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Burroughs series E1400 Electronic Computing/Accounting ...archive.computerhistory.org/resources/text/...Burroughs E 1400 ELECTRONIC COMPUTING / ACCOUNTING MACHINE Burroughs El400 offers

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  • Burroughs E 1400 ELECTRONIC COMPUTING / ACCOUNTING MACHINE Burroughs El400 offers two new, advanced accounting machine features that, combined with its other capabilities, provide a new level of accounting Productive Power . . .

    Productive Power previously available only on higher priced electronic accounting systems.

    [1 Productive Power that every kind and size of business can afford.

    Magnetic Ink Striped Ledgers . . . They permit you to do more work. automatically and electronically.

    Automatic Form Alignment and Ejection . . . It saves time and forms cost. and reduces operator fatigue while increasing productivity.

    Complementing these features are other vital capabilities such as Complete Alphabetic and Numeric Input, Solid State Decision Making, Electron~c Computation, Electronic Factor Storage, Simplified Program~ng and Control, and Punched Tape or Card Output. ,I ) * I

    These features mean you can do any or all of your accounting completely, rapidly, accurately, on ONE machine . . . and with less effort and more results. That's PRODUCTIVE POWER!

    expla~ns the benefits of a fully- featured Burroughs E 1465 The E 1400 Series includes other stvles with varvinq

    . combmat~ons of features so you can select the E 1400 that best su~ts your requirements



    'Your b a s ~ csystem can conslst of only the Processor and Console Tape or card punchmg, and the ledger reader are optlonal components


    A single I l ,ay, ldi~ ill& J L , I + on your ledgers gives them a dramatrc new meaning In your accounting. Your ledgers now dlrectly contribute to the speed, accuracy, simplic~ty and product~vity of accounting and report writing.

    CAPACITY-The magnetic Ink strtpe stores, In elec- tronic pulse form, four 1 2 - d ~ g ~ t words plus slgn (52 pos~tions of memory) For example In Payroll you can store: Earnings-to-Date Comb~ned WH & FlCA Tax-to-Date State or Other Tax-to-Date Federal WH Tax Exempt Earnings, and Withholding Tax Rate. NOTE that storage can conslst of BALANCES and ACCOUNT DATA, and IS NOT NECESSARILY RESTRICTED to one Item of data per word of memory

    ACCESSIBILITY-The data stored In the stripes IS in machine readable form and is automatically and elec- tronically accessible through the E 1400 console or the automatic ledger reader.

    FUNCTION-Permits the automatic and electronic p~ckup of account data to speed and simpl~fy account- ing and report wrltlng. Access to any data in the ledger stripe may be selectively programed to speed and sirnp- lify report writing.

    FORMS ECONOMY-Both sides of your ledger can be striped permitting full use of the form and prov~ding reduced forms cost and storage requirements.



    Account Number - 4ccount Balance jales Year-to-Date

    COMMERICAL LOANS Interest Year-to-Date

    Amount-Indirect Loans

    Amount-Direct -oans

    Account No.

    BUDGETARY Account NO

    Total Budget

    Total Expenditures Year-to-Date

    Total Encumbrances Year-to-Date

    PAYROLL Earnings-to-Date

    Combined Withhold- ing & FlCA Tax-to- Date

    State or other Tax-to- Date

    Federal WH Tax EX- empt Earnings, and Withholding Tax Rate


    Account No., and Months R e m a ~ n ~ n g on Loan

    Payoff Balance Factor

    Loan Balance

    Total Discount. and Unearned Discount Balance

    AUTOMATIC DATA PICKUP THROUGH THE E 1 4 0 0 CONSOLE The operator simply places the magnetic striped ledger between the self-squaring form guides. As the Auto- matic Form Alignment feature moves the form to the next posting I~ne, the stored data is automatically and electronically read, checked and transferred to the sys- tem's core memory.

    When she lists the ver~ficat~on number and transaction data, she activates the processing run. Correct account selection is verified electronically. The ledger is updated, and automatically ejected as the new account data is stored in the stripe. It's that simple.

    THE RESULTS . . . Speed-Account Data pickup is faster because it's done electron~cally. Accuracy-What the E 1400 does automatically, the operator cannot do wrong. Productiv~ty-More work In less time with less effort.


    Just drop the forms between the self-squarlng form guides. . .

    With the Burroughs E 1400 all your operator has to do IS drop the forms in the self-squaring farm guides Automatically and independently the forms are moved to the next posting line. When the posting n done, they're ejected for easy operator removal.

    Alignment is accomplished through the sensrng of fine- line perforations In each form. These perforations do not impede prtntour readab~lity or reduce available prlnt area. Many forms sizes and types may be used.

    YOU BENEFIT F R O M . . .

    Alignment ss automatic; after possing, the forms are ejected automatically . . .

    It's done throwgh barely visible fine line perforations

    Faster form alignment

    Elirninat~on of h~gh postings

    Neat, readable records for you and your customer

    Reduced operator fatigue

    Assured un tform spacrng-full use of all ava~lable postrng lines

    Increased operator productrvity

    CHOICE OF CARRIAGES There's a choice of carrlage form setups ava~lable You can choose the one that best accommodates the appll- canons to wh~ch you want to apply the Productive

    )f the E 1400

    1. Conventlonal form left-Magnetic Striped Ledger right -

    2. Magnetic Str~ped Ledger left-Conventional form -:-LA

    3 . Dual fvlagnet~c Str~ped Ledger

    4 Single Magnetic Striped Ledger (or Conventlonal Ledger)


    The Control Console IS des~gned w ~ t h the operator In mind It's compact and log~cally arranged to permlt easy Input of transactlon data, and to prov~de complete operator control of operations


    1. FORMS HANDLING-Bes~des the automatic form al~gn- ment capab~l~ty, Insertion of the carrlage also permrts easy other forms, l ~ k e vouchers and payroll checks.

    2. FORMS VISIBILITY-Operator has full v ls~b~l i ty of forms at all tlmes so she can monltor prlntrng operations

    3. NUMERIC KEYBOARD-It's sloped at a comfortable read~ng angle for easy aud~t Features l~gh t key depress~ons, and short-cut, s~multaneous ~ n d e x ~ n g . Zeros are auto-matlc Arranged for left to r~ght use to permlt easy one-hand operatlon

    4. CONTROLS-R~ght s ~ d e of numerlc keyboard contalns s~ngle purpose control keys to lnltlate processing and pen- pheral output No operator guesswork, each control key per- forms only one funct~on In a program posltion

    5. ELECTRIC TYPEWRITER-Standard key arrangement per- mrts h~gh-speed touch typlng for heading forms or ldent~fying data

    6. CALENDAR SECTION-Accommodates all requlrements for date prlntlng Perm~ts automatlc repeat of date, release

    of day-key only, or release of complete date after each postlng

    7. RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY SELECTION KEYS-Perm~t operator to store or read out data In the selected memory unlt Enables d~rect data analysis and d~s t r~bu t~on Amounts are coded for easy ~dentificat~on

    8. CARRIAGE POSITION INDICATOR-Tells operator exactly where the carrlage IS at any glven tlme Makes ~t easy to plck up an operation at a later tlme or move to a spec~fic operation Adjacent are the carrlage "Tab", "Return". "Open" and "Close" keys

    9. REVERSE ENTRY KEY-Operator need only rel~st Incor- rect data and depress to make aud~table correctlons on forms. control totals and punched tape or cards

    10. OPERATOR/SYSTEM COMMUNICATIONS-D~splay l~ghts show operator the system status at all tlmes 1.e. magnetlc ledger status, dec~ma l control and punch~ng adjunct status


    The E 1400 Electron~c Processor util~zes the latest solid state techniques to prov~de powerful electron~c capab~l~ties

    CORE MEMORY-A Four-word magnetic core memory stores the data read from the magnetic ink striped ledger. After this data is updated, it's read out onto the strrped ledger automat~cally.

    ELECTRONIC COMPUTATION-Solid state circuitry means the E 1400 can perform computations at electron~c speeds. All computations take only a fracnon of a second and are within the print cycle tlme, permlttlng greater productivity

    AUTOMATIC DECISION MAKING-Sol~d state logic pro-vides the ability to automatically select pre-programed sub- routines based on processing cond~t~ons, e.g. sklpplng the F.1 C.A. computation when maximum contribut~on has been made. This eliminates the possibil~ty of operator mis-judge- ment. reduces the chance of error and m~nim~zes operator partic~patton.

    ELECTRONIC FACTOR STORAGE-Constant factors such as tax rates, discaunt rates, etc. may be programed into the processor. Factors may be introduced automatically into the accounting routine through e~ther program or operator selec- tion. Processors, with from 0 to 27 factor storage posit~ons,

    are ava~lable.

    YW BENEFIT BECAUSE these electronic capabilities dramatically simp/[email protected] complex accounting routhes, speed their completion and assure maximum accuracy in any accounting job.


    Maximum effective use of the processing capabilities of the E 1400 is achieved through the exclusive, proven-in-use Burroughs Program Control Center. It features a simple though powerful programing technique which obs.oletesexternallyattached control bars and other single job program devices.

    FUNCTION-It directs and controls all carriage movement, print formatting and arithmetic functions; and initiates commands for the processor and adjuncts to perform their respective functions.

    LARGE CAPACITY-It contains the programs for four or more separate and complete accounting routlnes. The program control center is easily removable so you can have all the programing power you need by purchasing additional program control centers.

    SIMPLIFIED PROGRAM CHANGE-It's as easy as changing channels on a T.V. The simple turn of the program selector does it. No bars to juggle or other adjustments.

    PROGRAMING FLEXIBILITY-The con-trol center IS deslgned to do your jobs the way you want them done. No need to modlfy your requirements to meet machine limitations

    ASSURANCE AGAINST OBSOLESENCE -Changes in your routlnes requlre only a change In the program control center.

    YOU BENEFIT BECAUSE the Program Control Center has the capacity and flexibility to obtain maximum productivity from the E 1400 . Burroughs not only does the programing but also delivers your system pre-programed to your specific requirements.


    The so l~d state Burroughs A 4003 Automat~c Ledger Reader IS a powerful Input component that reads the data stored rn magnetic strlpes and trans- mits ~t to the console for prlnt out It sequent~ally reads up to 48 cards per minute OPERATING SIMPLICITY-The operator simply places the ledgers In the feed hopper (500 ledger capac~ty) and pushes the start button to lnltlate the read and prlnt cycle Ledgers accumulate sequentrally In the stackmg hopper Read~ng does not destroy data stored In strlpes A set of SIX Operator/System Commun~cat~onL~ghts display the operating cond~t~on and prov~de full control over the unlt AUTOMATIC TRIAL BALANCING-The A 4003 electron~cally reads and transmits the complete data stored in the strlpes to the E 1400 Console for prlnt out and trial balanc~ng. AUTOMATIC BALANCE TRANSFER-At the end of a spec~fic per~od data can be transferred to new ledgers with ease. The operator merely places the old ledgers In the feed~ng hopper and the new ledger In the console carnage All the data stored in the strlpe is transferred automatically AUTOMATIC MANAGEMENT REPORTS-lndrv~dual magnetlc str~ped ledgers may be read consecutively or selectively by the A 4003 to generate automat~callya variety of reports. Selectwe read of ledgers IS accomphshed by s~mply punching holes in the top of the ledgers (as illustrated)

    YOU BENEFIT BECAUSE-tile A 4003 permits you to do time con- suming jobs like trial balance, balance transfer and report writing, automatically. It provides more timely data, easier, faster and electronically accurate.



    Burroughs E 1400 Systems recognize your preference for easily accessible, read- able, historical hard copy records.

    The E 1400 console accommodates a w~de variety of magnetic striped and conven- t~onal ledgers, records and reports includmg cut and continuous journals. It permits posting one, two or even three original records at the same time. And it produces a detail exact-copy journal as an automatic by-product.

    Complete alphabetic and numeric printmg output IS provided through a rapid seml- gang printer and a compact 84 character unit printer. Print output covers a 220 character print~ng line.

    Thrs forms and printout flexibility means you can handle a wide variety of appllca- ttons, completely and eas~ly.


    Many applications have unusually complex per~odic statist~cal and management report requirements. To satisfy these requlrements, E 1400 Systems are available with tape or card punch~ng capability through a Tape Punch unlt: or a Card Punch Controller Selected alphanumeric data is captured in tape or cards as an automatrc by-product of posting accountmg records or preparing intertm reports. Electronic features such as echo check and panty check prove the accuracy of punching. Buffered punching elmmates any poss~ble delay In the processing speed of your system. The commun~cation system on the console prov~des the status and control over the punching operation.

    The punched tape or cards produced are compatible with larger EDP systems.