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Ancient Greek Art. By: Sabah Al Sabah Sec. 7-4. Introduction. This presentation will include certain aspects of ancient Greek art: -The types of art that was used -Why they were used - How they were produced - Examples of the arts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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By: Sabah Al SabahSec. 7-4Ancient Greek ArtIntroductionThis presentation will include certain aspects of ancient Greek art: -The types of art that was used -Why they were used - How they were produced - Examples of the arts - Lastly how these arts have affected our modern society's view on art

Types of ArtGreek art was divided into five kinds; architecture, sculpture, painting, pottery and jewelry making.Architecture PaintingsThis form of Greek painting was used to help enhance architecture, by using certain techniques .The majority of this painting was done with bright colors in the form of patterns, and usually depicted nature and Greek culture on buildings in their time. Sculpture PaintingsThe majority of Greek sculptures made with marble or certain rocks. Most sculptures at the time showed people that were have dressed in drapes of cloth. Examples would be the thinker by the artist rodin.PotteryPottery is painted decorations on vases ect. It has become the primary source of information about the development of Greek art. It was made in a variety of sizes and shapes, according to its intended use.

Types of Art (continued)Painting :This for of Greek painting was made by using water and dirt or mud to create the paint. These Greek paintings told us about important events that occurred 2,500 years ago, and about their cultures and beliefs.

jewelry making: In the early 1100-900 BC jewelry making became a type of art that flourished in ancient Greece. Jewelers in ancient Greece used bronze and iron metal in making their jewelry , because they were noble metals and very rare. Examples of what they made are Rings, hair spirals, and bracelets. They were made in simplest forms by wire or very thin sheet metal which they mended into decorations.

Famous Greek ArtistsLydos -560-540 B.C. PainterEpiktetos -520-490 B.C. Vase PainterPamphaios -520-490 B.C. Potter Douris -500 B.C. Vase Painter ArtPrintsEpimenes -500 B.C. Jewelers Euphronios -500 B.C. Vase Painter ArtPrints The Harrow Painter -500 B.C. Painter The Kleophrades Painter -500 B.C. Vase Painter The Affecter- 6th Century B.C. Vase Painter The Amasis Painter -6th Century B.C. VasePainter Andokides- 6th Century B.C. Potter

Ancient Greek Art

Greek Art InfluenceThere are many similarities between art in ancient Greece, and art in today's world. Ancient Greek art influenced today's generation to produce a variety of unique arts. The techniques that were used in ancient Greece from jewelry making, to sculpting, and pottery designing are still evident in works that are produced today by many if not all artists in the modern world.ConclusionAfter viewing my presentation you know the ancient Greek artists, the types of ancient Greek arts, and the way they influenced the modern societys art. I hope after viewing my presentation you will learn something new about ancient Greek art.BibliographyBooksScriber, Charles/Ancient Greece and Roman Art/ New York/ 1998 Ellis, John/ Ancient Greek/ London/ unknown/ 2006Frey, Wendy/ History Alive/ US/ unknown/ 2004WebsitesThe Greek Jewellery in the Historic Period/, John,2008/,23,2010\University Press/ Ancient Greek Art/University Press/,23,2010

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