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  • 8/10/2019 Burst Application


    Fran and Jean Burst Educational Foundation, Inc.

    105 South Broadway

    Greensburg, IN 47240

    812-663-8478FAX: 812-663-8072

    Sr. Therese Gillman Dr. James H. Freeland Dr. Mark Lindenmeyer


    This scholarship program is being funded by the Fran & Jean Burst Educational Foundation,Incorporated. Scholarship(s) will be awarded to a graduating high school senior or college

    studentwho is eligible according to the rules of eligibility and who has completed the necessaryapplication process. The scholarship is available to students from Batesville High School orOldenburg Academy in Indiana.

    Students must attend an accredited college or university or technical school; and payment willbe made directly to that institution. In order to be eligible for additional scholarships, the studentmust maintain at least a 2.5 or equivalent grade point average, be considered a full-time studentat his/her respective institution, and reapply annually to the Foundation. Failure to meet theabove criteria automatically discontinues the scholarship.


    ELIGIBILITYAny graduating senior or graduate of Batesville High School or Oldenburg Academy, in Indiana,who has an 88% or B average or above, and has met the necessary college or technical schoolrequirements if eligible.

    DUE DATE FOR APPLICATION Monday, June 3, 2013 by noon

    WHEREApplications must be turned into the Principals office of the high school where you attendedby the due date, or it will not be accepted.

    TRANSCRIPTA copy of your transcript from the high school from which you are graduating and any otherhigh school you have attended must accompany this application. The application is not completewithout it.


  • 8/10/2019 Burst Application


    This is a very important part of your application. The application will be consideredincomplete without it.A. Form.

    1. Word limit is 300 words or less.2. Typed legibly.

    B. Content.1. What are your goals, and what you have done to work toward them? College/techstudentshave they changed? If so, how?2. What significant things or events have happened to you during your high school

    (or college) career?3. How would a college education or technical training help you fulfill your goals andhelp you contribute to the society in which you live?

    C. Purpose.1. Your autobiography will help the committee know more about you.2. Include anything that will help the committee know you better as a person.

    OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATIONA. Be certain this application is complete.B. Only typed applications will be accepted. Fill out the application and print it out on white

    paper, one side only. Do NOT staple the application.C. The information contained in this application will be treated in the strictest confidence.D. Failure to complete this application in its entirety will result in your disqualification from

    consideration for the scholarship.

    CRITERIA FOR SELECTION:A. Financial need *Be sure to attach FAFSA and Information Acknowledgement letter.B. Scholarship (ACT, SAT Scores, class rank)C. Applicants activitiesD. Autobiography

    Incomplete applications, or those not typed, will not be accepted.Please turn in the following application to yourhigh school pri ncipal

    no later than noon on June 3, 2013.If you are reapplying, attach a copy of your college transcript to this application.

  • 8/10/2019 Burst Application





    1. Name: Bryce Mullins

    2. Address: 12056 North Delaware Road Batesville, IN 47006

    3. Phone Number: 812-212-6763

    4. Social Security # 312-08-2970 School ID #: A00483751

    5. High School: Batesville High School

    6. High School Graduation Year: 2008 GPA: 3.8 College GPA: 3.7College Graduation Year: 2012

    7. Have you taken the SAT? yes ACT? yes Composite Score: ACT- 24 SAT-1610Highest scores: Verbal- 530 Math- 530If you have not taken the SAT explain:

    8. List your school activities and any offices held during the last four years. Pleaseinclude years of activities and offices held:

    High School-_Pit Orchestra-1 year, National Honors Society-2 years, Varsity soccer,Key Club, Spanish Club, Concert, Jazz, Marching, and Pep band-- all 4 years, Sectionleader 2 years. College- Classical Guitar Ensemble-4 years 1stchair for 2 years. It washard for me to be involved in extra organizations because I practiced my guitar 4-5 hoursa day on top of all my other school work. I also played with the Chamber singers at CCMand accompanied violinists, flautists, and vocalists.

    9. List any service activities, including those for church and/or community and theyear(s) you participated:

    Operation Christmas Child 2 years, Church Worship Band 5 years, and ChurchMedia Team-6 years, Haiti Mission trip for one week summer of 2006_MissionBatesville- Summer 2007, Mission Indy- Summer 2004-2006, Played guitar at SafePassage Fund Raiser and at Summerfest in Batesville-2008, College Conservatory ofMusic Fundraiser- Fall 2009, Pit Orchestra for The Shelby County Players-Summer 2009,Walhill Farms Farmers Market- Summer 2009, Cirque Extravaganza-2010, RAAFundraiser-2010-2012.

  • 8/10/2019 Burst Application


    10. Briefly state what you feel has been your major contribution to your church, your school,your community, or to your family:

    My major contribution is to always be a good example as a citizen, family member, andas a musician especially for younger kids. My goal is to be an inspiration to anyone who

    wants to follow their dreams in a career in the arts.

    11. List your particular interests or activities outside of school:I enjoying being outside, playing and watching soccer, watching hockey, hanging

    out with my friends, playing guitar, listening to music, jamming with my friends, helpingout at my church, writing and recording my own music, spending time with my family,and reading.

    12. Which college or technical school do you plan to attend: Austin Peay State University

    (Attach a copy of your acceptance letter if new Burst applicant)

    Annual full-time tuition: $11,500 Housing and additional costs: $8,000

    Name and address of Financial Aid Office:Office of Financial AidAustin Peay State UniversityEllington Building, Room 216P.O. Box 4546Clarksville TN 37044

    13. What course of study do you plan to follow? Masters Degree in Music Performance forClassical guitar

    14. Why do you need financial aid for college? Please discuss in detail:Since I am becoming older, I am trying to take more financial responsibility for my

    school costs and in doing so I have already borrowed $12,000. My parents have also takenout loans to help me with the costs. I am working as hard as I can so that I dont need to relyon my parents support as much any more. I work a full-time landscaping job in the summerto make money for school and I teach guitar lessons on the side (normally making for 12+hour days) , but even with that I still cannot afford my tuition. Throughout the school year Ialso am a part-time musician and I get as many gigs as I can to help support my education.Any financial aid would be a wonderful assistance toward me being able to afford myeducation and to pursue my dreams.

    15. What job or jobs have you held outside of school hours: Yard Mower, Youth SoccerReferee, Office assistant, part-time musician, guitar teacher, and assistant groundskeeper on afamily estate.

    How many hours have you worked per week? During school: 5 Summer: 48

  • 8/10/2019 Burst Application


    16. Have you applied for other scholarships? YesBess Bartling Memorial Scholarship,RAA Elsa & Peter Soderburg Scholarship

    If yes, specify those which you have applied for, those received, and dollar amount

    involved: Bess Bartling Memorial Scholarship- $570.00

    Are you a 21st Century Scholar Yes_____ No___*__

    17. Are your parents living? Father: yes Mother: yes

    18. Name of Father/Guardian: Randy Mullins

    Address: 12056 N. Delaware Road, Batesville, IN 47006 Telephone:812-934-5298

    19. Name of Mother/Guardian: Debbie Mullins

    Address: 12056 N. Delaware Road, Batesville, IN 47006 Telephone:812-934-5298

    20. If your parents are divorced or separated, will you receive any financial aid for collegefrom either parent? Yes ______ No ______If yes, how much is expected to be contributed as financial aid for college? If no, pleaseexplain the situation:Father:


    21. How many children are currently living at home? ___1___How many children in your family, including you,will be in college during the comingschool year? ___1__

    22. Occupation and place of employment of Father: Marketing consultant at WRBI Radio

    Occupation and place of employment of Mother: Attendance Secretary at Batesville HighSchool

    23. What was your fathers total gross (not net)annual income from all sources as reportedfor federal income taxes in the immediate past calendar year: Jointly see below

    If not applicable, explain. You must, however, include income figures:

    What was your mothers total gross (not net) annual income from all sources as reported forfederal income taxes in the immediate past calendar year: Jointly see below

    If not applicable, explain. You must, however, include income figures:

    NOTE: If taxes are filed jointly, you may list the income jointly.--- $48,121

  • 8/10/2019 Burst Application


    24. Do your parents have any other sources of income other than from wage earnings?(Social Security, Military Retirement, Rental Property, Pensions, Government Subsidies)Yes ______ No __*____Was this amount included in the gross income for Item 23? Yes _______ No_______Amount and Source:

    25. Does your family have any unusual expenses or any extenuating circumstances causing aheavy family expense? Yes ___*___ No ______If yes, specify below: Because of my Dads many continuing health problems many of

    these expenses are the same as my last application. My father has many medical problemsstemming from being an insulin-dependent diabetic for over 40 years. He has now had bothknees replaced as well and all of these operations have left my family with lots of huge medicalbills. Our out-of-pocket medical expenses still continue to be a large burden on our family.

    26. Have you received a Burst Foundation Scholarship in the past? If so, when and how

    much did you receive? Yes, 2008- $2,000; 2009- $1,500, 2010- $2,000. 2011- $2,000

    ____________________________________ ____________________________________Signature of Applicant Signature of Parent/Guardian

    ____________________________________ ____________________________________Date Date


    Have you:_____ attached a transcript of your grades and attendance record, plus any school or communityactivity information?

    _____ attached a copy of the acceptance letter from the school you will be attending?

    _____ included your autobiography?

    _____ checked that all information on application is complete?

    _____ signed the application and had a parent sign also?

    _____ included FAFSA Student Aide Report (SAR) and Information Acknowledgment Letter(computer generated is acceptable)?

    _____ attached college transcript, if applicable? (Computer generated transcript or an unofficialtranscript, with identifying information, is acceptable)

  • 8/10/2019 Burst Application



    I have now completed a very important aspect of my career by receiving my Bachelors

    Degree in Music Performance for classical guitar at the College Conservatory of Music in the

    University of Cincinnati. Even though I achieved my most important goal I have set yet another

    goal, which is to further my music study and get my Masters Degree. My goal for my career is

    still to be able to support myself as a performing musician. I also still wish to continue writing

    solo guitar songs and creating a larger presence for myself online with the many resources that

    are available.

    I learned so much while at CCM and I am amazed at how much I have grown as a person

    and as a musician throughout my years at UC. Getting my Bachelors Degree at CCM was

    definitely the first important step in my journey to becoming a professional musician. Now I am

    going from a large music program to a much smaller program down in Tennessee at Austin Peay

    State University. I am very excited to study with a new professor and to make new contacts in a

    new city. I have always believed that you can learn so much by leaving your comfort zone and

    meeting tons of new people. The school is nearby Nashville so I am also very excited about all

    the opportunities that will be available near such a large music city.

    I firmly believe in the power of music to inspire and to impact peoples lives in a positive

    way. Upon receiving more instruction I believe that I will be able to more effectively give the

    gift of music to both audiences and private students so that they can see what I have been blessed

    with on a daily basis.

    Thanks for your consideration.