Build a good relationship with your boss

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  1. 1. Build A Good RelationshipWith Your BossThe most important part of your job as a Personal Assistant is to build a collaborative relationship withyour boss. In order to provide effective assistance you will need to take the lead in developing therelationship. I have outlined some points below to help you maximise your relationship with your boss.Understand Your RoleMake sure you understand your role and know what your boss expects of you. Know the timeframes youare expected to work to. Know the resources that are available to you. Dont be afraid to ask foradditional resources (extra equipment or human resources) - you wont know until you ask.Have Regular MeetingsHave regular meetings with your boss. This will provide an opportunity to clarify issues and priorities,which shift from time to time. It will also allow you to find out how you are doing in light of your bosssexpectations. You should always know what you are expected to produce. Regular meetings provide theperfect forum to locate the goal post.Earn Your Bosss TrustBe a confidante. Earn your bosss trust by understanding his pressures and priorities and make yourselfavailable to assist him in a way that is convenient for him.Keep Your Boss InformedKeep your boss up to speed on what you are doing. Tell him about your major projects. Keep him in theloop so that you receive his feedback before receiving feedback from others. Always use his preferredmethod of communication.Dont Waste TimeTry not to waste your bosss time. Spend time preparing before you attend update meetings with yourboss or bring a problem to him. Think about the issues you will discuss and be prepared to offer a possiblesolution to every problem you raise. This will make your meetings more productive and show that you arean asset to him, and that you respect his time.