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CAPITAL Carbon Credits - Amazon S3 t Capital Carbon Credits, we aim to generate significant returns from an outstanding opportunity to invest in rainforest land designed to generate

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  • Mayfair House, 124 New Bond Street , London W1S 1DX Tel . 020 3551 2645 www.capita lcarboncredi ts .com

    CAPITAL Carbon Credits

  • The carbon industry is the fastest growing commodities market – increasing by 33% in 2010 alone*

    **If your land does not generate carbon credits within three years of your investment and subject to the terms and conditions.


  • At Capital Carbon Credits, we aim to generatesignificant returns from an outstanding opportunity to invest in rainforest land designed to generate carbon

    credits – and help to defend against increasing greenhouse

    gas emissions.

    • Low risk ethical investment

    • Carbon credit potential generated through Reducing

    Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation

    in Developing Countries (REDD)

    • Project monitored by a third-party auditor

    • You help protect rainforest

    • Designed to generate carbon credits that can

    be traded

    • Full money back guarantee if your land is not granted

    accreditation for the issue of carbon credits*

    • Carbon credits can be sold on the Voluntary Carbon Market – a liquid and expanding marketplace

    • Help offset your personal carbon footprint

    • Minimum investment £5,000 – 4 hectares (10 acres)

    of land including £300 accreditation fee per hectare*

    • Target return in excess of 50% within 36 months

    • You own the carbon credits generated from your

    allocated plot

    • 50,000 hectare project in Western Africa

    * This is only payable if you elect to have your rainforest land accreditated for you by the Company’s accreditation specialist

    Key Parties & Advisors

    UK Lawyer - Advisors Edwin Coe LLP 2 Stone Buildings Lincoln’s Inn London WC2A 3TH

    Sierra Leone Lawyer Serry-Kamalaco 14 Lightfoot Boston St. Freetown Sierra Leone

    Capital Carbon Credits Mayfair House 124 New Bond Street London W1S 1DX

    Project Developer/Accreditation Specialists Climate Care Global Limited 88 Wood Street London EC2B 7RS

    Receiving Agent Capital Secretarial Limited Sophia House Third Floor 76-80 City Road London EC1Y 2BJ


    CAPITAL Carbon Credits, Tel: 020 3551 2645, Email: [email protected], Web:


    CAPITAL Carbon Credits

  • Rainforest is perfect land for conservation since it isextremely valuable ecologically and highly efficient at absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen into the

    atmosphere. This is opposite to the way in which we

    breathe, but it also means trees help to absorb some of

    the pollution that is produced by industry and corporations

    around the world. As industry has increased, so have

    emissions and we are now at a stage where it is imperative

    that we try to regain the natural balance. Whether we work

    or not, we each have our own personal carbon footprint

    that is influenced by the transport we use, the food that

    we eat and the way in which we live.

    As a result, governments around the world are coalescing

    into a consistent view that the excess carbon emissions

    must be offset in some way. This investment opportunity

    allows you to contribute by avoiding the deforestation of

    land, and retaining the trees on it.

    Carbon credits are therefore all about balance. If an

    individual or a corporation is causing a level of carbon

    emissions that is either too high or does not tally with

    their ethical outlook, it is possible for them to offset their

    emissions and neutralise their carbon footprint. Carbon

    credits are in effect currency that allows companies or

    individuals to pay to remove their excess carbon dioxide

    from the air.

    why we need rainforest


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    When you invest with us, you are investing in a keyrainforest region – Sierra Leone. We consider Sierra Leone to offer exemplary access to potential carbon credit

    generation. We anticipate that all plots will be of

    equivalent potential and ability in the generation of

    carbon credits. Plots are sold by way of 4 hectares (10

    acres) sub-leases over the land for a term of 45 years. Once

    80% of the total leased area has been sub-leased, the

    individual plots will be legally registered; this has no

    impact on the granting of the Carbon Credits.

    Climate exchange Our appointed carbon accreditation partner is Climate Care.

    Climate Care is the leading project developer in sourcing

    and developing Certified Emission Reduction (CER) projects

    credits through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

    applied to emission reduction projects in developing

    countries which deliver real and measurable emission

    reductions. Climate Care is our appointed accreditation

    specialist, however you retain the option of appointing

    your own carbon credit accreditation specialist. Once the

    accreditation and auditing process is complete, you will

    be allocated the total number of carbon credits related to

    your plots.

    Carbon credits are traded on unrelated international

    environmental trading platforms. A European emissions

    trading scheme known as the European Union Emission

    Trading System (EU ETS) is one of the largest global carbon

    credit trading schemes. Under the EU ETS, companies that

    emit large amounts of carbon dioxide must oversee and

    report on their emissions levels.

    African rainforest

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    African rainforest

    Our 50,000 hectares bordering the Gola Forest is ahighly significant rainforest area of Sierra Leone. The region is a rich conservation site and has prime rainforest

    flora and fauna. The land we have for investment is located

    near the border with Liberia, and is lowland rain forest in

    Sierra Leone. The bordering Gola Forest

    ( is internationally recognised as

    an important area to preserve from deforestation, and also

    home to a diverse variety of natural habitats. The Gola

    Forest is the largest area of closed canopy lowland rain

    forest remaining in Sierra Leone. As a result, it is a key

    region in which carbon credit generation is likely.

    The fact that such areas in the country are coming under

    increasing pressure from agriculture and population

    expansion means that its protection is also critical.

    The country has gone through a transformation of sorts

    over recent years as its troubled past fades. According to

    the Sierra Leone Investment and Export Promotion Agency

    (SLIEPA, 2008):

    ‘With Sierra Leone’s long civil strife behind it, the country

    is poised to usher in a new era of economic growth and

    prosperity. Having held successful democratic elections,

    economic recovery has begun, and increasing attention is

    being paid to creating the policies and developing the

    infrastructure needed to support economic development

    and create jobs.’

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    already involved and increasing their commitments to

    emissions reduction as well as offsetting any emissions.

    At Capital Carbon Credits (CCC) we have appointed Climate

    Care Global Ltd, a UK company specialising in the business

    of sourcing and developing carbon credits, to manage the

    carbon accreditation process for the land our investors

    own. The key people within this company have been

    selected to manage the accreditation process. A feasibility

    study has been recently completed. Some of the key

    findings include:

    • Based on all the information we have collected and

    researched, it is our view that REDD Gola forest, Sierra

    Leon should gain full accreditation.

    • We estimate that it should successfully yield 400 VERS per hectare. As a guide, one hectare of rainforest equals about 400 tonnes CO2 stored. As a rainforest regenerates from bare land, it absorbs 10 tonnes

    (10,000 kg) or more per hectare per year.

    • The Gola Forest is the largest area of lowland rain

    forest remaining in Sierra Leone, and is one of the

    most important sites for the conservation of

    threatened wildlife in the country.

    • The forest is being diminished by a total of 0.7% per

    year as of this time.

    You may wish however to choose your own firm to manage the carbon accreditation process. If this is the case please indicate this on the application form and one of our sales managers will contact you.

    There are two main types of carbon credits: CERs(certified emission reductions) are projects that are verified under the Kyoto Protocol compliance regime. This

    is compulsory UN legislation to which countries that have

    signed-up are required to adhere.

    The other type of carbon credits are VERs (voluntary

    emissions reductions) which are voluntary but also have to

    be formally accredited by the UN. The avoided

    deforestation project we are offering you falls into this

    category. This market generally uses project-based

    crediting mechanisms. Corporations or individuals who fall

    outside the area of obligatory emissions targets are able to

    offset their emissions in this way.

    It is a dynamic market

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