Business Improvement Techniques NVQ Level 2

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Business Improvement Techniques NVQ Level 2. The Team. Peter Ferns. Nigel Wright. Adam Shephard. John Cleall. Mike Harvard-Taylor. AISH Technologies. Electro-mechanical design and manufacture of ruggedized defence enclosures using a wide range of processes including: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Business Improvement Techniques NVQ Level 2

  • The TeamPeter FernsJohn CleallNigel WrightMike Harvard-TaylorAdam Shephard

  • AISH TechnologiesElectro-mechanical design and manufacture of ruggedized defence enclosures using a wide range of processes including:Sheetmetal/fabrication/laser cuttingSpray shop & powder coating facilities Machine shopMechanical AssemblyElectrical AssemblyFlat panel display assemblyFibre optic manufacture

  • Typical Products

  • Why choose BITImplementing BIT is designed to reduce:Poor delivery performanceDepartment bottle-necksUntidy work areasGenerate additional floor space to include new processes

  • Plan: IdentificationOver clutteredUn-used potential Redundant machineryHealth & Safety hazards Low morale

  • PlanningRole responsibilities5Ws & 1HBrainstormingAction planning

  • Communicating Team meetings Feedback from operators working in the area Planning reviews

  • Do: Confirming Current StateWe decided that it would be essential to carry out an extensive 5S exercise in an area that would allow us to free up space for red-tagging and the storage of some WIP.It would also yield a floor space utilization opportunity of 7500.

  • Implementation Red Tagging and catalogue Create shadow boards Purchase tooling Encouraged employee involvement to drive change in methods and attitudes

    Utilise cleared area Introduce Standard Operating Procedures Regular 5S audit

  • Red Tag Area

  • Check: Measure resultsProcess Performance

    The process was re-timed with the tool boards in place, and it was now 2 minutes and 35 seconds, which compared to the before state of 17 minutes and 37 seconds is a 93% improvement

  • Measure Results

  • Confirming New StateTargetRealise Floor Space Utilization of 7500Implement new tooling methods to realise cost saving of 2250Improve 5S score by 300%Confirm / re-write / amend SOP to reflect the requirements to maintain new state

    OutcomeFloor space realised and now re-deployed as a packaging and quarantine areaNew tooling implemented to realise annual cost saving5S score improved by 1600%Two new SOPs created, issued and displayed to help Standardise & Sustain 5S improvements

  • Personal Achievements How to structure a LEAN activity Better communication skills The importance of involving those working in the areas chosen for the business improvement Problem solving techniques Understanding and working with personalities within the team Spreading the philosophy of the process