Cause and Effect of Essay Writing Among Students

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Cause and effect essay writing will become simple with the help of some useful ideas from the writing experts.


  • Cause and Effect of Essay Writing Among Students

    What is Essay?

    Essay Writing is a common assignment to the students of all academic levels in our present educational prospectus. In order to write an essay one needs to know about the facts behind the essay writing assignments to gain something useful from his writing. The word essay derived from the French word essayer, which means to try or to attempt. In general an essay is a small piece of writing, which is written from the writers point of view on the subject. One of the good definitions of essay is that it is prose composition with a focused subject of discussion.

    A lot of elements, such as political aspects, fictional criticism, erudite arguments and daily life experiences, are integrated in essay writing. An essay is a good tool for speaking about any topic from the writers point of view. Hence, it is a good kind of writing which gives the writer aptitude to point out his arguments throughout his writing.

    Now it is an important part of writing assignments to the students to write an essay. The teachers provide a variety of topics to the students for submitting a well written essay on it. The students need to write down their observations and arguments on the given topic within the deadline. Based on the performances, the students will get good or bad score from the teachers. In fact, what is the need of writing essays?

    Cause of Writing an Essay

    The main purpose of essay writing assignment is to improve the writing skills of the students. Improvement in the skill to write down their knowledge in academic style based on the topic. The students have to get better information from his writing processes. The important steps of essay writing like understand the questions, make clear your understanding of the topic, show logical and assessment

    abilities through your viewpoints and expand your arguments, use the collected information from various sources to support your point of view, etc., will add great values to your knowledge and contribute in entire development.

    Its Effects in the Students

    Essay writing will donate much in the creativity of the students. The writing process will help the students to be active and also experiences in different topics help them to be creative in essay writing. Working with different subjects by supporting or makes arguments on the topic and explaining that to the readers with solid evidences. This process will give a stable character to the students and that reflects in their performances in the real life activities. The ability to manage the actions will improve through this kind of writings.

    At the same time, the increasing number of essays with short deadlines from the teachers will lead the students to laziness and they will begin to watch it as an irritating one. Due to the rush academic schedule, the students will not get much time to relax and that will make them bored in

  • studying and also guide them to physical and mental imbalances. The creativity inside the students will get its death due to the rush writing process and essay writing will become a mere activity to complete the academic courses. Hence, it will not add any values to the students but create a mood of idleness inside the students.


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