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NOREX Select. Business Intelligence, Analytics & Reporting Workshop. Presentation by NOREX Select Member. Agenda. Introductions IT Manager E&P Systems COI Production IT Supervisor EDW Company information (company) Facts Growth Structure and Culture (company) Business Intelligence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Business Intelligence, Analytics & Reporting WorkshopPresentation by NOREX Select MemberNOREX Select#1IntroductionsIT Manager E&P Systems COI ProductionIT Supervisor EDW

Company information(company) FactsGrowthStructure and Culture

(company) Business IntelligenceOverview In The BeginningCurrent StateNext Steps

DiscussionAgenda#2Company Information#Structure and culture Independent Business Units Vertically aligned by functional areas, i.e. Land, Geology, DrillingShifting toward Shale aligned teams

Variations in MaturityAreas maturing at different paceIT teams set to support vertical areas

Speed to Market(location)(location)(name) Drilling

Supply Chain Control(name) Trucking(name) Manufacturing#Vertical Alignment - Focuses on aligning strategic goals and measures from value chains down to activities

Shale Vertical Alignment activity focused for well life cycle

Pace working in verticals, areas can focus tactical issues quickly, changes in level of maturity

vertical integration into midstream and oilfield service operations

Need for a set of tools for employees to help in being highly effective in our environment

4Business Intelligence#5Overview: Increasing ComplexityGrowth accompanied by increase in type of data generated, the amount of data captured & demand for information

Information is shared throughout the enterprise using reportscreated in various toolsets that overlap in functionalitybased on data gathered from multiple sources with different business rules appliedshared through e-mail, department shared drives, etc.#The data warehouse and applications like (company) Search have gone a long way in organizing and presenting master data. Increase focus on how information is used throughout the organization (tools, ease of acquisition, etc.)6Information Platform TeamOptimize current state, develop the next set of competencies & evolve to meet increasing complexity around information deliveryDefine standards that enable delivery of consistent information in a relevant format to support business processes & decisionsOrganize information within business context, maintain descriptive metadata, & support appropriate latency/frequency of informationEstablish a standard application portfolio to support common reporting/analysis requirements & manage core platform componentsDrive competency & consistency via architectural guidance, education & supportProvide business skills, analytical skills & IT skills required to deliver business focused solutions

Guiding PrinciplesEarly & continuous delivery of information valuable to the businessSeek to understand learn why before focusing on howHandle complexity, present simplicity maximize work not required of users

#Focus on areas we can control - data quality (not included in description of IP) can be addressed in requirements phase, testing phase or after production migration based on priority7Information PlatformConceptual Modelfoundation componentsdeliverydiscoverybusiness definitiondata sourcesfoundation capabilitiesreports, dashboards & applicationsad hoc query & analysisorganization of data, rules & definitionsdata capture, tactical reporting, strategic reporting & analysisfoundation activitiesmaintain solution catalogreconcile need & availability of known data sourcesmaintain consistent business terms & definitionrationalize known data sourcesfoundation technologiesfocus on technologies familiar to consumers & developersabstraction/integration technologiestransaction systems, operational data stores & data warehousedata sourcesbusiness definitiondiscoverydeliverydirect accessinformation flow repositories information delivery #Data Sources all sources of data including databases, spreadsheets, analytical cubes, etc.- bigger than the data warehouse ( start to address concerns over speed to delivery, Discovery gathering, formatting and analyzing data from multiple data sourcesDelivery predefined (dashboards, reports, etc.) and self-service based on the business definition layerBusiness Definition organization, description and presentation of data from multiple data sources8Next Steps:Optimize Current State & Develop New CompetenciesBuild out Information Platform approach (business driven/business context)Create advisory committee of key application owners & usersExpected inputs & outputs from the teamDefine baseline artifacts

IP portfolio (appropriate tools for baseline activities & requirements)Inventory existing toolsets & skillsIdentify duplication or deficienciesBuild guidelines based on the right mixture of applications & solutions

Work with Data Integrity Team to validate systems of record & capture descriptive metadata for existing data elements#9In the beginningCustom Dashboard Silverlight based dashboard over SSAS Cube with several production volume related KPIs

Monthly: Gross\Net - Gas\Oil\WaterDaily: Gross\Net - Gas\Oil\Water Hourly Operated GasDowntime by Category and %Lease Operating Expense (LOE) by Cost and CategoryAFE: Drill and Non-DrillFinancials: Income and Cash flow\Avg Realized Price\Cash flow by component.

#Discuss our first run at custom solution with (name) ((city) based Oil and Gas Solutions provider) and what lead us to looking at other products on the market.

3 month build 3 month QC and UAT10In the beginningCustom Off The Shelf DashboardsReviewed several vendor applications:

Tableau -ProsRich analyticsDeep dive dashboard Purchased in another groupConsIT centric when buildingLearning curve

#Review the products weve looked at and the pros and cons of each11In the beginningDundas -PROScorecards & Microsoft Partner so familiar productIntegrates with current toolsCONPerformanceIT Heavy

iDashboards PROhighly visual interface Look and feelCONNo OLAP supportJava based

#Review the products weve looked at and the pros and cons of each12Current StateReporting Tools

ExcelAccess Reporting Services custom reportingSpotfire Used in various areas for group and individual reportingCOI OperationsDrillingReservoirHyperion IRHR AnalyticsFinancials

#13Current StatePerformance Point Dashboards Near-real Time Production Hourly gas production with confidence factorGas Rate by day gross operated MCFPD

#14data sourcesbusiness definitiondiscoverydeliverydirect accessinformation flow repositories information delivery Information Platform PortfolioFoundation TechnologiesHyperion IR




Oracle BIEDW WellView RigView SiteView Gplat Aries Artesia PeopleSoftOracle BI

Microsoft BI(SSAS)Microsoft BI(SSRS, Performance Point, SharePoint)Oracle BICustom ApplicationsRoadmap Itemcentral delivery pointPeopleSoft Analytics#15Next Steps:Oracle OBIEEHR Analytics (PeopleSoft) currently under reviewed by Midstream group

Explore Microsoft Business Intelligence PlatformSharePoint 2010Office 2010Power pivot / Pivot ViewerExcel Services

#Cover the options with MS and review the tools we currently have16Questions#17Contributed Documents:

IT PROJECT PRIORITIZATION. This document describes a company's single prioritized project stack that streamlines the process all projects must undergo. 1 Page (50-030)#


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