Camera shots, editing & sound worksheets

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  • 1. Shot Type Definition Shot Type DefinitionExtreme Close- A picture taken at extremely Mid-Shot In film, a medium shot is a cameraUp close range; for example, an shot from a medium distance extreme close-up of a face might show only an eye. A photograph or a film orClose-Up television shot in which the subject is tightly framed and Long-Shot A shot including objects at a shown at a relatively large scale. distanceExtreme Long High angle The camera is placed above theShot In the Extreme Long Shot also plane of action being filmed and known as the Wide Shot (WS), points downwards the subject is small in the overall image.
  • 2. Point of View a position from which someone Low angle is a shot from a camera positioned or something is observed lowEditing Technical terms and definitions Term Definition Term Definition Slow Dissolve motion Cut 180rule Continuity Fade editing
  • 3. Shot- Wipe reverse shotSuperimpo Jump Cut se Moving image unit - sound Technical Term Meaning Example Diegetic Sound Non-diegetic sound Sound bridge
  • 4. Parallel sound Contrapuntal Sound CAMERA DESCRIPTION CAMERA DESCRITION MOVEMENT MOVEMENTPanning Rolling Crane ShotTrackingTilt High angle


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