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Cats Cradle TimelineAuthor: Kurt Vonnegut Power Point By: Ryan Daley and Teddy Kostadinov

John writes a letter to Newt Hoenikker about what he did when the atomic bomb dropped

John travels to meet Asa Breed at the lab that Felix Hoenikker, who helped create the atomic bomb, worked at,

After Felixs death, he gives his three children portions of his secret experiment called IceNine, to his children as a Christmas gift.

John and Newt travel to the island of San Lorenzo to interview a milionaire philantropist who lived there.

He is then crowned President of the island when Frank Hoenikker, who was supposed to become the president, offered it to him.

Because of a landslide on the island, some of the Ice-Nine that Newt had, fell into the ocean and immedietely froze all of the oceans.

After the incident, John went on to finish his book called Cats Cradle, as a narrative to what had occurred.