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  • 1. Introducing theCisco Catalyst 2955Cisco Industrial Ethernet Solutions

2. Agenda Cisco and Industrial EthernetCatalyst 2955 Overview Management and Support Sales Information 3. Cisco and Ethernet Networking

  • Cisco is the worldwide leader in Networking Technology
  • Has shipped Hundreds of Millions of Ethernet ports
  • Thousands of engineers supporting the products and developing new features
  • Billions of dollars invested in R&D every year
  • Financially solid for a long term projection (debt free & $20B in cash reserves)

4. Cisco and Industrial Ethernet

  • Cisco has been present in manufacturing operations for many years in process control and discrete manufacturing
  • Member ofthe major industry organizations and a contributor to industry publications, best practices documentation, and standards (ISA, ODVA, Fieldbus Foundation, IEEE, etc.)


  • Level 1: Connectivity
  • Certification to the Connectivity Level means the product can be physically connected, installed, operated, reinstalled and disconnected to/from an Industrial IT system.
  • The product will exchange information with the Industrial IT system via defined interfaces, and basic data e.g. the most frequent operational data -- can be handled reliably over at least one defined protocol.
  • The product is certified not to introduce disturbances in the environment where it is deployed.
  • Cisco products certified to Level 1 include the Catalyst 2955 industrial ethernet switches.They are considered to be generic devices.This means:
  • Cisco equipment has been tested and proven not to interfere with the operation of an Industrial IT control network.
  • The Cisco CMS software can be integrated by configuring a Web Page aspect (User Interface Integration).

Cisco and Industrial IT 6.

  • Example :
  • In the server network, add Cisco CMS Application by adding a web page aspect to access port statistics and performance graphics.
  • Faceplates can also be added as aspects to monitor port status data.Alarms can be configured in PPA based on the status of the ports.

Cisco CMS Aspects Industrial IT Plant Explorer Control Structure View 7. System Topology w/ Catalyst 2955 System offer Catalyst 2955

  • Most networks are moving to Ethernet in the control layer
  • Ethernet in field bus layer is limited but growing

Third party controllers, servers etc Serial, OPC or fieldbusEngineering Work place Field Bus FirewallPlant Network / IntranetField Bus Client/serverNetwork Third party application server Application server Aspect serverWorkplaces Enterprise Optimization Suite Mobile Operator Connectivity serverControl Network AC 800C Redundant AC 800M 8. Market Transition to Ethernet

  • With the increased penetration of Ethernet based protocols (FFB HSE, Ethernet/IP, etc.) and responding to the requests from our customer based Cisco has optimized its Switching Catalyst Family
  • New Cisco Catalyst ethernet switch is based on a proven design, industrial grade components and industrial compliance to meet the specific requirements of industrial ethernet applications

9. Industrial Ethernet Traditional All major automation equipment vendors are implementing Ethernet based protocols as an alternative or replacement of traditional proprietary networks Ethernet Based 10. Industrial Ethernet Growth Ethernet At The Device Level Worldwide Outlook by ARC Advisory Group. June 2001.

  • Ethernet will gain significant momentum in control network architectures
  • ARC projected growth
    • CAGR = 110% (2000-2005)
  • Still emerging
  • However, most greenfield deployments will leverage Ethernet

Prevalent in corporate networks, the next frontier . .. the factory floorWorldwide Shipments of Device Level Ethernet Nodes (Thousands of Nodes) 11. Industrial Networks Migration to Ethernet

  • Multiple reasons are driving the migration to Ethernet:
    • Widely adopted Standards
      • Physical Layer: Multiple options that are well understood and competitive
      • L2 Connectivity: Ethernet is ubiquitous
      • IP Connectivity: Webservices and tools
    • Bandwidth: Orders of magnitude above theexisting technologies
    • Economies of Scale: Product offering, volume, and know-how
    • Multiples Services on a single infrastructure (convergence):
      • Traditional: Control, Data Collection, Configuration
      • New: Voice, Video
      • Multilayer integration: ERPMESControl
  • Traditional Network Solutions lack all of the above but:
    • are highly reliable, deterministic, and secure
    • meet the form factor, power, and environmental specifications required by the industries and users in the new markets

12. Agenda Cisco and Industrial Ethernet Catalyst 2955 Overview Management and Support Sales Information 13. Cisco Catalyst 2955 Series Industrial Ethernet Switches

  • Ruggedized, hardened Switch
    • Port Density: 12 RJ-45 10/100 TX
    • Uplinks: 2 10/100/1000 TX, 2 100 Mbps Multi Mode (MT-RJ), 2 100 Mbps Single Mode (MT-RJ)
  • Operating Temp (C): -40 to 60
  • Relative Humidity: 5%-95% non-condensing
  • Cooling:Passive (no fans)
  • Shock: 50g
  • Standards-based enhanced redundancy (802.1s & 802.1w), VLAN support, IGMP Snooping, Storm Control
  • Security with SSH, SNMPv3, MAC Address Notification
  • Multiple alarm monitoring tools
  • Dual relay output for alarm granularity
  • DIN-Rail dual mounting orientation
  • Dimensions (inches) hxdxw: 3.75x5x8

14. Cisco Catalyst 2955 Series - Details Catalyst 2955 Series Industrial Ethernet Switches Accessories: power converter and rackmount bracket $3600 12 10/100 TX ports + 2 100LX Uplinks WS-C2955S-12 $2900 12 10/100 TX ports + 2 100FX Uplinks WS-C2955C-12 $2100 12 10/100 TX ports + 2 10/100/1000TX Uplinks WS-C2955T-12 List Price Description Switch Part Number $400 110AC to 24DC Power Converter PWR-2955-AC= $120 19 Rackmount kit STK-RACKMNT-2955= List Price Description Accessory Part Number 15. Rugged & Reliable Design

  • PLC Form Factor
  • DIN Rail mounting
  • Dual mounting options
  • Rugged
    • Rated for strenuous mechanical deployments
    • Operational shock = 50G trapezoidal shock
    • Reliable 5 year warranty

16. Extended Temperature Range

  • No fans
    • convection cooling only
  • Advanced thermal design for low weight, high MTBF, and safe operation
  • Temperature monitoring circuitry
  • -40 to 60 C
  • -40 to 140 F

17. Dual Relays and Power Cat 2955 CorporateNetwork

  • Monitor fault conditions in the network for each individual port or uplink
  • Dual Relays allow signaling for minor and major alarms
  • Temperature and power monitoring
  • Redundant Power Intake
  • Ample Power range for multiple conditions
    • 18V 32V DC

Dual Power Supplies Relay Output Relay Output Alarms 18. Cisco Catalyst Switching Fixed Configuration Portfolio Rev-11-External 19. Compliance with Industrial Standards EN 50021 Class I, Zone 2 IEC 60079-15 CSA 22.2/213 Class 1, Div 2 A-D UL 1604 Class I, Div 2 A-D Hazardous Locations EN 61140 EN 61131-2 EN 61010-1 EN 60204-1 CSA 22.2/142 UL 508 Industrial Safety IEC 825-1 CB Report to IEC 60950 CSA 22.2/60950 NOM UL 60950 Standard Safety CISPR 11 EN 61326-1 EN 61131-2 EN 50082-2 EN 50081-2 Industrial EMC EN 55022B Class A CISPR 22 Class A AS/NZS 3548 Class A AS/NZS CISPR 22 Class A EN 55024 ICES-003 Class A EN 50082-1 VCCI Class I EN 50081-1 BSMI FCC Part 15 Class A Standard EMC European Union Worldwide US & Canada 20. Intelligent Ethernet is Critical for Industrial Ethernet Deployments Security Availability QoS

  • Robust access control
  • SSH, Intrusion Detection, L2-L4 ACLs, etc.
  • Different data traffic models require intelligence to guaranty scalability and resilience of the network
  • Deterministic networks
  • Low latency and jitter
  • Prioritization of critical control services

21. Ring Topology Hub-and-Spoke Topology

  • Standards Based Sub-second convergence for multiple topologies
  • Storm Control and Rate limiting features to assure adequate bandwidth for critical control traffic
  • VLANSupport to logically isolate traditional IT from automation control networks
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP) support for alarm time stamping

Multiple High Availability Features 22. Multicast Traffic Control

  • Provides scalability by screening out unwanted multicast traffic
  • Without multicast control (IGMP Snooping), hosts (I/O Devices) could be overwhelmed by traffic not addressed to them
  • Performance benefits a multicast model are maintained (all consumers have equal access to data)

Mbps Multicast Model Multicast Traffic Unicast Traffic No. of Control Devices Multicast with IGMP 23. Industrial Ethernet Quality of Service (QoS)

  • Control Networks MUST prioritize Control Traffic over Configuration, Data Collection and other applications to ensure deterministic data flows with low latency and low jitter

Control Video Data(Best-Effort) Voice Bandwidth Low to Moderate Moderate to High Moderate to High Low to Moderate RandomDrop Sensitivity High Low High Low Delay Sensitivity High High Low High Jitter Sensitivity High High Low High 24. Multilayer Quality of Service (QoS) Application Device Profiles L2 Data Link L1 Physical L3 Network L4 Transport Fieldbus Specific QoS Parameters

  • The Catalyst 2955 allows for traffic prioritization based on MAC address, IP address, type of traffic (control, data, voice, etc. based on L4 port number)

Physical Layer EtherNet MAC/LLC IP TCP UDP Message Routing, Connection Management Data Management Services Explicit Messages, I/O Messages Application Object Library Semi- conductor Valves Drives Robots Other 25. Network Security Features Motors, Drives, Actuators Sensors and other Input/Output Devices PC Based Controllers Multilayer Access Control Lists Port Security MAC Address Notification SNMPv3 Secure Shell (SSH) Corporate IT Network 26. Agenda Cisco and Industrial Ethernet Catalyst 2955 Overview Management and Support Sales Information 27. Management

  • Cluster Management System (CMS)
    • Intuitive and flexible graphical interface
    • No installation required embedded in switch
    • Accessed through any standard Web browser
    • Manage up to 16 geographically dispersed switches simultaneously with one IP address
    • Monitoring of performance, faults, and alarms
    • Relay Configuration

28. Cisco is Your Partner for Delivering Intelligent Networks

  • Over 1600 support engineers, 40% CCIEs
  • Average 15 years experience
  • 80% issues resolved online
  • High level of customer satisfaction
  • Multiple awards for service
  • 30,000 Technical Assistance Center cases/months
  • 5000+ partners worldwide deliverdirect and subcontracted services for Cisco technology
  • 1200+ partner-employed CCIEs

29. Operational Technical Support Services SMARTnet Onsite Classic SMARTnet Technology Refresh Diagnostics OnsiteServices AdvanceReplacement of Hardware 24 hrs/day, 7 days/wk, 2 hr response 24 hrs/day, 7 days/wk, 4 hr response 8 hrs/day, 5 days/wk,4 hr response8 hrs/day, 5 days/wk, next bus. day 24 hrs/day, 7 days/wk, 2hr response 24 hrs/day, 7 days/wk, 4 hr response 8 hrs/day, 5 days/wk, 4 hr response8 hrs/day ,5 days/wk ,next bus. day 10 business day replacement 24x7 TAC Access Registered CCO Access Software Updates Software Maintenance Warranty SAS SASU NBD 8X5X4 24X7X4 24X7X2 NBD 8X5X4 24X7X4 24X7X2 OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS 30. Agenda Cisco and Industrial Ethernet Catalyst 2955 Overview Management and Support Sales Information 31. Information and Sales Support

  • Online information
    • www.cisco.com/go/2955
  • Partners, Distribution, Sales and Support
    • www.cisco.com
    • (800) 250-4800
    • Working with local Cisco partners and sales teams is encouraged!
  • Product Manager
    • Larry OConnell
    • [email_address]
    • (408) 527-9822

Cisco Catalyst 2955 32. 2001, Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Presentation_ID