By Hannah Hoag. What You Are Going To Learn… First, we will start with Benita Bookworm. This part of the slideshow will explain to you about geographical.

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  • By Hannah Hoag

  • What You Are Going To LearnFirst, we will start with Benita Bookworm. This part of the slideshow will explain to you about geographical landforms, population, form of government and much more!

    Read on to discover the amazing facts about Spain

  • Benita BookwormFacts &CitiesArea- 504,782 sq kmPopulation- 40,397,842 (July 2006 est.)Major Cities- Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, and Malaga.This is Barcelona!!!

  • Geographical Features&BordersMajor Geographical Features- Bay of Biscay, Pyrenees Mts., Balearic Sea, Straight of Gibraitar, and the Mediterranean SeaOceans or Country Borders- France, Portugal, Italy, and North Atlantic Ocean

  • ExportsMajor Exports- Fuels and lubricants, chemicals, and transported vehicles

  • Government&ResourcesGreatest Natural Resources- coal, lignite, and iron oreForm of Government- Parliamentary MonarchyCOAL

  • LanguagesThere are no indigenous people in Spain!!!Languages- Castilian Spanish~ 74%, Catalan~ 17%, Galician~ 7%, Basque~ 2%.

  • How Do You Say?How many people live in this city?Cuntas personas viven en esta ciudad?

  • What You Are Going ToLearnOur next section of our slide will be about Carlota Culture. Here you will learn about some amazing sites of interest. It will include my opinion, and details about the selected place.

    Continue, to learn about the interesting sites of Spain!!!

  • Carlota CultureSitesSite 1:

    The Alhambra in Granada is said to be absolutely incredible! This palace is complex, vast, and occupies a large portion of the city centre. This site is of architectural interest, because of its beauty, and I personally think it would be a interesting and exciting place to visit.

  • SitesSite 2:Travelers can also visit the Plaza de Toros. Travelers can see some of Spains most important bullfights, especially during the festival of San Fermin. This is of historical interest, because it was built long ago, and housed some of the most incredible bullfights. It seems like a pretty fun place to visit.

  • SitesSite 3:Another historical site is the Casa de Museo Lope de Vega. Flix de Vega Carpio spent the last 25 years of his life, creating many of his greatest works of playwright. You can see many of his plays here, and it is of historical interest. I would definitely like to go!

  • How Do You Say? Where is the art museum?Dnde est el museo de arte?


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