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Swimming pool disinfection


Effective swimming pool water disinfection

Grundfos and Alldos Grundfos offers a full range of pumps and pumping solutions with more than 170.000 product variants to choose from. Since five years, Grundfos is also involved in the dosing area. The acquisition of Alldos, a German company, provides Grundfos with a wider product range. Alldos has almost 40 years of experience in the dosing area and therefore great amount of know-how in this market segment, especially in disinfection technology.

Chlorine gas - efficient and economic disinfection The chlorine gas disinfection system is up to any situation. Our products and systems are designed for safe functioning and a long service life. They comply with the highest safety standards. All our system components are perfectly coordinated with each other. If they are used as a complete package, they function in synergy with original spare parts and know-how of our service team to ensure safe and reliable processes.

Hypochlorite - safe disinfection for small pools Sodium hypochlorite is used mainly in water circuits where it is not expedient to use chlorine gas due to low circulation rates - in small pools, diving basins or whirlpools for example. In the past, complex design measures have been necessary to ensure trouble-free dosing of the degassing medium sodium hypochlorite. We have solved this problem through our innovative Plus3 system which is also ideal for very small capacities


Disinfection with chlorine gas12


B 9 D C 5




10 11 3 1 1 2 1 1

Picture: Chlorine gas disinfection installation at the open-air spa Calw, Germany




4 13 F

Disinfection technology 1 Vacuum regulator for chlorine gas 2 Vaccum change-over devide for chlorine gas 3 Gasdetect chlorine gas warning unit 4 Disinfection agent source, e.g. chlorine gas cylinders or hypochlorite containers

Dosing station 5 Injector for chlorine gas 6 Dosing station for hypochlorite with DMI/DDI Plus3 7 Dosing station for flocculent (PAC) DMI/DDI Plus3 8 Dosing station for pH-correction 9 Injection units

Measurement and control 10 Dosing regulator with actuator for regulation of the chlorine gas quantity 11 Compact measuring and control system with Aquaserver or Conex DIA-2 and pressure-proof measuring cell for chlorine, pH, redox and temperature 12 Gasdetect chlorine gas warning unit 13 Disinfection agent source, e.g. chlorine gas cylinders or hypochlorite containers


Disinfection with hypochlorite12 A









11 4 F


Installation provided by the customer A Swimming Pool B Surge basin C Filter D Circulation pump E Sample water feeding line F Sample water recycling line


Pictures: Open-air swimming pool in Bretten, Germany; Conex DIA-2

Advantages of Conex and Aquaserver Maintenance-free measuring electrodes and cells Precise chlorine measurement by hydro-mechanical electrode cleaning and automatic pH value compensation Perfect pH measurement with temperature compensation Permanent display of all measuring parameters (disinfection, pH, redox an temperature)table measurement and control even if the water ow varies Sample water recycling pressure-proofed up to four bars Permanent monitoring of electrode cleaning No overdosing thanks to sensor control and safety functions which ensures high system safety Very convenient operation, calibration and error monitoring thanks to easy and fast menu-operated plaintext operator prompting Control functions for disinfection and pH value Self-learning regulator Measuring ampliers Aquaserver: CAN Bus interface for connecting the Aquavision bidirectional visualising unit


Perfect measurement and control

The individual components fo the disinfection systems can only work to optimum effect if they are controlled by compatible, higher-level electronics. Grundfos and Alldos offer a complete range of measuring systems for all kind of disinfection installations. Measure and control with Conex or Aquaserver With those two systems you can measure the chlorine dioxide concentration, the pH value, the temperature and with Aquaserver DIP also the ORP in your swimming pool and and use this information to control the chlorine content and the pH value of the swimming pool water. The Aquaserver DIP and Conex DIA-2 measuring and control are very easy to operate, only four operating keys are needed to control and change the selection menu. To accurately measure the chlorine content and pH value in swimming pool water, the compact systems combine two powerful componenents the pressure-proof chlorine measuring cell and the Aquaserver DIP or Conex DIA-2 amplifiers. The measuring cell continuously determines the exact content of disinfection agent and simultaneously measures the pH value. Combined with Aquaserver DIP, it also checks the redox potential according to DIN 19643.

Picture: Conex DIA-2


Advantages of Aquavision Flexible program design with individual adaptation to the system conditions Monitoring and command with central and complete capturing of data from up to 12 Aquaserver units by a PC located in the control room Display and archiving of the measured values for free chlorine (chlorine dioxide, ozone), pH, redox and temperture Monitoring, logging and control of all operating, alarm and controller data Visual and audible alarm signals Control of access and operating rights Logging of all operations at the unit Automatic generation of daily and monthly tables in Microsoft Excel Presentation of the measuring and operating data in a table or line diagram Graphical user interface under Windows 95/98, NT, ME, 2000 or Windows XP Operating convenience Optional with modem for remote maintenance SMS alarm transmits error messages to mobile phone

Picture: Open-air swimming pool in Nieder-Eschenbach, Germany

Advantages of Allcon Test Convenient multilingual operator prompting 2-beam bifrequency principle with carrier frequency technology Allcon Test compensates the disturbing inuences of turbidity and external light Measured values are accurate and reproducible No zero-point alignment before subsequent measurement Quick measurement using liquid reagents Membrane keypad with large waterproof LC display Type S (310-205) can measure up to 17 parameters, has a memory of 100 parameters and an RS 232 interface for the data transfer to a PC.



Aquavision the software for measurement and control The aquavision bidirectional visualising software is the perfect software for your swimming pool automation

Allcon Test reliable, mobile, handy The Allcon Test is a microprocessorcontrolled opto-electronic compact measuring unit, featuring easy handling and high-precision measurement. All important measuring values (e.g. free and total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, pH, aluminium, iron) can be determined quickly and reliably.


Technical DataDiaphragm Pumps with stepper motor and Plus3 headDDI 0,4 Plus3 Capacity Pressure Adjusting range Stroke frequency Suction height Viscosity Voltage Accuracy (n/min) (m) (mPas) (V, Hz) (%) (l/h) (bar) 0,4 DDI 2,5 Plus3 2,2 10 1 : 100 180 6 1000 1x100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 24 V DC +/- 1% over the whole capacity range DDI 5,5 Plus3 4,9 DDI 2,2 Plus3 1,9 16

Diaphragm Pumps with synchronous motor and Plus3 headDMI 0,3 Plus3 Capacity Pressure Adjusting range Stroke frequency Suction height Viscosity Voltage Accuracy (n/min) (m) (mPas) (V, Hz) (%) (l/h) (bar) 0,7 DMI 1,0 Plus3 0,7 DMI 1,6 Plus3 1,8 10 1 : 10 120 6 600 1x100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 24 V DC +/- 1% over the whole capacity range DMI 3,0 Plus3 2,8 DMI 4,0 Plus3 4 DMI 6,0 Plus3 5,2 DMI 0,8 Plus3 0,4 DMI 1,1 Plus3 1,4 16 DMI 3,6 Plus3 3,5

Picture: DDI and DMI Plus3


Diaphragm Pumps with synchronous motorDMS 2-11 Capacity Pressure Adjusting range Stroke frequency Suction height Viscosity Voltage Accuracy (n/min) (m) (mPas) (V, Hz) (%) (l/h) (bar) 2,5 11 DMS 4-7 4 7 1 : 100 180 6 500 1x230 V, 50/60 Hz - 1 x 120 V, 60 Hz - 1x100 V, 50/60 Hz +/- 1% over the whole capacity range Picture: DME and DMS dosing pumps DMS 8-5 7,5 5,4 DMS 12-3 12 3,4

Diaphragm Pumps with stepper motorDME 2-18 Capacity Pressure Adjusting range Stroke frequency Suction height Viscosity Voltage Accuracy (n/min) (m) (mPas) (V, Hz) (%) (l/h) (bar) 2,5 18 DME 8-10 7,5 10 DME 12-6 12 6 1 : 1000 180 6 500 1x100-240 V, 50-60 Hz +/- 1% over the whole capacity range DME 19-6 18,5 6,2 DME 48-3 48 2,6

Measuring and ControlAquaserver DIP Conex DIA-2 Conex Ultra DIS-D Conex Ultra DIS-PR Allcon Test DIT-B Aquavision

Measuring Parameter CL2 pH ORP (Redox) Temperature Outputs Relay 4-20 mA Alarm Relay Input 4-20 mA Interface CAN Bus Win 95, 98 NT, XP x x x 2 2 1 1 2 4 1 2 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 x x x x x x x x x x x x x x


Being responsible is our foundation Thinking ahead makes it possible Innovation is the essence

Being responsible is our foundation. We know that we have a responsibilty towards the people who are Grundfos, towards the innovation soul of Grundfos as well as towards the surrounding world. Whatever we do, we make sure that we have a firm and sustainable basis for doing it.

Thinking ahead makes the innovations possible. We encourage a certain Grundfos way of thinking which is founded upon the belief that everyone must contribute by using his or her judgement and foresight. We are looking for commitment and ideas in everything we do in

order to make the best solutions. We think - and we act.

Innovation is the essence. It is the innovations that make Grundfos uniqu