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ByHarish (2t3-08)Sai Sowjanya(2t3-17)J.Ramya (2t3-20) Agasthia (22005)Jyothilakshmi (220-15)Shruthi(220-76)Adithya(220-95){

INTRODUCTIONChairperson and CEO of Biocon Ltd, Indias largest Biotechnology company.Born on March 23, 1953Schooling at Bishop Cotton Girls School and Mount Carmel College, BangaloreB.Sc. in Zoology from Bangalore University in 1973Ballarat University in Melbourne, Australia and qualified as a master brewer.Awarded honorary doctorates from University of Abertay, Dundee, U.K. (2007), University of Glasgow, U.K. (2008) and Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, U.K. (2008)

Trainee brewer in Carlton & United Beverages in 1974Became Indias first Brew MasterSwitch of occupationTrainee Manager with Biocon Biochemical Limited in Ireland in 1978Founded Biocon India in collaboration with Biocon Biochemical Limited

HER CAREERProblem SolverAdaptabilityPersonal Responsibility TakerEmpirical OptimismResourcefulnessEnduranceInsightHumilityAwarenessConfidenceDecisivenessPersonableIntelligenceEffective Communicator

Prerequisites Of A Successful Entrepreneur4Glass CeilingDEFINITION:A glass ceiling is a political term used to describe "the unseen, yet unbreachable barrier that keeps minorities and women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements.The Indian corporate has been largely male dominated, women have been able to make a mark, but not at the same speed as is seen in the rest of the world. In India, only about 25 percent of the business leadership comprises women. Whereas when compared to other countries, women comprise nearly 60 percent of the business leadership. Women get so accustomed to their existing job role, which prevents them from reaching the top level. Moreover the organization also has a feeling that it is not worth investing in because, they would get married, have a baby and quit. The challenges might continue to exist, but there is no doubt that a greater representation of women at the workplace is vital today. Women like Kiran Mazumdar Shaw (CEO of Biocon, India), Ekta Kapoor, Joint Managing Director and Creative Director of Balaji Telefilms , Swati A. Piramal, Vice Chairperson of Piramal Life Sciences and others of their ilk rub shoulders with men in board rooms and are continuously proving that women are and can be as successful as men. REASONS FOR BIOCONS SUCCESSNo, that was not only the reason for her success.The ability to attract and motivate good people was a key factor behind Biocons success.People were hand picked by kiran Mazumdar, they grew with the company and could not think of working for any other company.Biocon has entrepreneurship ,drive ,and scientific talent in abundance.

Biocon emerged as an integrated biotechnology enterprise with presence in biopharmaceuticals, enzymes , custom research , clinical research.

Biocon was Indias largest biotechnology company in terms of revenues.

The partnership with Cuban institute CIMAB results to launch the Indias first anti-cancer drug (BIOMAB-EGFR).


Personal challengesYouthful ageGenderUnfamiliar businessLack of funds/ assetsInfrastructureQualityManaging investors expectations

BIOTECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY IN INDIABiotechnology has transformed many parts of the chemical industry, agriculture and medicine.The consumption of biotech products in India was expected to quadruple within a decade.The human and animal segment of the industry alone was growing by at least 20%.In 1999, Indian Biotech Industry contributes to 1.5% of the global biotech industry.In India 800 Companies were operating in all sectors of biotechnology, but only 25 were working in the modern biotech sectors.

10ADVANTAGES OF BIOTECH INDUSTRY IN INDIARich Bio-diversityVaried Species of flora and fauna.Varied climatic zones.Large population and varied demography.Largest agriculture sector.World class information technology.Vast pool of talented and skilled man power.English as the accepted business language.Lower operational costs and technologies.

Increasing Government support for bio technology industry.Government is implementing a national Biotechnology Development Strategy (NBDS) and establishing a national Biotechnology Regulatory Authority (NBRA).100% FDI in biotechnology sector.Special tax benefitsIndia had proved its competency in selected areas of biotechnology such as bioprocess engineering ,skills in gene manipulation of microbes and animal cells, capacity in downstream processing and isolation methods, and its competence in recombinant DNA technology of plants and animals.Kiran Mzumdar Shaw steered the company through several reinventions, first moving from being an enzymes maker to stains and when prices crashed & chinese competition intensified, she shifted focus to bio-pharma. Now she is focusing on three main businesses-Biocon, Syngene & Clinigene and the company as a major biopharma company.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is aware that the real opportunity lies in the US and Western Europe, where hundred of billions of dollar are spent on pharmaceuticals every year. However she also realizes that such markets are difficult to enter as regulatory charges are high and there are many large competitors, much larger than Biocon.PERSONALITYHigh self esteemLoves and believes in herselfTradition and cultureHigh on conscientiousnessReliableResponsibleOrganizedDependableHigh on agreeablenessWarm with employees, stakeholdersTrustHigh on emotional stabilityPositive emotional stability

Transformational LeadershipBehavior: Count on every one to give best. Transform teams even under unfavorable conditions Serve as role model How this works: By pursuing innovation with strategic actions. Motivate group by strengthening team optimism and commitment also enthusiasm.