CAA Title V Regulatory Requirements

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CAA Title V Regulatory Requirements. Malcolm C. Weiss, Esq. (310) 712-6822 Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Marmaro LLP February 28, 2006 3323622 v3. Your Rights Under CAA Title V. MAJOR GOALS/CONSIDERATIONS Gain clarity in requirements Avoid conflicting requirements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of CAA Title V Regulatory Requirements

  • CAA Title V Regulatory RequirementsMalcolm C. Weiss, Esq.(310) 712-6822mweiss@jmbm.comJeffer, Mangels, Butler & Marmaro LLPFebruary 28, 2006

    3323622 v3

  • Your Rights Under CAA Title VMAJOR GOALS/CONSIDERATIONSGain clarity in requirementsAvoid conflicting requirementsStreamline permitMaximize operational flexibility

  • Your Rights Under CAA Title V (Cont.)MAJOR PROGRAM ELEMENTSPublic notice and commentNo tighter emission standards5 year term (renewal)Greater MR&R obligationsCertification requirements

  • Title V Permits IssuedCalifornia 58 %12/31/01

  • Title V Permits Issued12/31/03California >81 %

  • Title V Permits IssuedSCAQMD 78 %

  • Title V PermitsBring It All TogetherRelevant emission limitsNSR & PSD (CAA 110)NSPS (CAA 111)HAPs (CAA 112)Monitoring, reporting and record keepingCompliance plan and schedule

  • Applicability in SoCAB8 tpy VOC 8 tpy NOx 80 tpy SOx 40 tpy CO 56 tpy PM10 8 tpy Single HAP 20 tpy Combo HAP

  • Attaining YourPermitting GoalsPractical considerationsAdministrative considerationsLegal considerations

  • Attaining Your GoalsPractical ConsiderationsPublic ParticipationDraft permit open for public reviewPublic comments due within 30 daysHearing may be requestedEPA comments due within 45 daysDistrict weighs commentsPermit may issue after comments considered

  • Sample Public Notice

  • Attaining Your GoalsPractical ConsiderationsOpen a dialogue with the DistrictMeet with District prior to draft permit issuingCheck on public commentsAssist District in responding to commentsOpen EPA dialogue, as needed

  • Attaining Your GoalsAdmin. / Legal ConsiderationsPublic or applicant can challenge issuance of permit to District Hearing Board (30 days)Public or applicant can challenge issuance of permit to EPA (60 days)After administrative remedies are exhausted, public or applicant may file suit (90 days)

  • Simplifies Enforcement Since It Is All TogetherClears ambiguities between State and federal requirementsEnhances monitoring and reporting requirements

  • Permit ShieldIfPermittee requests and is granted shield statusPermit states that shield appliesIdentifies applicable and non-applicable provisionsThenCompliance with permit =s compliance with the CAAs applicable requirements

  • Permit StreamliningExisting requirements may be redundant or conflictingMultiple existing applicable requirements may be streamlined into a single set of requirementsPermit terms and conditions must assure compliance

  • Permit Streamlining (Cont.)Recognizes that some requirements may be subsumed under streamlined requirementsCompliance with the streamlined provision is considered compliance with the subsumed requirements

  • ARBs Rules Log Database

  • EPA White Paper #3Draft 08/07/00Design of Flexible Air PermitsAllows specified future operational changes without permit revisionFacilitates opportunities to comply in smarter more efficient ways

  • Title V Permitting FlexibilityWhere are my rights/obligationslisted?Local districtprogram rulesLocal districtregulationsEPA guidancedocumentsFederal Regs(40 CFR, Part 70)

  • Key Components for FlexibilityIncorporate anticipated future changesMust describe changes to be advance approvedRequires advance notice before operational changeMR&R flexible permit must include necessary additional data collection requirements

  • Key Components for Flexibility (Cont)ExamplesConsiderEmissions limit rather than VOC content of coatingsMonthly emissions limit rather than Btu input per hour

  • Your Rights Under Title VMAJOR GOALS

    Streamline permitGain clarity in requirementsAvoid conflicting requirementsMaximize operational flexibility

  • CAA Title V Regulatory RequirementsMalcolm C. Weiss, Esq.(310) 712-6822mweiss@jmbm.comJeffer, Mangels, Butler & Marmaro LLPFebruary 28, 2006

    3323622 v3