Case Study (MEDC) Cancun, Mexico. Where is Cancun?

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Case Study (MEDC) Cancun, Mexico Slide 2 Where is Cancun? Slide 3 How Cancun developed In 1967, Cancuns history was changed forever when a computer search chose it as the ideal spot for a Mexican beach resort. Before the Mexican government decided to transform a strip of sand inhabited by about hundreds of birds, iguanas and a handful of Mayan fishermen into a major tourist resort, Cancun was a peaceful, isolated paradise. Slide 4 How Cancun developed Construction began in 1974 and the current city of Cancun rose out of the sand and jungle as a city with no past, populated by people who were born someplace else. By the mid-1980s Cancun had become one of the most popular tourist destinations. A mere 25 years old, it has mushroomed into a vibrant city with 50,000 inhabitants and 3 million visitors per year, including 2 million foreign tourists. Slide 5 Tourist Zone A narrow island 14 miles long, is the area of Cancun where it all comes together for most visitors. In the tourist area one is never very far from the water so naturally much of your time is going to be spent in, on, or very close to the water. Restaurants and nightclubs in the tourist zone, of which there are many, come in endless varieties with something that is just right for everyone. Slide 6 Cancun Cancun is a classic example of mass tourism. In other words, a huge number of jobs have been created by the massive number of tourists arriving on a relatively cheap package holiday. Slide 7 Mass Tourism definition Mass tourism is a form of tourism that involves tens of thousands of people going to the same resort often at the same time of year. It is the most popular form of tourism as it is often the cheapest way to holiday, and is often sold as a package deal. Slide 8 Problems with Mass Tourism e-impact-of-mass-tourism-in- spain/1569.html e-impact-of-mass-tourism-in- spain/1569.html Slide 9 Task One In pairs, complete the following: Make a list of the factors which make Cancun such a popular resort. Make a list of jobs that have been created by tourism: Directly (people employed to provide a service to tourists) Indirectly (an existing job that benefits from tourism) Slide 10 Task Two Read through pages 68 and 69 in the textbook. Answer questions 1, 2a, 2b (on sheet), 3a and 3b. REMEMBER write in full sentences your revision will be useless if it doesnt make sense! Slide 11 How has Cancun changed? pUfiI8pU-Y pUfiI8pU-Y Slide 12 What are the disadvantages of tourism in Cancun? Disadvantages of tourism in Cancun Slide 13 Task Three Read through the information sheet. Answer the question: Why cant Emilio use the beach in Cancun? Slide 14 Social costs of tourism in Cancun In Cancun the hotel zone is separate from the local community a design known as tourist enclave. Tourists stay in luxury, air conditioned hotels, whilst the workers travel over a hour away to Puerto Juarez, where they live in shanty housing. Slide 15 Social costs of tourism in Cancun Local people arent even allowed on the beaches. The beaches are owned by the state, and controlled by the hotels. They keep local people away to prevent tourists from being hassled by vendors who try to sell food, drinks and other services. Slide 16 Working conditions in Cancun Working conditions in the tourism industry in Cancun are poor. Many earn only $5 for working a 12-14 hour day. Many workers in hotels are only offered short, temporary contracts. This means that workers can be laid off at the end of a 1-3 month contract if the seasonal pattern of visitors means there is insufficient work. Slide 17 Contrast in wealth Contrast in wealth can create conflict and frustration. Local teenagers grow up expecting to enjoy similar consumer goods to those they see being enjoyed by tourists - but they cant always afford them. Shops sell imported foods, drinks and clothing but these are often more expensive than local products and are too expensive to buy. Slide 18 Task Four Read through the information on pages 78 and 79. Answer questions, 1a,b,c, 2a,b,c and 3a,b,c REMEMBER write in full sentences your revision will be useless if it doesnt make sense!