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Check out Capital Visa's brochure which provides advice and legal assistance around entrepreneur visa, student visa and UK immigration work permits to individuals as well as corporate clients.


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  • Overview


    Capital Visas assists in a wide range of immigration services, we provide advice

    as corporate clients. We endevour to work with all of our clients on a one to one

    basis to ensure we deliver a service that the client is fully satisfied with.

    every type of visa or immigration situation, we are aware of the potential Capital

    Visas offers in successfully changing peoples lives,

    Our experience in dealing with a vast range of clients from all over the world as

    Our team at Capital Visas is registered with the OISC at the highest level. We have

    a vast array of experience within a full range of immigration cases and our team

    of qualified immigration specialists has all the knowledge required to handle the

    full complexities that are associated with the frequently changing immigration

    industries policies and procedures. We are aware of the variety of different

    circumstances and requirements that can affect any individual or company and

    this unrivaled understanding helps us in helping you in every aspect of you enquiry.

    and legal assistance around UK immigration and visas to individuals as well

    well as assisting with every step of a clients visa process has enabled us to provide

    a standard of service we consider unmatched within the immigration industry.

    About Capital Visas

    1 Overview

    Capital Visas

    Having a total experience of over 15 years in immigration and having dealt with

  • |Services

    immigration. The Tier 1 category is designed to allow non EEA nationals who

    are designed to attract the brightest and best individuals to the UK, and are unlike

    are intending to work in the UK. Different to the rest of the ~tier immigration system the Tier 1 visa application does not require any sponsors and is solely dependent on the applicant successfully meeting the minimum points threshold of 75. Tier 1 visas

    are designed to attract the brightest and best individuals to the UK, and are unlike the Tier 2 visas which are also relevant to individuals who are setting up a long term

    a long term business or looking to be employed by a particular company. Also unlike

    company the Tier 2 visa, the tier 1 does not require an offer of employment from a UK based

    able to apply to immigrate to the UK on the grounds that they have a substantial

    investment or by starting or gaining control of UK based business. Similar to the other

    subdivisions of the Tier 1 visa system a candidate applying for the Tier 1 Entrepreneur

    visa application does not require any sponsors and is solely dependent on the applicant

    successfully meeting the minimum points threshold of 75 based on general Tier 1

    requirements and more specific requirements. Tier one visas are set apart from the other

    four tiers by the fact that applicants do not need to receive a certificate of sponsorship

    from a UK business, college or another qualifying establishment

    be able to satisfy the language and maintenance requirements, each of these have a

    pass mark of 10 points. Under the Points Based System, there is an important emphasis

    placed upon the applicants ability to be proficient in the English language as well as

    be able to support themselves and any dependents they bring with them. Individuals

    who are relocating to the UK under any of the Tier 1 divisions must be able to support

    themselves and their dependents as mentioned. The total amount that they must show

    to satisfy this requirement is 2800 pounds for the main applicant. The first dependent

    would then require 2/3rds of 2800 pounds and any further dependents would require

    1/3rd f 2800 pounds

    General Visa - As a standard requirement of all categories of Tier 1 the applicants must

    Entrepreneur Visa - The Tier 1 Entrepreneur category is designed so that candidates are

    Tier 1 Visas - There are fours division under the Tier 1 Points Based System (PBS) for UK

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    Capital Visas

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    do not require the applicant to have a certificate of sponsorship from a licensed sponsor.

    All other tiers of UK immigration requires the sponsoring college, business or any

    other institution to have a license as a sponsor and be able to provide the individual

    with a sponsorship certificate, allowing them to be able to apply for entry clearance.

    The Tier 1 General visa has replaced the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP)

    and it aims to allow the most highly skilled individuals to enter the country with the

    intention to work. As mentioned no sponsor is required for this process but a minimum

    points threshold must be reached to qualify for the visa service.

    graduating from UK universities to change their Post Study work visa into another work

    been made as a transitional route to allow the most qualified non EEA nationals

    visa. The Post study work visa has replaced the Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland Scheme

    as well as the International Graduate Scheme also known as IGS. Applicants who are

    on the Post Study Work visa are eligible to change into any of the other Tier 1 category

    visas provided they meet the specific requirements of the category.

    individuals who are planning to immigrate to the UK and work within a British company.

    An offer of employment is required with a British company. The process of applying for

    the Tier 2 is an employer led process and the company themselves must apply on behalf

    of the candidate they are interested in employing. In all the Tier systems, applicants will

    need to be assessed against a Points based system, with regards to the Tier 2 work permit

    the minimum pass mark required is 50 points.

    Post Study Work Visa - The Post Study Work visa category of the Tier 1 subdivisions has

    Tier 2 Work Permit - The Tier 2 Work Permits are designed for medium and highly skilled

    Change of Employment - Candidates on the Tier 2 visa are able to do a change ofemployment whilst living in the United Kingdom; however it is important to bare in mindthat the process of gaining a Certificate of Sponsorship must be repeated and the candidatewill need to be re-assessed against the Points Based System. The length of this permit towork within the United Kingdom can be granted for a period anywhere from one day tofive years, this is dependent on the time the sponsoring company request. The length oftime which is finally granted is down to the discretion of the Home Office. Work permitsand change of employment applications are seen as temporary visa services, however if a candidate has been continuously living in the UK for over five years, it may be possible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK (ILR).

    Investor Visa - Unlike all other tiers of the UK points Based System, the Tier 1 visas

    transfer overseas employees to fill a particular position which they may have been

    unable to fill with employees within the UK workforce, this could be for a variety of

    reasons. To be eligible for this type of visa process the applicant must have been working

    for the company in an overseas branch for a minimum of six months. They must also

    prove that they have relevant experience or qualifications for the position in question.

    The main aspect of the visa which would be considered a benefit would be the fact that

    the employer does not need to show evidence that the position has been advertised

    before applying for the Intra-Company transfer.

    Intra Company Transfers - Intra Company Transfers allows multi national companies to

    Capital Visas

    3 Services Round Up

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    and officers have been seen and the economic crisis is likely to result in a

    Business Visa - The Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa is for foreign nationals who want to come to the UK with a large investment and start their own UK business or assume control of a UK business without requiring a sponsor. However, just as with the Tier 1 General Visa, the individual must reach a specified points limit. The individual must know English and the language requirement fulfils 10 points of the PBS(Points Based System). It is essential that the applicant who is immigrating to the UKcan financially support him/herself and also support any dependents who mayaccompany them. Similar to the English language requirement, this particular criterion

    has a pass mark of 10 which goes towards qualification on the PBS.

    Entrepreneur Visa - This visa, also known as a Business status application grants applicants leave to enter the UK and start a business. Making an application for this visarequires a candidate to start any kind of business in Britain. The business must form thebasis of the applicant's employment. Applicants will need to show a minimuminvestment of 200,000 for their business UK visas are given for a period of 2 years.Applicants must make the full investment and create at least two positions for EEAnationals during this 2 year period, after which the applicant may make an applicat