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  • Award-winning interior design and fit-out for the healthcare sector and related specialist environments


    These are brave words when it comes to care home interior design, but it is perfectly possible to design and fit out a care home which brings cost effective, luxurious hotel environments to the most important people in the process the residents.

    Read on to see what we are all about, and discover what can be achieved when original, detailed design principles are integrated with in-depth knowledge of the care sector, then applied with commitment and enthusiasm.

    Challenging convention delivering the future

  • Welcome to Catalyst, the leading interior design-and-fit specialist for residential care and nursing homes.

    We work closely with our clients to challenge and change the way people think about care homes.

    To prove that care homes can be places full of colour, joy and life. Places where those in their elder years will genuinely look forward to living.

    Our success at this isnt the only reason were regularly selected to partner leading service providers from across the UK.

    Its because we know that achieving the highest standard of design and fit is fundamental to the quality of care which is ultimately delivered.

    Catalyst makes a real difference to peoples lives...

    Get ready for a fresh approach...

  • A more sophisticated understandingCatalyst combines design expertise with an awareness and understanding of clinical need. This ensures that every interior we create is conducive to a high quality of care, as well as being attractive and comfortable for residents. Our training with the Dementia Services Development Centre at the University of Stirling enables us to deliver customised, evidence-based solutions. Our expert designers know how to create stylish, contemporary, homely and welcoming spaces using lighting, colour, textures and materials that support clinical needs.

    Little things like this make a big difference to the service our clients deliver.

  • A more commercial approachLets dispel the myth that excellence means expense.

    We challenge the conventional care home look, preferring to source products that you would usually associate with a five star hotel often with no increase in cost.

    This is about more than just creating an attractive space. Creating a luxurious five star environment has been shown to contribute to the quality of care people feel they receive. Residents are happier with Catalyst interiors.

    We also understand how important it is for you to welcome residents as soon as possible. Time is money, which is why we use integrated project teams, completing deliverables in parallel rather than sequentially, so you are open for business in days, not weeks.

    Choose a partner with a genuine commitment to excellence... choose Catalyst.

  • An award-winning serviceOur high quality interiors enhance patient comfort and protect the value of refurbished and new build establishments.

    We work with both independent operators and healthcare corporations, delivering services over the full life cycle of any project, from inception to commissioning to aftercare.

    Its no surprise that Catalyst projects have received numerous Pinder Awards for design excellence.

    With our proven management and technical expertise at your disposal, you can look forward to realising your vision on time, on budget, with the minimumof disruption.

    And as you will see, the aesthetic appeal of our interior design is unrivalled in the healthcare sector.

    Discover the difference Catalyst can make.


  • Contemporary

  • Spaces designed for living lifeBecause your residents are discerning, we set new standards of excellence and attention to detail.

    Our homes are where our heart is. We understand that your residents expect to live in beautiful surroundings that enhance their elder years, and provide them with the right combination of freedom and support. Catalyst creates communal living and dining spaces that promote a sense of dignity and well-being, and offer the room to live life at your own pace.

  • First impressions countFor a clearer idea of what a care home can feel like, step into a new kind of style

    Catalyst understands the importance of reception areas and entrance halls. They must make a welcoming first impression for visitors, provide a warm and comfortable space for residents family and friends, and create that sense of professionalism and quality which is so important to assessors and regulatory bodies.

    Catalyst delivers on all these requirements in one stylish design.

    And last but certainly not least, we understand the apprehension that people often feel when entering residential care for the first time. Our considerate approach to reception design aims to make this experience as comfortable as possible.

  • Sweet dreams are made of thisCreating an environment that meets peoples needs and exceeds their expectations

    Catalyst understands that the comfort and privacy of your residents personal spaces are of paramount concern. Thats why we only use the highest-specification materials, fixtures and fittings in bedrooms and bathrooms, for the reassurance that only quality can provide.

    Get the mix right. Support the care needs of residents in an environment that enhances the value of your investment, more cost-effectively than you might expect.

  • Sophistication

  • Everything for active minds and bodiesLet your imagination drive the specification. Add exceptional features that residents and staff will love.

    Catalyst are also experts at creating specialist spaces for your residents to enjoy, from the latest indoor beaches using innovative real sunlight technology, to cinema rooms and hairdressing and treatment salons the choice is yours.

  • At your service

    At Catalyst we believe that the highest specification should be available to everyone .......

    Whatever your requirements - challenge us to deliver quality and meet your budget.

    In addition to Interior Design, Catalyst provides a range of full ASSET MANAGEMENT services.

    From initial AUDIT through to Planned Preventive Maintenance, Reactive Repair, Asset Renewal & Compliance management for a range of disciplines including Mechanical & Electrical Services, Kitchen, Laundry, Building Services, and much much more.

    Catalyst offers you the convenience of an established, proven, single source supplier.

    Catalyst also offers expertise in specialist fields, including the creation of medium secure units and Mental Health facilities, where regulations impose specific design considerations.

    For more information about any of these services please contact Catalyst directly.

    We look forward to working with you to create a superb environment for your residents.

  • Award-winning interior design and fitting for the healthcare sector and related specialist environments


    Challenging convention delivering the future