Car service to lax airport

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<ul><li><p>Car Service to Lax Airport </p><p> Choose to go for car service to Lax airport provided by Saferide Limo </p><p>Service Inc. This dealer is one of popular ones out there and you </p><p>would enjoy travelling in its cars. </p><p> LAX has flights to 66 international destinations on more than 75 air </p><p>carriers. It ranks 13th in the world in the amount of air cargo tonnage </p><p>handled. </p><p> Originally known as Mines Field, the LAX site has been used as a </p><p>general aviation field since 1928. </p><p>Address:Saferide Limo Service Inc. </p><p>6519 S Sepulveda Blvd Suite 256 Los Angeles, CA 90045 </p></li></ul>