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12 TH – 13 TH MARCH 2016 CARNAGE

CARNAGE - warhammerworld.games-workshop.com · Games Workshop, including Black Library, White Dwarf and Forge World (excluding Horus Heresy publications). ... Insults have been traded

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Text of CARNAGE - warhammerworld.games-workshop.com · Games Workshop, including Black Library, White Dwarf...

  • 12TH 13TH MARCH 2016


  • Welcome to Throne of Skulls: Carnage. Ahead of you lies a weekend dedicated to the hobby of collecting, painting and playing carnage filled games with Citadel Miniatures.

    Throne of Skulls events are perfect for all hobbyists to come and enjoy as the focus is on camaraderie and playing in the spirit of the game; that is to say friendly competition and fair play are the order of the day.

    WHAT IS THRONE OF SKULLS?At Throne of Skulls, youll get to lead your army through 5 games of Warhammer 40,000 over incredible terrain, facing fully painted armies led by like-minded opponents. You will fight for personal glory in the arenas of gaming, painting, sportsmanship and more. Grab your collection of miniatures, head to Nottingham for a hobby experience like no other.

    THE COLISEUM OF CARNAGELong have the Dark Eldar been cursed with a dark destiny that drives their every thought, every action. Their souls, shattered long ago by the birth of the Chaos God Slaanesh, fall from them like shards of a broken mirror with the passage of time. The only way the Dark Eldar have found to repair the damage is to inflict pain and suffering on others, and this has shaped them into a cruel and bitter race, with little regard for others, even those of their own kind.

    Of all the Dark Eldar however, there are a few who have reached such age that neither the regular performances of the Wyches in the arenas of Commorragh, nor the naked terror inflicted by a real-space raid are no longer potent enough give them any succor against the draining influence of their curse. For these Dark Eldar there is no option but to inflict such misery on such a grand and epic scale that the galaxy itself shudders in horror.

    Arakan Drys is one such Dark Eldar.

    Once a century, to prevent his withering, Arakan Drys holds what he calls the Colosseum of Carnage. He manipulates warriors of every kind on an inconceivable scale and draws them together until they have no choice but to wage all out war on each other. Whole sectors of space burn and entire populaces go missing overnight as the Dark Eldar run rampant in the ensuing chaos.

    Through it all Arakan Drys simply sits back and waits. Macabre and malefic devices developed by the infamous Haemonculus Urien Rakarth that harvest and distil pain have been prepared and planted all across the designated sector. Once war breaks out these horrific inventions soak up the pain and misery of a thousand times a thousand battles and transfer it all into his flagship, there to be distilled into a toxic draught which Archon Drys can imbibe at his leisure. It is in this way and this way alone that he can refresh himself and prevent his dark and terrible fate.

    In addition to soaking up the surrounding agony, these near magical structures also serve a second, more sinister function - they drive warriors to untold levels of bloodlust and well.. carnage!As a result, unique to this event will be the Carnage set of Tactical Objectives - this deck of cards is full to the brim of missions that are all about inflicting damage on the enemy - see below under Carnage - The Name of the Game later in this event pack for further details on how these will affect the results of the weekend.

    EVENT ESSENTIALSDate: 12th - 13th of March 2016System: Warhammer 40,000Army Size: At least one army of up to 1700 pointsNumber of games: 5Army Selection: Battle Forged or Unbound (you choose)Scenarios in use: Maelstrom of War (randomly determined)Publications in use: All Warhammer 40,000 publications from Games Workshop, including Black Library, White Dwarf and Forge World (excluding Horus Heresy publications).

    A NOTE ON PAINTING AND BASING:At registration we will ask you if your army is fully painted and based. If it isnt dont panic! We will do our best to give you the time and space you need to get your models finished before your first game. As we dont allow anyone to play with unpainted or unbased models, but we understand that life gets in the way sometimes, we will do our best to help you get them up to standard.

    If you have a model which is unfinished, then we politely ask you to remove it from the table, as we are obliged to protect the experience of every attendant - we all want to play against fully painted armies, and this event is designed to give everyone the opportunity to do just that!

    All miniatures in your collection must beproduced by Games Workshop and be fullyassembled, painted and based. Each model must fully represent what you have presented on your army lists.

  • THE SCHEDULESATURDAY 12TH MARCH9:00am Warhammer World main doors open9:55am Welcome and event briefing10:00am- 12:30pm Game 112:30pm - 1:30pm Lunch and the Hero, Beast and Engine of Legends1:30pm - 4:00pm Game 24:00pm - 4:30pm Break4:30pm - 7:00pm Game 3 and the Company of Legends8:00pm Warhammer World closes

    SUNDAY 13TH MARCH9:00am Doors open.10:00am - 12:30pm Game 412:30pm - 1:30pm Lunch and the Best Army Competition Voting1:30pm - 4:00pm Game 54:00pm - 4:45pm Break4:45pm- 5:00pm Award Ceremony5:00pm Event closes

    ARMIESTo attend this event, you will need at least one fully painted and based army of up to 1700 points, selected using the choosing your army section of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook (page 116).

    You may bring more armies if you wish, and play any of them that you feel like game to game. This is to give everyone involved a bit of variety over the weekend. While many people are perfectly happy to play with just one army over the weekend, its not a requirement of the event and if you want to mix it up a little you can.

    Please be aware however that we do require that all of the miniatures you bring have been produced by Games Workshop and are fully assembled, painted and based. For the sake of clarity for your opponents, and to avoid mid-game confusion, we also require that each model represents exactly what it is on your army lists (including all weapons and equipment).

    GAMESOver the course of the weekend, you will get to play five games of Warhammer 40,000, each lasting up to two and a half hours. Before each game, we will randomly select a mission from the Maelstrom of War section of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook (pages 148-153), which everyone in the event will play. Once the mission is played, it will be crossed off our list; each one will only be played a maximum of once.

    All your opponents throughout the weekend will be randomly selected for you by the Events Team. Simply find out what table you are on, and make your way there to meet your opponent and start your game.

    GRUDGESIf you and another player agree, we can arrange that you play against each other in the last game. This is a great way to ensure a thoroughly climatic ending to your weekend, or a chance to settle old grudges in the finest way possible - alongside a good friend.

    We call these matches grudge matches and we take details after your first game on Sunday during lunchtime - so if you want to arrange a match just let us know!

    CARNAGE: THE NAME OF THE GAMEArchon Drys has set up a Coliseum light years in size that covers hundreds of planets, all for the purpose of inflicting as much carnage as possible over the shortest period of time. He has cast his net wide and armies of every variety are slowly caught in a web of deceit that sets them against each other in a massive war for no other purpose but the outright destruction of the enemy.

    The perfidy of the Dark Eldar knows no bounds and the acts that have been used to get the armies to this place have stirred up a great hatred of the other combatants. Insults have been traded with Chapter Masters, Orks have been driven into a psychotic fury and even the star-devouring Tyranids have been lured to this sector of space, all ready to fall upon the enemy with tooth and claw.

    To represent this unremitting fury (which only gets worse as the weekend goes on) we will providing a unique deck of Tactical Objectives for every attendant. These Objectives will have a mix of missions, but by and large you will be shooting, chopping and generally discomfiting the enemy in a variety of fun ways.

    There will be a certain amount of objective controlling that is the heart of Maelstrom of War, but be aware that the slaughter of the enemy will usually be the order of the day!

    SNEAK PEEKSThroughout the three months the tickets are on sale, we will be doing sneaky previews of some of the Tactical Objectives in use for the weekend so keep an eye out here and sign up to our newsletter for breaking news!

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  • THE PAIN INDEXEach battle you fight is part of a larger game being played by the vile Archon Arakan Drys. His hidden pain converters are siphoning the horror of war into a life-giving draught. Naturally, there will be some side effects as the incumbent misery is harvested and fed into space.

    As the levels of Carnage rise over the weekend, so too will the heinous paint-gathering machines influence your warriors into ever more murderous acts. After each round, we will be taking a total tally of Carnage Points (see below for rules on how this works). As tally rises, your warriors will be driven to acts of barbarity as the influence of Drys artefacts becomes more and more present. This effect is known as the Pain Index.

    THE PAIN INDEX:Tier 1: Agony Rises: All models at the event gains the Rage Special RuleTier 2: Agony Ascendant: All models at the event gains the Counter-Attack Special RuleTier 3: The Power of Pain: All models at the event gains the Furious Charge Special RuleTier 4: Pain Fuelled Madness: All models at the event may re-roll failed rolls to Wound in Close Combat.

    The number of carnage points that need to be caused will be based on the number of attendants at the weekend, but the effects are provided above so you can see how things will progress.

    SCORINGThroughout the event, youll earn Victory Points in your games. At the end of each game, simply record how Victory Points you earned for primary and secondary missions combined. How many Victory Points, combined with how many Favourite Game Votes (see below) you score will help determine who is awarded the mighty Throne of Skulls trophy.

    CARNAGE POINTSAt this Throne of Skulls, the name of the game is of course, to cause as much carnage as possible to the enemy. As a result we have a unique award to give away the Primordial Annihilator to whoever scores the most Carnage Points that weekend. We will record Carnage Points using the following rules: Carnage points are the sum of all Wounds and Hull Points inflicted

    over the course of the battle, totalled up at the end of the game. Any unit that is destroyed at the end of the game gives up its

    maximum available Carnage Points. Each Hull Point of damage on a Super Heavy Vehicle is worth three

    Carnage Points. For example if you killed an Imperial Knight you would score a hefty 18 Carnage Points!

    Each Wound caused to a Monstrous Creature is worth two Carnage Points. For example if you killed a Carnifex, it would be worth 8 Carnage Points.

    Every Independent Character killed is worth an extra 2 Carnage Points.

    EXAMPLE:John and Andy play a game, Blood Angels vs Tau. The Imperium of Man suffered an ignominious defeat at the hands of the energetic Tau. Lets look at one set of scores to see how it works.

    ANDYS CARNAGE POINTS TOTAL:1 Predator - 3 Carnage Points30 Tactical Marines - 30 Carnage Points1 Space Marine Captain - 5 Carnage Points1 Imperial Knight - 18 Carnage Points1 Unit of Terminators, killed by Deep Strike Mishap - 5 Carnage Points

    ALIVE, BUT DAMAGED/INJURED:1 Dreadnought with 1 Hull Point remaining - 2 Carnage Points1 Stormraven Gunship 2 Hull Points remaining - 1 Carnage Point1 Librarian - 1 Wound remaining - 1 Carnage Point.So we can see from this that Andy scores a mighty 65 Carnage Points.

    FAVOURITE GAME VOTESFavourite Game Votes are simple - just pick the game you enjoyed the most that weekend. Its a great way to acknowledge a really fun game, an opponent with whom you had a great rapport, or maybe it was just that their army looked fantastic. Votes are taken at the end of the weekend with the results of your final game, so please show your appreciation of your favourite opponent.

    HOW TO WIN THE THRONE OF SKULLSAt the end of the weekend, we will call all of the players who have earned the most Favourite Game votes to the stage. Of these players, the one who has scored the most Victory Points will be awarded the legendary Throne of Skulls trophy. Only players who themselves handed in a Favourite Game vote are eligible.At this Throne of Skulls, if there is a further tie after Victory Points, then we will use Carnage Points as a final sorter.Other activities during the event

    LUNCHWe will be providing lunch for you on both days - Saturday and Sunday. The menu is decided closer to date by our expert chefs, and we make sure that a wide variety of dietary requirements are catered for. If you can let us know before the event then we can easily accommodate any requests, but if you cant (or forget!) dont worry - we will also circle the hall during the first game asking for any specific requests and you can inform us then too.

  • LEGENDS PAINTING COMPETITIONSLegends gives you the chance to show off your skills with single models and units rather than with whole armies. Simply enter the relevant category when its open; once all the entries are in, we will ask all the players to vote for their favourites. The player that earns the most votes in each category will win the relevant prize. (Please note: only miniatures from your Throne of Skulls army may be entered into this competition).

    Hero of Legend: All types of Infantry, Cavalry, Bikes and JetbikesBeast of Legend: Monstrous Creatures, Flying Monstrous CreaturesEngine of Legend: All vehicles and Artillery.Company of Legend: Any unit of 5 or less Infantry or cavalry on 40mm bases or smaller or 3 or less Cavalry, Bikes, Jetbikes or Infantry on 50mm bases or larger.

    The winners of each category will be presented with their awards on Saturday afternoon before the Game 3 begins.

    THE BEST ARMY COMPETITIONIts an honour for any hobbyist to have their army nominated by the Events team for the Best Army competition. Make sure you show your appreciation by voting for your favourite collection from those selected during Sunday lunch time. The player who receives the most number of votes will be earn the Best Army award and glory shall be theirs!

    If you plan to bring multiple armies to this event, then let the events team which, if any you would prefer to be considered for the Best Army award. We would also recommend you use that army in the first game, so we can get a chance to see it in all its glory!

    AWARDSAt the end of Throne of Skulls, we will hold an Awards Ceremony where recognise the achievements earned over the course of the event. We will be presenting:The Throne of Skulls to the Most Sporting Player who has scored the most Victory Points.Best Army to the player who earns the most Best Army votes during lunch time on Sunday.The Hero, Beast, Engine and Company of Legends awards will go to the winners of each respective Legends painting competitions.The Primordial Annihilator: This award will go to the player who achieves the most Carnage Points over the weekend.

    CONTACT USIf you want to ask us questions, discuss the models you wish to bring, or want to find out more about Throne of Skulls, please feel free to get in touch with us:Phone: 0115 900 4994Email: [email protected]: Warhammer World Events TeamGames WorkshopWillow RoadLentonNottinghamEnglandNG7 2WS

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