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<ul><li><p>Unit 1 The business environment BTEC National Business </p><p> Pearson Education Ltd 2010. Copying permitted for purchasing institution only. This material is not copyright free. 1 </p><p>Unit overview Credits: 10 Cert/Sub Dip/Dip/Ext Dip All businesses are affected by the business environment. This unit introduces learners to a range of business activities. They will consider the purposes of different organisations and the influence of stakeholders, as well as how businesses organise themselves through strategic planning and organisational structures. Learners will look at the impact of external (political, legal and social) influences on business operations and the economic principles that impact on businesses. Learners will gain an insight into how businesses operate in different parts of the world and how the development of a global marketplace impacts on businesses as a whole. </p><p>On completion of this unit, learners should: LO1 know the range of different businesses and their ownership LO2 understand how businesses are organised to achieve their purposes LO3 know the impact of the economic environment on businesses LO4 know how political, legal and social factors impact on business. </p><p>Unit contents The scheme of work for this unit (page 00) links to the following resources to help you deliver Unit 1. </p><p> LO1 LO2 LO3 LO4 </p><p>Lesson plan Activity sheet AS1, AS2 AS3, AS4 AS5, AS6, AS7 AS8, AS9, AS10 Stretch and support E1, E2 E3 E4 PowerPoint Video </p><p>All these resources can be found on the accompanying At work CD-ROM, as well as an editable version of the scheme of work and answers to questions in the Student Book. </p><p>Links to other units Unit 1 links to a number of other units, as shown below, and provides a lot of opportunity to cross-reference and combine assignment work for these units: </p><p> Unit 2 Business resources Unit 3 Introduction to marketing Unit 4 Business communication Unit 38 Business and the economic environment Unit 39 International business Unit 41 Business markets and the economy </p></li></ul>


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