Brown Girls Books Presents… 2014 Holiday Catalog Books make great gifts...

Brown Girls Publishing Catalog

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Brown Girls Publishing 2014 Holiday Catalog. There is something for everyone. Books make great gifts

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Brown Girls Books Presents…

2014 Holiday Catalog

Books make great gifts...

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How is Sheldon Hudson going to explain to his wife, the pair of panties that show up in his

luggage? Savannah is livid, demands answers and before her husband can say a word -- he has a

heart attack! Will she ever find out the truth?

The Best in Books! The Best in Drama...

A chance encounter lands NBA star Dallas Avery back in the arms of the woman of his dreams. The challenge: the

woman of his dreams is the aunt of his fiancee.

Sasha "Pink" Jansen has heard the voice of God. He's chosen her husband -- Pastor Malik Stroman is the man that God wants her to marry. The only

problem -- Pastor Malik already has a wife.

Venni's past is filled with secrets, but now that

she's ready to settle down with the man she loves,

she wants to come clean. But she may discover

that some secrets are better left buried.

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The Best in Suspense...

Fans of John Grisham and Mary Higgins Clark will love this suspense thriller. Psychiatrist Allen Kline finds out that things are not what they seem when a killer kid-

naps Kline's own two sons and the doctor finds himself in a race against time to save his children.

This romantic thriller begins when a steamy inci-dent in the back seat of a car plunges sixteen year old Beatrice Malcolm smack dab in the middle of a global manhunt. The FBI is hunting for her father,

and she doesn't even know why!

The Best in Romance and Drama...

When Kingston Phillips’ grandmother suddenly passes away in Jamaica, the beautiful and powerful entertainment executive must return to her home-land where she has to face not only her college sweetheart who broke her heart, but her grand-

mother's wishes that could change her life forever.

These women and their very successful husbands have flawless lives...but that is all a facade. Behind closed doors, secrets and lies threaten to destroy

each of their perfect lives.

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Ten years after his break-out book, On the Down Low, JL King has experienced all the peaks and valleys that come with instant success. A book

that all women should read -- the Down Low is still here and there is much more for women to learn.

The Best in Real Life Stories...

This is the world of a child who is forced to cope with losing her mother to breast cancer when she is just eight years old. Denise (Sweetie) Wooden learns

how to survive when it seems like it's all falling down around her.

Before she was born, Stormy was destined to fail. From a mother who wanted to abort her, she grew up with few options. But she took her destiny into her own hands and this high-school dropout and teen mother did more than pull herself up -- she

became a millionaire.

All of his life, Gregory Marshall felt like he didn't have many options. Raised by a single mother but missing

his father's influence, Gregory took to the streets. From robbery to drugs, Gregory became well-known after many stints in prison. But then one night, one

bad drug deal...and everything changed.

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A bad experience will always leave evidence of how it tore you up inside. This book shows you the

steps on how to begin to process this pain and truly overcome.

The Best in Everything...

ReShonda Tate Billingsley and other mothers

shared the good, the bad, and the ugly of rais-

ing kids in the new millennium. Now, they're

back with more hilarious and heartwarming

musings on motherhood.

Mahisha Dellinger chronicles her rise from the rough

streets of Sacramento, California to the CEO of one

of the top natural hair care companies in the country.

The CURLS founder will show you how to turn your

tragedy into triumph, no matter what!

Vivian goes from being an active member of the

Black Panther Party, in love with one of the char-

ismatic but terribly abusive leaders, to hiding in a

monastic community and finding God (and love)

in a way she never imagined.

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Two teens find themselves keeping secrets and telling

lies in cyberspace. When these two meet the perfect

guys, they discover that nothing on-line is what it seems

and danger is just one click away.

Through poetry and short stories, two young writers deal with the issues that teens face today: from first heartbreak, to peer pressure, to texting while driving, teens will relate and see themselves in these stories.

Three little girls teach us the greatest lessons of

the season through their preteen eyes and heart.

Three stories that are great for the young and

the young at heart.

The Best in Young Adult...

And Introducing. . . Brown Girls Teens and Brown Girls Kids

. . . the best books written FOR children BY children

When Lola finds out that her parents have been laid off, she decides that she has to help. But this young

entrepreneur finds out that starting her own business isn't easy -- especially when one of her

classmates tries to sabotage her success.

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