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Q1: In what ways does your media product use develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products. By Cairn Ivers. Digipak. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By Cairn IversQ1: In what ways does your media product use develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products

DigipakThe black and white used in the digipak adds a darker undertone to the single in which it follows a fatal attraction in leading to the female in the song getting shot as this is a dark subject matter it seemed like a good idea to represent this through darker imagery this can then be seen as a convention of the type of song The tower block is a representation of the stars persona being from inner city London it gives a representation to the target audience of how the artist grew up as such images are stereotyped as working class background and a rougher upbringing this is a convention found in the rap genre especially as rap is generally aimed towards the younger more working class it creates commonalities between artist and audience The central bottom image and the bottom right image actually include the artist and show him as staring of into the distance witch further represents the emotion of the single and its meaning to the star as it appears he is thinking of the relationship. Further more the black white shows the relationship has troubled him. It is a common convention of all music to find the artist of the cd being the main focal point so people can recognise who the music is by

Magazine advertThe magazine advert is very similar to the digipak which was a conscious decision to make the single recognisable as being from the same artist. This is a clear use of a convention found in music adverts due as the artist wants the audience to easily recognise there albumThe use of QR code in the bottom left keeps the advert looking contemporary as its a modern thing linked to other technologies, something that is popular amongst are target audience range, due to this being a recent thing it is not as easily seen as a recognized convention yet but is becoming so Reviews can also be seen on the advert this is a common sight on music adverts as good reviews will attract those unfamiliar with artist to give him a listen especially if from respected sources such as the guardian The record label in the bottom right is another convention of music adverts as it can increase peoples interest in the artist as if from larger labels people gain the perception of professionalThe advert isnt overly wordy as this could be a deterrent to those who just want to find out when the single is coming out, so what's included is only the necessary information as well as a website link to find out more about the star. The inclusion of alternative links and methods to finding out more about the artist is a convention so to is the lack of words as to much text could take away from the star Still 1

This still is of the star of the music video walking in time of the beat this is a convention of music videos in general as it is often seen that those in the video are aware of the music in some way and is shown through there action's being in time with the beat, a more recognisable method of doing this is through dancing . This is a particular convention of dub step songs due there lack of lyrics usually With are video we chose to go with a slow establishment of the character this is not recognised as a convention of rap video or any music videos but it has been used before as it provides the audience with a sense of anticipation similar to that found in movies The clothing seen although Nike is a global brand it along with adidas plays a big part in representation of rap artists so having the star wearing such a brand adds to there more urban persona due to it being classed as sports wear The shot it self is a panning shot this is a definite convention of music videos in general as it provides the sense of the audience moving through the story of the music with the artist Still 2

This over shoulder shot provides the same affect of the panning as your still following the star of the video which I've already established as a convention of music videos in this video the male artist is the only recognisable figure you see witch is a convention found in hip hop/ rap videos as it provides empowerment to the star the other clothing being worn by the artist goes more against rap conventions as the more recognised image of baggy jeans and baggy shirt are replaced by what's described as a hipster look often found in pop videosStill 3

This close up is a convention of the hip hop/ rap genre as it establishes the artist whilst presenting them in more powerful and important light as they take up the majority of the frame Another convention shown in this clip is that of lip syncing witch is a convention of all music videos Though previously stated that it is a convention for the male star to be the only recognisable character in the video it is unconventional that we have not shown any females in are video what so ever as it is often found in rap music that there will be some female presence whether or not its actually part of the lyrics The fact that are video doesnt really follow a story but more so it follows the genre this being a convention of rap/hip hop music but it goes against music video conventions as a whole Still 4

Something often seen in are songs genre is the urban look as it is more associated with a harder up-bringing witch is important to raps key demographic as that being more working class it creates a connection between artist and fan so this shot of a hospital is made to look more urban due to the darkness of the colours. Although this is only really present in rappers initial stages of there career so it is probably better classed as a convention of up and coming rap artists it is a convention of music video for there to be shots of scenery that match the emotive features of the sing in this case that would be the underlying darkness and anticipation of what is going to come from this fatal attraction is matched by the shot of a overcast sky and a hospitalStill 5

long establishing shots are a convention of the rap genre but it is normally due to other reasons such as showing of ones wealth, in are video it is used to show the star of the videos exclusion as it matches the feelings of the song so this shot would then seem less conventional to rap but more so to the genre of music Still 6

This is a clip of a stop motion like effect that is not a convention of many music videos but it matches the dubstep beat in the background although dubtsep doesn'tt use videos enough to really draw any conventions from it as its based purely on the music and is often without lyrics Still 7

This is a tracking shot witch are a convention of music videos in general as it follows the star This shot is handheld witch is not a convention of music videos either but it is does so to match how out of control the story has become therefore it can be seen as a convention in that sense as it is exaggerating elements of the songs story

Still 8This shot is a mid shot following the main star as he walks towards the camera. This is a use of the rap/ hip hop convention that the star takes up the majority of the shot and at the same time uses the convention of following the star through the video