Within 10 days of receipt, submit an estimated cost necessary to execute the change for the Owners review. The following items must be included:

a. An itemized list of products required and unit costs, with total amount ofpurchases. b. Taxes, delivery charges, equipment rental.

c. The effect of the change will have on the Contract Time.

B. Contractor-Initiated Proposals: When unforeseen conditions require modifications, theContractor may submit a request for change to the Architect. 1. 2. 3. 4. Describe the proposed change. Indicate reasons for the change and the effect of the change on the Contract Sum and Time. Include an itemized list of products required and unit costs, with the total amount of purchases. Indicate taxes, delivery charges, equipment rental and amount of trade discounts.

REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS A. Permits and Licenses Legwork for obtaining the followings items; Building Permit, Sanitary/Plumbing Permit, Electrical Permit and Mechanical Permit, Fire Safety Permit, Occupancy Permit and Permanent connection to water, telephone, electrical shall be done by the Contractor under the Owners account.


TEMPORARY FACILITIES AND CONTROLS A. Temporary facilities to erected and maintained at the job site shall be as follows:

1. Temporary utilities (water lines, electricity lines and communication lines); Furnish andinstall all necessary temporary lines; Furnish and install area distribution boxes located so that the individual trades may use their own construction type cords to obtain adequate power and artificial lighting at all points where required by inspectors and their safety. Field offices and sheds, adequate in size and accommodation for all Contractors, office, superintendents office, supply and tool room, making it available to owner or his representative, Architect and Construction Manager throughout the entire Construction period. Sanitary facilities for use of all workmen. Storage facilities for materials. Enclosure/Fencing of the Construction area such as tarpaulin, barricades and canopies. Project Signage/s Fire Protection Telephone, computer and Fax Unit a. Permits and Licenses Occupancy, building connections for telephone, water and electrical (unless previously agreed upon to be Owner obtained)


3.4. 5. 6. 7. 8.


SUBSTITUTIONS A. The Architect will consider requests for substitution received within 15 days prior to commencement of work. 1. Submit 3 copies of each request for substitution. Submit requests according to procedures required for change-order proposals. 2. Identify the product or method to be replaced in each request. Include related Specification Section and Drawing numbers. 3. Provide documentation showing compliance with the requirements for substitutions and the following information:

a. Coordination information, including a list of changes needed to other Work that will be necessary to accommodate the substitution. b. Point-by-point tabulation of characteristics of specified materials against proposed substitute, including performance, weight, size, durability and visual effect and indicating reasons for substitution. c. Product data, including drawings and descriptions of products and installation procedures. d. Samples where applicable or requested. e. A statement indicating the effect of the Contractors Construction Schedule compared to the schedule without approval of the substitution. Indicate the effect of the substitution of Contract Time. f. Cost information, including a proposal of the net change, if any, in the Contract Sum. g. Certification that the substitution conforms to the Contract Documents and is appropriate for the applications indicated. h. The Contractors waiver of rights to additional payment or time that may become necessary because of the failure of the substitution to perform adequately. i. Architects Action: If necessary, the Architect will request additional information within one (1) week of receipt of a request for substitution. The Architect will notify the Contractor of acceptance or rejection within two (2) weeks of receipt of the request. Acceptance will be in the form of a change order. No substitution shall be made for any material, article or process required under Contract unless approved in writing by the Architect. Use the product specified if the Architect cannot make a decision within the time allotted. 7. STAKING A. Prior to the staking work or start of construction, the Contractor shall submit actual grade elevations and necessary information to the Architect who shall confirm actual floor levels. B. Before commencement of the Project, verify all property monuments. The Contractor shall pay for the services of a licensed surveyor to confirm and certify the location of monuments, culvert work, utility line and work of similar nature required by the Contract. All information relevant to the Project shall be relayed to the Architect. C. The Architect shall submit initial or bass staking plan for columns or posts only. Succeeding staking plan for all levels showing location of columns, beams, slabs, black outs, pipe sleeves, walls and partitions shall be done by the Contractor and submitted to the Architect prior actual construction. D. Staking of columns, beams and slabs shall be coordinated and verified with architectural plans and details. Construction layouts should follow architectural alignments. Should there be any discrepancy, the matter must be referred to the Architect for final decision and approval. DIVISION 2 SITEWORK GENERAL: Protect existing work, structures and foliage which are to remain in place. Promptly remove all debris and other products of construction such as waste, dirt, garbage from the job site for the Contractors account. Storing of removed materials and other products of construction outside the security fence shall not be allowed. 1. DEMOLITION AND DISPOSAL OF EXISTING STRUCTURE


1. All existing structures, shown on the Drawings to be removed, shall be entirely removedwithin the limits shown on the Drawings. 2. In removing manholes, catch basins and inlets, any live sewers connected with them shall be properly reconnected, and with satisfactory by-pass service shall be maintained during such construction operations. 3. When a portion of the existing structures is to be retained, care shall be taken not to impair the value of the retained portion and shall make good, at his own expense, any damage unto the retained portion. 4. During demolition, the Contractor shall take every precaution to protect the roadway, embankment and all other existing works from damage and to ensure safety of his workmen and general public.

B. DISPOSAL OF MATERIALS: All materials having salvage value shall be carefully removedto avoid damage and shall be placed in neat piles outside of construction limits, but within the right-of-way of disposal sites shown on the Drawings or as directed by the Architect. Approved salvaged materials shall be used in other works if found suitable, otherwise, these materials shall be disposed of in such a manner as to prevent damage to property, create unsightly conditions or obstruct the natural flow of stream. 2. EXCAVATION

A. STRUCTURAL, EXCAVATION: Structural excavation, to indicate bearing values. Extent ofexcavation shall be determined by the Civil works Engineer, extra care should be exercised, to protect adjoining properties and existing utility lines. No footing shall rest on fill. B. DEWATERING: Remove water which accumulates in such excavation before filling or pouring concrete. C. SHORING AND BRACING: Design, furnish, put in place and maintain sheeting and bracing as may be required to support the sid

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