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 BUSN 258 Week 1-7 All

Discussion QuestionsBUSN 258 Week 4

Midterm BUSN 258 Week 8 Final

ExamBUSN258 Week 1

Assignment BUSN258 Week 2

Assignment BUSN258 Week 2 You


  1. What major corporations that

you’ve heard of seem to be doing the best job of building customer loyalty? In what ways do they attempt to build long-term relationships with customers?

2. How do ripple effects escalate the problem of the lost customer?


BUSN258 Week 1 Assignment (Devry)

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  1.What are some factors (patterns of

behavior) that project a company’s culture? List several examples from organizations you work in.

2.What are three major elements that complicate listening? Give customer-service related examples of each

  Read the You Decide scenario and

decide on a response. Your goal is to identify the critical issues in the scenario and determine how you would resolve. Write a report correctly formatted of at least 125 words. Drop the report in the DropBox. Remember to run the spelling and grammar checker on your work before turning it in. 

BUSN258 Week 2 You Decide (Devry)

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completing your assigned readings for this week, interview someone who has a customer relations/customer service role or responsibility where the person has organizational responsibility and knowledge of the companyÂ’s customer relations policies. This person could be in your own organization or in any other company. Ask the interviewee

 1. Look back on your own

experiences as a customer and identify situations when little things have made a difference in your buying decision. Think, for example, of places you have stopped doing business with. What little things pushed you out of the zone of indifference into the dissatisfied range? Be as specific as possible

BUSN258 Week 4 Assignment (Devry)

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  1.Question : (TCO 1) The letter L in the

acronym LIFE stands for ________. 

2. Question : (TCO 2) Customer loyalty is: 

3. Question : (TCO 9) Despite many similarities between them, Wal-Mart and K-Mart have very different results, largely because of "little things" that seem to result in better customer service. How do the sales of these two

  1. How can organizations

become more open to feedback? What kinds of employee training would help? What would you tell your employees about feedback importance if you were the boss?

2. What are the three important steps needed to recover the potentially lost customer?


BUSN258 Week 5 Assignment (Devry)

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  Scenario Summary

You are a general manager with a service company. You are hearing comments from your sales group that customers are unhappy with your company. The comments range from poor service, missed assignments, to technical failures. When you ask for specifics, you get a general view of dissatisfaction from your sales group but not a clear view if there is an issue.

 BUSN258 Week 6

Case Study LL Bean & AT&T

BUSN258 Week 6 Case Study (Devry)

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general causes of stress,worker characteristics and working conditions,is the most significant in your job? How can you control or manage it?

2. How can a manager best set a strategy for improving customer loyalty? What steps make sense?


You are Bob Yeader, a Sales Manager, of a small printing company. One of you sales people asked for a meeting. The meeting was difficult. The sales person, Pat Lawson, broke down in the meeting. Pat said the work was too much and the customers too demanding. Where

BUSN258 Week 7 You Decide (Devry)

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 1.Question :(TCO 1) The best

way to win customer loyalty is to:


 1.Question :(TCO 1) The first

step to reduce waiting time is to:


BUSN 258 Week 8 Final Exam 2 (Devry)

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