British Ability Scales 3 Scoring Reporting Service British Ability Scales 3 Scoring Reporting Service: User’s Guide 1. Overview of the SRS The online Scoring and Reporting Service

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    British Ability Scales 3 Scoring & Reporting Service: Users Guide

    1. Overview of the SRS

    The online Scoring and Reporting Service (SRS) is a major element of the new British Ability

    Scales 3, as it essentially replaces the normative tables that could previously be found in the

    BAS2 manuals. In line with customer requests for the size and weight of the BAS3 Complete

    Set to be reduced, and in order for the publisher to make any updates quickly and

    efficiently, the normative tables have been removed from the BAS3 manuals and can now

    be accessed via the SRS website.

    While use of the SRS is anticipated to be the default option for scoring the BAS3, we

    recognise that some customers will still have need or a preference to complete scoring the

    BAS3 by hand. For this reason, all the tables needed for scoring the BAS3 are provided in the

    SRS in downloadable format. These can be printed off or saved onto a computer.

    2. Access to the SRS

    All BAS3 customers, whether as individual users or as part of their group service, will receive

    free access to the new BAS3 online Scoring and Reporting Service (SRS) on purchase of a

    Complete Set. The SRS allows BAS3 scores to be calculated quickly and accurately, reducing

    the amount of errors known to be made when scoring by hand, and providing all the data

    needed to interpret the results of an assessment. The SRS also instantly generates a variety

    of customised reports, which can allow users to include their own interpretations and

    comments. These reports currently include:

    Results Summary: A precise and clear report showing all the tabulated scores and

    results from the analyses, including a visual profile.

    Parent Report: A simplified report written specifically to help parents understand

    the overall testing process and the resulting scores. This report can be

    customised to the needs of individual children, parents and the assessment


    Psychologist Report: A more technical and detailed report, including

    interpretative and comparative analyses for use with more complex cases. This

    report provides the childs data and visual profile as per the Results Summary

    and can also be customised to individual needs and circumstances.

    Note: Examples of these reports can be accessed at

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    3. Structure and pricing of the SRS

    The SRS is structured to feature two levels:

    The first level is available to all users free of charge. Following simple data entry,

    this level allows users to generate an instantaneous Results Summary, which

    shows a childs scores on all the scales administered. This level also allows access

    to the norm tables and relevant blank forms for any users who prefer to hand

    score their results.

    The second level is available to users who have paid an annual licence fee. For

    this fee, users can generate unlimited quantities of two types of additional report

    a Parent Report and a Psychologist Report. More reports may become available

    in the future. The licence fees for access to these reports are as follows:

    Note: To generate both Parent and Psychologist Reports, users will need to belong to an

    organisation which has purchased an annual licence. Please contact Customer Services on

    0845 602 1937 (Option 2) to upgrade your account. If your organisation has not purchased

    an annual licence, then you will only be able to generate a Results Summary and access the

    lookup tables. An organisation must purchase a licence for all of their users (i.e. it is not

    possible to allow only some users access to the second level reports).

    Licences are available dependent on the number of users within an organisation:

    Type of licence Cost per user

    Single user licence 110

    Multi-user licence (3-10 users) 105

    Multi-user licence (11+ users) 90

    The licence is set from the date that of purchase (not the date the invoice is paid) and

    expires after one year. The main contact for the account will be emailed prior to the expiry

    date and requested to renew their licence. If the licence is not renewed, then access to the

    creation of second level reports is turned off (although previously generated reports will still

    be available). Should a customer not pay their invoice, access to the second level reports will

    be turned off until the invoice is paid.

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    Note: Access to the first level of the system (i.e. the Results Summary and the lookup tables)

    will always be possible as this part of the service is free.

    The SRS has been designed so that all users within an organisation can access and view all

    the child data, records and reports created for that organisation (and not just the data etc

    that an individual user has created). Individual usernames and passwords are still necessary

    however in order for:

    Reports to be automatically customised to include the individual users name.

    The number of users within an organisation to be monitored should the organisation

    wish to purchase an annual licence fee to access the second level reports (NB the

    licence is charged per user).

    The SRS to confirm to international data security standards.

    Should a psychologist leave an organisation, then their access to the SRS under that

    organisation will be cancelled; however any data, records and reports created by that

    individual will remain with the organisation for future use.

    4. Data protection and the SRS

    In order to conform with the Data Protection Act and ISO standards on data security, no information regarding a childs name, address or school is required to be entered into the SRS. Each child is instead allocated an ID number. It is imperative for all users to keep a careful, confidential and secure record of all ID numbers, names and schools.

    Warning: This information will not be available to the publisher at any point and, therefore, will not be retrievable by the publisher.

    5. How to register as a user

    Once a BAS3 Complete Set has been purchased, both you and your organisation will need to

    register as a user of the SRS. You can do this by:

    Completing the BAS3 Scoring Registration Form included within your BAS3

    Complete Set and returning this by post to: CUSTOMER REGISTRATIONS, GL


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    Completing an electronic version of the BAS3 Scoring Registration Form. This

    can be requested by email from Please return to

    the same email address.

    The BAS3 Scoring Registration Form asks you to complete the following details:

    Organisation name, address and account number (if known).

    The name, position, email address and telephone number of the principal

    psychologist within the organisation. This ensures we have a main contact for the


    The name, position, email address and telephone number of all the qualified

    psychologists within the organisation who need access to the BAS3 SRS.

    Please remember to:

    Print all information clearly and in capital letters (if filling the form out by hand).

    Wait until you have the details for all your psychologists before returning the

    form. It is easier for us to create user accounts once we have all the information

    to hand.

    Once we have received your BAS3 Scoring Registration Form, we can create an account for

    your organisation and add users to this account. Your login is your email address and you

    will be sent an email (entitled Testwise Report Generator Tools - Password request)

    containing a randomly generated and unique password. This will allow you to access the

    SRS. Should you not receive your login password by email, please check your spam folders in

    case they have been sent there.

    Note: Only qualified psychologists who are registered with GL Assessment as a qualified test

    user will be allowed access to the SRS. Information on how to register as a qualified test user

    can be found at

    For any queries regarding the BAS3 SRS registration process, please contact GL Customer

    Services on 0845 602 1937 (Option 2).

    6. How to login

    To login to the SRS secure website, go to and save this page

    under Favourites for easy access.

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    Enter your email address and password as supplied by GL Assessment and select Login.

    You will then be asked to change your password.

    Confirm your current password, and then type in a new password. As you type, the

    Password strength will indicate whether the password you have chosen is Very weak,

    Weak, Better, Medium, Strong or Strongest. Only Strong or Strongest passwords

    will be accepted. Passwords must:

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    Be 8 or more characters long

    Contain both lower and upper case letters

    Contain at least 1 digit or special character, such as ()!^&*+#?

    Not contain all or part of your name, address or any researchable term that could

    easily be guessed (such as a birthday, a partners name or a job function)

    Avoid simple substitutions (such as 1 for i, 0 for O, 5 for s) and