By: Jared Yost. History  Hay production started in the early 1800’s  They cut hay by hand using sickles  Not until the 1860’s, reapers and binders

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Text of By: Jared Yost. History  Hay production started in the early 1800’s  They cut hay by hand...

Precision AG in Hay Production

Precision AG in Hay ProductionBy: Jared YostHistoryHay production started in the early 1800sThey cut hay by hand using sicklesNot until the 1860s, reapers and binders where being developed

Stationary balers came out to farmers in the early 1870sIn the 1936 the automatic round baler was inventedBoth square baler and round baler were used in most areas by the 1940s

Objectives in Hay Production Increase productivity Reduce fuel cost Reduce labor cost Software Equipment Hardware EquipmentRFID Radio Frequency Identification Device Date Time Moisture content Weight

Producer uses hand-held scanners to to read tags that are attached the bale

Trimble started in 2010 with ThingMagic Suppliers AGCO New Holland Case IH

Small Square BalersBale BaronBale Bandit

Bale BanditMetal Bands cost $1.26 per bundle of 21 balesCan handle 21 to 18 bale bundles, with length being from 37 to 42 Small bales bring a higher price per ton than the big squares or round bales

Bale BaronPlastic Twine25.00 for a 9000 ft roll = .016 per bundleAlso weaker than metal bandsSmart Solve - Computer Control System The Smart/Solve system runs using a PLC that constantly monitors and warns the operator when needed.

Handles from 1 to 10 bales.Will work with bales from 34" to 42" long.The Grapalator weight is 780 lbs.Rails can be removed and be stored on unit. R. Long GrapalatorProblemsMetal bands can break if the ground isnt smooth with the Bale BanditSometimes wont keep the bundle tightCost more for short term useHave to bale many acres to pay offHave to have a skid steer for the GrapalatorCostHire out .85 cents/bale using a Hay Wagon Cost: 5000 bale x .85/ bale = $4250 Revenue: $8/bale x 5000 bale = $40,000 Profit: Immediately Takes more time Need workers

Small Square Bundles (7x3)Cost: Bale Bandit = $50,000 New Bale Baron = $53,000 New Grappler = $5,500 New Skidsteer = $15,000 to $45,000Revenue: $120/bundle x 238 bundles = $40,000 Note: $300 for metal bandingProfit: 1 or 2 years, but save time and requires no help